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If you think global warming is a myth, read a different article, this one contains facts Comments

If you still think global warming is a myth, you may want to read something else because this article contains facts. The most recent study which uses global data dating back 11,000 years confirms what most scientists already know. The planet is warming, dramatically, and it's correlated strongly with human activity. Continue Reading

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  1. Marsh Connolly
    1 year ago

    I'm very glad to see that so many scientists read Catholic Online and are experts on climate change research. I was sad to see that none included a link to their scholarly published, peer reviewed research articles which demonstrates that AGW is a myth. Frankly, I'd love to interview you if you have done such research.

    The great problem we have with the global warming issue is that it has been hijacked by the left and is thought to be some form of heresy amongst the American right.

    The reality is this.

    1. It is a scientific issue. Yes, there's debate. There's also people who debate the Earth is still flat. Yes, flat-earthers exist, and they're wrong. The existence of debate does not reduce the reality and urgency of the problem. That's the good thing about science. It's true whether you believe it or not.

    I'll let Phil Plait close number one here:

    2. This is a CATHOLIC issue. We're talking about GLOBAL warming. This isn't just about America, or Obama, or Al Gore and his limousine (ridiculous), and Greenpeace telling us we can't drive luxury cars or eat steaks anymore.

    The heart and soul of this issue is that lives are being disrupted, even lost because of AGW. Many of those victims are Catholics. Re-read that line, it's the heart of the matter, at least to me.

    We are called to be stewards of the Earth and keepers of our brothers. It goes for everyone. We must look after one another. When we refuse to acknowledge a very realistic, fundamental problem, and repeat debunked absurdity like "the hockey stick graph is debunked!" when it's clearly verified by the latest data, we're putting on the blinders of our politics in this country and turning our backs on our brothers and sisters in the world.

    I'm not saying this is all of you, but I have read comments on this website that make me suspect many are Republicans first and Catholics second. Check that if you are -- because it's wrong.

    My purpose in writing this article was to ignite debate and to hopefully address some of the right-blindness we have about this issue. It's okay to accept the scientific consensus about AGW and still be conservative. Nobody's going to retroactively change your vote to Obama.

    Please reevaluate your thinking on this issue, and do a thorough reading of the most recent literature from genuine, scholarly, peer-reviewed sources instead of propaganda organizations disguised as scientific organizations. You're all smarter than that. You know better.

    I would like people to see with a Catholic vision first as opposed to a Republican one. The two are not the same.

    Now I don't know specifically what changes we make to address this problem, but recognizing it is the first step. But I have little hope my comments here will change any hearts.

    I repeat my offer, I would seriously be happy to interview any scientist on here who has published something that challenges the established scientific consensus on AGW. I am happy to stand corrected if I'm wrong.

    There are none so blind as those who do not wish to see. --Sophocles, "Oedipus Rex"

  2. J. Bob
    1 year ago

    13,950 papers for AGW, 24 against.

    So who provided the $'s for all those studies? While the latest data shows there has been no global warming in over a decade.

    From the rather unscientific comments, it sounds like the squeaky wheel wants more "grease" ($'s).

  3. Herb Kaiser
    1 year ago

    Where are the facts in this article? There is only one number mentioned with no referenced source. Just more deeply routed political convictions and hatred for God and country. If there is severe weather, and it has happened throughout history, then God is trying to tell us all something and we better listen.

    I am surprise, and disappointed, that you included this article.

  4. Gabriella
    1 year ago

    This has happened before, it is a natural cycle. One only needs to talk to those living in those parts of the world to realize that all that hype about global warming due to the human activity is a money-grab. Al Gore got very rich propagating this myth - and there are others.

  5. Ruth
    1 year ago

    Here I was promised facts. What a poorly written article! As a scientist, I am disappointed. This is nothing but a regurgitation of--at best--some conclusions. Many if not most scientific studies on most subjects are found to be poorly done once one reads their methodology. This area in particular is rift with them.

  6. jpaYMCA
    1 year ago

    Let us also note that those who write this sort of article, who make this sort of YOUTUBE video, or who hold such conferences and direct such scientific journals are and have been *just as* guilty at denying evidence or refusing to publish studies of articles that disagree with their philosophy - for it cannot be called science. Those of us in academia recognize this as a fact-of-life, but perhaps the average reader would not know of this sustained intellectual persecution.
    The only encouraging thing: the video (like the article) is full of "comments" and "opinions". Let these people cite their sources ... then let us critically examine the evidence, please. Enough of these videos and articles which contain nothing except name-calling and the "green" version of conspiracy theories.

  7. Jerry Brown
    1 year ago

    I know this: An article that presents a case to terminate discussion of a scientific question is also an article that is non-scientific.

    Current physics research (I am a physicist), theoretical and experimental, is replete with the legitimate open questioning and testing of the fundamental "laws" of physics, such as questions involving the speed of light, quantum electrodynamics, the Standard Model of elementary particle theory, quantum superposition, and numerous other similar examples. Some of these "laws" date to the early 20th century, and these "laws" are still being tested and questioned.

    Now comes Catholic Online with what is, in my opinion, an incoherent attempt to terminate any dissension from the prevailing anthropogenic global warming (AGW) opinion. For every item in every paragraph of this article there are valid counterpoints that can and should be presented. In physics, and in science in general, dissenting opinions, questions and unexpected data are often the opportunities for learning and progress. However, rather than an unbiased summary presentation of the science of AGW, what we read is "If you still think global warming is a myth, you may want to read something else because this article contains facts." and it goes downhill from there. Catholic Online has acted in an unscientific, non-collegial manner with this article.

    As a minor question: If the Catholic Online article is correct, and AGW is a settled question, then why has the American Physical Society (APS) only recently formed a topical working group on climate change? Will Catholic Online now prepare an article criticizing APS for starting this climate change working group?

    There are literally trillions of dollars of societal costs to the answering the AGW question. Ah, but Catholic Online already has the answer: Obey!

  8. gerald
    1 year ago

    I do not need someone to tell me global warming is real. I can walk out my back door and see the climate is changing. Temperatures are warmer, winds are stronger. and storms are more violent. I see birds I have never seen before and the forest is dying because insects survive the winter. I hope we do not lose the ability to feed ourselves.

  9. rafaelmarie
    1 year ago





  10. Leslie Graham
    1 year ago

    In the last 20 years 13,950 peer-reviewed study papers on climate change and global warming have been published in reputable science journals.
    Out of these 13,950 studies only 24 claim to refute AGW
    Yep. 24 out of 13,950.
    That doesn't prove that climate change is real of course, but it does prove that the denial industry shills and their unwitting dupes who claim there is no consensus are lying.
    In fact the claim is simply laughable.

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