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Neither Friend of Court or Culture: Obama Asks Supreme Court to Undermine Marriage Comments

On February 28, 2013, the Department of Justice of the Obama  Administration filed what is called a Friend of the Court or Amicus Brief in the case styled Hollingsworth v Perry.It should have come as no surprise to those who have been actually watching Barack Obama and his administration - and not simply buying into the sophistry which they offer with such regularity. Continue Reading

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  1. Jesse
    2 years ago

    I stopped reading when the author stated that the HRC's strategy was to create a conflict between the states. That conflict was created by the Defense of Marriage Act, NOT gay rights activists. For a lawyer, the author is oddly illogical. The author of this article should be ashamed. If you want to be a good Catholic, why don't you spend less time writing judgmental articles intended to strip away civil rights and more time feeding the hungry, giving shelter to the homeless and otherwise protecting the world from real injustice. God has bigger things to worry about and so should you.

  2. Stan Morris
    2 years ago

    This is exactly why so many of us want the government out of marriage altogether. It's time for governments to return the institution of marriage to the churches and to only issue civil union certificates. This way, only churches will decide how adults can marry.

  3. Cameron
    2 years ago

    Social justice and war should be a much larger concern for a (still) powerful institution like that Catholic Church. This is a guaranteed losing battle, and it's also a misguided one.

  4. God
    2 years ago


    You are a bad person. You are going to Hell.

    - God

    ps. Sorry. =(

  5. Frank
    2 years ago

    All reason is built on premises. But the basic premises cannot be proven, you either accept them or you don't. In math and geometry this is obvious. But is true in day to day living also. If you cannot see that a family that has children needs a mother and a father then your judgment is impaired.

    I know you will attack this statement and me, but it is still true.

  6. Ted
    2 years ago

    Skeptic NY

    "The Bible and Religion in general has no place in the US Constitution or the legislative process. The only thing that should be considered is careful reasoned thought, basic Civil Rights & equality for all and the pursuit of happiness. Religion denies many of these things. We as a country should not deny these basic rights and human decency to any portion of the population."

    The bible has no place in the US constitution? Where do you imagine True laws came from? Reasoned thought of mear men is only wishfull thinking and will always be flawed. Proof of that should be apparent in modern day politics.

  7. jmonroe
    2 years ago

    There are thousands of gay and lesbians in your flock, you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to deny them equal rights and happiness. The United States have separation of church and state for a reason. Please stop interferring with our society.

  8. Linguist
    2 years ago

    "The leaders of this movement insist that homosexual sexual practices are morally equivalent to the sexual expression of marital love between a man and a woman."

    With respect, notice the clever manipulation of language on the part of the author: HE, not the "leaders" of marriage equality, equate "homosexual sexual practices" with "sexual expression of marital love between a man and a woman."

    An author who is being honest with his readership would have written thusly:

    "Those who seek legal protections for same-sex couples argue that those relationships are morally equivalent to those of opposite-sex couples."

    The author doesn't do that because, well, there really is no case to be made that they are LESS moral based on gender. The love felt by the same-sex couple, as well as their commitment to support one another in sickness and in health is so obviously morally equivalent that the case to deny protections would lose its potency before he even began to make it.

  9. Richard Moby
    2 years ago

    To the publishers of this site - please note all of the reader comments. Not one of them agrees with your viewpoint. These views of the Catholic church are totally out of touch with reality, the mainstream of living, and what "equal" really means. Priests can't marry? You know the results of that. It does not make sense. Neither does your stand here. Get real.

  10. Bart Noll
    2 years ago

    Christians need to 'man-up' and stand-up for the precepts given them by their beloved Creator.

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