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If you think global warming is a myth, read a different article, this one contains facts Comments

If you still think global warming is a myth, you may want to read something else because this article contains facts. The most recent study which uses global data dating back 11,000 years confirms what most scientists already know. The planet is warming, dramatically, and it's correlated strongly with human activity. Continue Reading

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  1. ike
    1 year ago

    No, this article is liberal bias, and created by someone with an agenda that socially irresponsible. Global warming is pseudo science.

  2. judy claar
    1 year ago

    A Very Warm Hello. I present to you A valid statement: Ever since Earth's beginning, it has been birthing through atmospheric changes. Volcanic eruptions released poisonous gases into the atmosphere; gigantic meteorites, supposedly disintegrated dinosaurs, thereby causing at least one giant tsunami that covered the earth, (this being of course before Noah's time); then there is the evidence and facts of ice ages. These are the most pertinent to mention. In conclusion, it is my opinion, and theory, that Mother Earth has entertained quite a few "global warmings," as well as "hot and cold spells." And yes, Mother Earth responds like we do, our temp going up or down, for one reason or the other, due to changes in our body, but we usually come back to normal. And not everyone has the same normal. My "normal" is much lower than 98.8 and always has been. The fact that her temp is on the rise, could also be due to the volcanic eruptions she has had recently, and that she is revving up (according to scientists) to release pent up gases yet again. This is Natural. Like the ebb and flow of the tide. How can man interfere with the Natural world? And when he can and does, he usually ends up throwing Life, things, off balance. Nature aside, facts are that 99.9% of species that have lived on this earth have died. Now we ask the question: Is mankind doing what he can to promote peace, love and harmony among his specie And Mother Earth? (No, I am not a wacky far out liberal. I consider myself "normal" by Christ's teaching, lost in a crowd.)

  3. Brad
    1 year ago

    Down on my level of living, we have to treat most media proclaimations on global warming as so much pabulum. First, we are told who the "authoritative" voices are. Then we witness the clashes between them. For my part I'm going to do two things:
    1) Stop sitting in fast food drive-thru's behind fifteen other cars, engines running, to buy something to eat which will probably kill me.

    2) Cancel my Natural Beographic magazine. They're cutting down many thousands of trees to print the news that trees are being cut down, which harms the atmosphere. How much fossil fuel is used in delivering these publications is not reported.

  4. Tom Wells
    1 year ago

    April 1977 cover of Time magazine "How to survive the coming ice age" Same "stuff" different day.

  5. Kevin
    1 year ago

    Well said, Jerry N. This is another propaganda piece. In another 30 years, the alarmists will claim victory over global warming and will yet again warn of the imminent ice age; I'm sure we'll be blamed for that as well.

  6. Jerry N
    1 year ago

    Marsh: "I was sad to see that none included a link to their scholarly published, peer reviewed research articles which demonstrates that AGW is a myth..."

    Most of us who work for a living in the real world do not get big government grants to "research" phony BS like "anthropogenic global warming" (AGW). But it only took me one simple Google to find a long list of scientific, published anti-AGW papers, and at a pro-AGW web site no less. The website claims to "debunk" all these published papers, but the "debunking" seems to be just opinionated blogging, whilst the listed anti-AGW papers are real, peer-reviewed papers that, in toto, thoroughly and completely disprove the horsehockey known as AGW. Here's the link to the list:

    I am not a research scientist, but I am an engineer with more than 35 years of practical experience in collecting and analyzing experimental data using numerous high technology methods, including highly accurate methods of temperature measurement and analysis. I have forgotten more about making and assessing the quality of measurements than you or most AGW quacks could ever learn in ten lifetimes. You can interview me or whoever, but it is exceedingly unlikely that you will ever convince me that any of these AGW claims are anything but pure baloney and propaganda, unsupported by any coherent or consistent set of measured data. The data supporting the notion of AGW is a lot of hooey, and is easily proven to be so. Your article is not only total baloney, but the "facts" lie you made in its title is insulting and arrogant in the extreme.

  7. BR
    1 year ago

    The article is sourced to NBC, which is owned by industrial profit center GE, and written by carbon consuming globetrotter but very very concerned environmental dude with a pen, John Roach. What is it about global warming I am supposed to learn here? How corporations profit from clickthroughs on alarmist articles by hypocrites? I am not at all shocked you published it, but disappointed you take so many of your audience for fools.

    When the people and corporations who say there is global warming start living seriously and running their companies in crisis mode, (including this publication, GE, John Roach, the Hollywood beachcombers with $40M homes on the oceanfront, et al.) perhaps I will listen more carefully. There is profit in alarmist rhetoric, spoon feeding the masses with important sounding authoritative articles. And most of it is a lie. The profit is in the lies. There is no risk to GE, to NBC, to John Roach. Journalistic malpractice? Corporate reputation? Please.

    Science is hard, and no amount of propagandist rooftop shouting disguised as scientific fact will change that. Alar on apples, EMF near powerlines, Y2K, the current sequester...all the media crying wolf on an increasing scale. And you bought it. And many still buy it, cowering in fear from what are portrayed as doomsday facts.

    In the meanwhile, stop insulting your readers with this corporate funded editorializing disguised as factual news.

  8. Bob Hugelmeyer
    1 year ago

    We saw where the evidence presented by the proponents of man-made global warming was deliberately tampered with because it reflected data in opposition to their agenda. This temporary cycle that has occurred many times throughout the planet's history is just that - temporary due to natural causes. Advocates of natural cycles point to activity on the sun i.e. sun spots that cause rising and falling temperatures irrespective of burning fossil fuels. Science based on consensus is not science. As for the ignorance of the American people, y
    ou don't have to be a veterinarian to know a jackass when you see one!

  9. Chris1791
    1 year ago

    A preliminary draft of a report by the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was leaked to the public this month, and climate skeptics say it contains fresh evidence of 20 years of overstated global warming.

    The report -- which is not scheduled for publication until 2014 -- was leaked by someone involved in the IPCC’s review process, and is available for download online. Bloggers combing through the report discovered a chart comparing the four temperature models the group has published since 1990. Each has overstated the rise in temperature that Earth actually experienced.

    Global warming is a scam. Sun activity has more effect on us they all of mankind does. One volcano eruption spews more crap into the air then everything man has put in the air for the last 100+ years.

    In 1978 we were warned by the so called 'experts' that we were heading for another ice age.

    You don't spend trillions of dollars and destroy civilizations on the chance it may get 1 degree warming in the next hundred years.

    People who push this like Al Gore who know has made over $200 million selling his tv network to Qatar. Gore is now richer that 'evil' Mitt Romney. Why would you believe anything Gore claims to be the truth.

  10. David Delaney
    1 year ago

    Yes Marshall but facts must be interpreted and herein lies the debate. Yes, there is much room for debate. The data showing a warming planet is still tentative given the long term of climate change and the very short record of precise temperature records. Predictions about effects of CO2 on climate depend upon innumerable assumptions going into atmospheric models and the non-linear dynamics of atmospheric change make these predictions tenuous at best. Developing theories to explain the data, debating the theories, refining the theories and continually evaluating the data versus the theories all comprise the foundation of empirical science. There is less consensus on this that you seem willing to be able to admit. The rush to end the debate is inimical to authentic science; it is however, the approach of ideologues.

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