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Neither Friend of Court or Culture: Obama Asks Supreme Court to Undermine Marriage Comments

On February 28, 2013, the Department of Justice of the Obama  Administration filed what is called a Friend of the Court or Amicus Brief in the case styled Hollingsworth v Perry.It should have come as no surprise to those who have been actually watching Barack Obama and his administration - and not simply buying into the sophistry which they offer with such regularity. Continue Reading

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  1. Seriously
    2 years ago

    The Catholic Church continues with their backward thinking and regressive policies like this and yet wonders why their membership is in decline in Europe and the US. Obviously it's because we've outgrown the ignorance that allows us to be manipulated by small minded, superstitious old codgers like you. Good luck with that!

  2. Simisnotsame
    2 years ago

    If it's all about equal protection under the Law then I am all for it but if it's about having the same name apply to similar but different situations than it's not logical it's emotional. A man and women together is "marriage" a same sex couple is NOT the same as a man and women so just apply equal rights but give it a different name. "Civil Union". Why the struggle for it to be called "Marriage" when it is "Same sex union". Just embrace that without attacking what Marriage is.

  3. matthew lubic
    2 years ago

    It has taken me over sixty years to divest myself of the absurdities forced upon me by Catholic nuns and priests. Catholicism is guilty of having stolen decades of my right to live my life not as you claim "God" would have me live it, but as life itself would have me do so. There simply IS no "God." What does exist is only cowardly fools such as yourself, led by the primary fool whom you call "Pope." Do our world and our Universe a favor just as you once demanded of Galileo; believe whatever you wish to believe, just shut your mouth about it and stop contaminating the minds of others. The only difference is, unlike the Church then, I do not have the power to physically force you to shut up. Your punishment is not that you will spend eternity in Hell because there is no hell just as there is no Heaven. Instead, your punishment is self-inflicted. You live your life today in the only hell there is; a life lived in ignorance and obstinate stupidity. It is a fitting punishment for fools.

  4. Chris
    2 years ago

    This article is well written, well thought-out, and extremely on target, socially and theologically. Those who disagree and force the homosexual agenda forward, often in vitriolic nature, are guilty of the same intolerance of which they accuse others. I do not expect those who are without the saving knowledge of Christ to understand or agree; they can only think to the highest degree of an unregenerate mind. But the Word of God is right, and shall always be right. Name-calling and political ideology will never change what is truth, and the truth is that God made marriage between a man and a woman. Period.

  5. Aaron
    2 years ago

    Catholicism = evil.

    Obama = the right side of history.

    To Chad: Obama didn't bail out the banks, that was Bush. Please look at the timeline. Obama ended the war in Iraq, and has set a date for withdrawal from Afghanistan. He ended these two wars against the opposition of the GOP and at great political cost. Drone attacks cost fewer innocent lives, less money, and fewer American soldiers' lives than a ground invasion or allowing the targets of those drone strikes to carry out their attacks.

  6. Kit Harrison
    2 years ago

    I am a lifelong Catholic and I love my church. That said, I'd appreciate it if my church would stop embarrassing itself with drivel like the above article. Stop being a source of hate and start being a source of healing. And do it right now.

  7. Victor Lloyd
    2 years ago

    The government has a right to form opinions about contracts made between people and write laws and limitations to assure that the population is in concordance with the law. The equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment seems pretty clear that the nation cannot make laws that infringe on people's rights as defined in the first ten amendments to the constitution. Marriage ultimately is a contract between two people, and it seems to me that ANY two people should be allowed to sign such a contract in this country.
    Now, if the rules (doctrine?) of any given religion prohibits a marriage between two people of the same sex, then I think that the officials of that religion should be free not to sanctify such a marriage or to perform such a wedding. That seems to me the only solution in a country such as ours where there is a strict separation of Church and State.

  8. Andrew Cardoso
    2 years ago

    To watch people defend such a vile status quo is really embarrassing. You make me ashamed to identify as a Catholic.

  9. go to hell
    2 years ago


  10. Innocent
    2 years ago

    All you ignorants: the day you realized you're being deceived, that day you seize from being deceived. Unfortunately, satan who deceives the whole world as the Bible says, is an expert as what he does. Satan come to kill, ....; that is his sole purpose in whatever he does.
    Whether we realize it now or in the future, that is his purpose. Does who support gay/lesbian relationship are deceived and they don't know.

    This is what i always tell people: You can't disobey the physical laws without paying the price; this applies to the spiritual laws a.k.a God's laws without paying the ultimate price of death. It doesn't matter if you believe in it or not. Go jump off the airplane at 2000 feet above sea level without a parachute and claim that you don't believe in the law of gravity and see what happens.
    You see, the same applies to the spiritual laws. We disobey it, we pay the price. Those who claim they don't believe in the Bible can't also claim they don't believe in the consequence because it won't work.

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