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If you think global warming is a myth, read a different article, this one contains facts Comments

If you still think global warming is a myth, you may want to read something else because this article contains facts. The most recent study which uses global data dating back 11,000 years confirms what most scientists already know. The planet is warming, dramatically, and it's correlated strongly with human activity. Continue Reading

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  1. Backslider
    1 year ago

    This article, unfortunately accepts alarmist propaganda rather than look at actual science.

    The science regarding CO2 and what it does, or does not do, in our atmosphere is so very simple that a child could understand it.

    CO2 is only able to absorb very narrow bands of infra-red radiating from the earths surface. These bands constitute around 8% or the total infra-red being radiated from the earths surface and are also absorbed by other greenhouse gases such as water vapor.

    The fact is that all of this radiation is already being absorbed and has been for milennia. Adding more CO2 to the atmosphere does absolutely nothing, because there is no more radiation for it to absorb.

    Imagine a jug with one litre of water, which represents these bands of radiation. Imagine also twenty 200ml glasses representing CO2. How many of these glasses can you fill with water? Does adding more glasses give us more glasses full of water?

  2. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    As usual, some idiot enviro-socialist claims to have all the "facts" and then writes paragraph after paragraph containing nothing but psuedo-scientific gobbly-gook combined with large doses of socialist propaganda and outright lies.

    There is too much garbage in this article to elaborate on it sentence by sentence, and I failed to discover even one truthful "fact" in it anywhere. One example should suffice to illustrate how full of nonsense and propaganda is this article:

    "The most recent study which uses global data dating back 11,000 years confirms what most scientists already know. The planet is warming, dramatically, ..."

    1. the study cited is not the most "recent". Bogus and biased "studies" like the one cited in this bogus article are being published almost daily. The Oregon State study can be easily identified as bogus from the linked article about it, because it refers to the infamous "hockey stick graph" as if it is well-accepted science. The "hockey stick graph" was exposed as being largely made-up and totally wrong many years ago, and is now regarded as a scientific embarrassment by most climate scientists.

    2. there is no global data existing anywhere that goes back 11,000 years. There are no records about anything written by anybody that go back even half that amount of time, much less "global data" of a scientific nature. Any data that claims to "go back 11,000 years" is full of potential for error and speculation, and cannot be considered "fact".

    3. most scientists do not "know" whether the planet is currently in a warming trend or not. Truly consistent, and accurate satellite-based global temperature data has only been available since the late 1970s, and this is not anywhere near a long enough period of time to establish any semblance of a long-term global trend. The accurate satellite data measured since about 2001 shows the current global average temperature trend to be stable, or slightly cooling, not warming.

    4. The warming trend that was measured in the last few decades of the 20th century cannot in any reasonable, scientific way, shape or form be characterized as "drastic". The trend was an estimated warming of approximately 0.5 C over a period of more than 60 years, with many of those 60 years being cooler than the average value.

    5. The temperature where I live, in a relatively moderate climate zone, has been known to vary more than 50 deg F in less than a 24 hour period. A change in average temperature of 0.5 C, made at a large number of locations, by inconsistent measurement methods, coupled with large doses of controversial numerical data massaging is what anyone with even a small dose of experimental data measurement experience calls "signal noise".

    The remainder of the article goes downhill from there...

    Articles like this explode what few brain cells I have left, with its self-righteous, socialist, lying claptrap, and the psychological warfare it attempts to wage on the reader. .

  3. KM
    1 year ago

    I expected facts. I got mythology. Open your eyes; stop drinking the Kool-Aid.

  4. Bill Smith
    1 year ago

    Hello, I also wrote an article proving global warming. Here it is.

    Global Warming is Real
    by Bill Smith.

    Global warming is real. Many scientists, the good and smart kind, also agree with me. Here are some facts: frost melting, tundra not doing good. If you cannot handle these facts, please find the nearest melting igloo.

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