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If you think global warming is a myth, read a different article, this one contains facts Comments

If you still think global warming is a myth, you may want to read something else because this article contains facts. The most recent study which uses global data dating back 11,000 years confirms what most scientists already know. The planet is warming, dramatically, and it's correlated strongly with human activity. Continue Reading

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  1. Leslie Graham
    1 year ago

    There is NO 'debate' in the scentific community and there hasn't been for decades now.
    There is a deliberate policy on the part of the carbon industry to "attack the consensus". This is a simple fact that has been demonstrated by leaked documents from proffesional spin-doctors to fossil-fuel corporation CEO's and which are now in the public domain.
    The denial industry doesn't have to prove any of it's junk claims - "All you have to do is spread doubt" they were instructed and that's what they - and their unwitting gullible dupes - do every day.

    There is near unanimous consensus among the worlds scientists that CO2 emissions are leading to climate change. The way they have done for hundreds of millions of years.
    Yes - believe it or not, the THE CLIMATE HAS ALWAYS CHANGED! Over and over again.
    In the past, every time CO2 levels have risen the climate has changed. Every single time. We have dozens of proxy records from all over the world that all independantly produce the same results. CO2 rises = the climate changes

    In the last 20 years 13,950 peer-reviewed study papers on climate change and global warming have been published in reputable cience journals.
    Out of these 13,950 studies only 24 claim to refute AGW
    Yep. 24 out of 13,950.
    That doesn't prove that climate change is real of course, but it does prove that the denial industry shills and their unwitting dupes who claim there is no consensus are lying.
    In fact the claim is simply laughable.

    Every other deniermyth in these posts can be and has been falsified a thousand times. I just wish I had more time to waste on the ignorant.

  2. Leslie Graham
    1 year ago

    Now that climate change is completely obvious and visible to the naked eye, the fossil-fuel shills are becoming ever louder and more desperate with their gish-gallops of thousand-times-falsified junk 'science'.

    There are so many tired and wearisome old deniermyths in these spammed posts that it is literaly impossible to refute them all (once more and yet again) without spending half an afternoon at it.
    This is EXACTLY what these spammers intend of course. Just list a whole litany of totaly made up bunk and lies with no supporting evidence whatsoever and then move on to the next 'e-mail alerted' website that has the word 'climate' in the header.
    Do you tink weare all that stupd that e do't recognise the same spammers posting thesame discredited nonsense over and over again?
    Just for one example - the 'Hockey Stick' that all the deniers are instructed to claim is 'discredited' has been verified and vindicated by at least a dozen (so many I've literaly lot count now) new studies by different teams of experts using differentproxies in different countries who have ALL independantly producd the same 'hockey stick from all these different soures of data and evidence. The hockey stick is absolutely robust and is now a fundamental basic fact of climate science.
    Paid and amatuer shills and climate science deniers who claim oherwise are either ignorant of the science and the facts or know they are simply telling flat out lies.
    80% of the Arctic ice volume has melted in the last 25 years. That is also a simple, measurable, observable FACT that has just ben re-confirmed by the latest state of the art GRACE 2 satellite launched just a couple of years ago. NO amount of lies and/or wishfull thinking from the deniaist cult devotees or their carbon industry masters can hide these simple facts.
    Deny and lie all you want - all educated people are on to you anyway - but bare in mind that the climate change we are seeing will affect your lifestyle just as much as it will affect educated people's lifestyle.
    See you in hell.

  3. Helen Hawkins
    1 year ago

    I will be so glad when this hysteria runs it's course. I love weather and I long for the day when we quit pretending that our effort or lack of effort has anything at all to do with it. We might as well do a rain dance for all the good it does. The political spin is such a waste.

  4. Scottr
    1 year ago

    I am sorry to see such a poorly written article on Your editorial standards are normally much higher than this deacon. I am a scientist. Not "all" scientific organizations agree on anthropogenic climate change. I read scientific publications regularly. I'm not the 70% mentioned. In fact, most of the more credible ones do not. this article gives generalities and citations without references. I would hope in the future, the standards so well displayed in the past will disallow such drivel from being published on your otherwise well edited site.

  5. J Bob
    1 year ago

    With the latest hype, the myths continue:
    Sea ice is disappearing & oceans are rising

    Seems global sea ice is the same & sea levels have been rising for over 150 years at the same rate, probably since the last ice age.

    From the longest continuous temperature record of 350+ years, there has been no detectable acceleration, in recent times due to green house gas. Don't forget water vapor is the largest "greenhouse" gas we have.

    And in more recent times, measurement of global temperatures have shown a plateau over the past 12+ years, in spite of computer models that seem to miss reality.:

    We can add from the Rutgers Global Snow center, this winter was the 4th snowiest NH winter in history:

    As far as long term, here is the ice core data from the GISP2 core, showing the current temperature is not as warm as the myth makers would like to see. We seem to be coming out of a mini ice age:

    All this in the face of increased CO2.

    One has to wonder how many more tax $'s are going to fund this slush fund?

  6. mike
    1 year ago

    Sustainability must include the concept that Earth is in space, and humans are hard-wired to overflow it. If Space exploration and colonization is not factored in to Sustainability plans, then those plans are not really sustainable at all, they will result in war over diminished resources, and the collapse of civilization. Technology must be developed much FURTHER as the answer to the ecology problem...not a reduction of technology and a return to primitive pastoral living....
    HUMAN BEINGS are the most valuable resource, and ABORTION as POLICY is destroying the possibility of a sustainable future. how pathetically tragic, and evil.

  7. Jerry
    1 year ago

    And your point? I could care less about the weather. This country is in such dire straight socially, morally, physically and you're throwing more doom and gloom out there. You remind me of those liberal goofs in Washington.

  8. cqh
    1 year ago

    This is a great article sir, however, you throw out your massive scientific knowledge, but you do not have a solution. So what you are saying is that if I turn off my heat/ac, and don't drive my car, etc... Then this will miraculously change the outcome?? This world as we know it will end one day, and yes it will be due to human kind. Have you not read your "misinterpreted" Bible lately??? Human nature alone, will eventually self distruct. May God grant Peace to you.

  9. jpaYMCA
    1 year ago

    Quite "unscholarly" article, despite the hypocritical remarks about the scientific literacy of Americans.

    Quote the Guardian, but heaven forbid you cite the - supposedly overwhelming - scientific sources wherein we could find this consensus.

    Is this article truly on

  10. Jackie Heinl
    1 year ago

    Below is a link to a recent seminar titled "The Frightening Reality of Sea Level Rise" with Dr. Harold Wanless at Cooper Fellow Lecture Series in Miami, 2012. His lecture is timely in light of recent news regarding ice sheet disintegration and permafrost thaw.

    And thank you for this post. We need more like it so that everyone understands the gravity of the situation.

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