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Neither Friend of Court or Culture: Obama Asks Supreme Court to Undermine Marriage Comments

On February 28, 2013, the Department of Justice of the Obama  Administration filed what is called a Friend of the Court or Amicus Brief in the case styled Hollingsworth v Perry.It should have come as no surprise to those who have been actually watching Barack Obama and his administration - and not simply buying into the sophistry which they offer with such regularity. Continue Reading

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  1. Ex Catholic
    1 year ago

    A terrific article, serving as a reminder of why I left the church 35 years ago. Perhaps your efforts would be better spent getting the Catholic house in order (stop buggering alter boys, for example) before you worry about what free consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms.

  2. R.J. Nussbeck
    1 year ago

    It is clear to me the time has come for all 1.2 billion Catholics to take immediate action to stop abortion and the destruction of the family by homosexuals and Liberals.
    Is it not clear and evident to all that Barack H. Obama is the antichrist who has relentlessly attacked Christians and the fabric of Chirst teaching on an ever increasing basis.
    Those who continue to deny, refuse to belive that Obama is attacking Christianity will find their very beliefs destroyed by a police state that enforces laws against Christ teachings.
    All Christians must organize to remove this monster from office just as he has organized criminals, homosexuals, degenerates, sickofiles and abortionist. Obama is hell bent on the dismanteling of the Church, will Catholic wake up to late and do to little??????

  3. Joris
    1 year ago

    President Obama is not undermining the vestige of marriage, he is strengthening it with allowing all who truly love and dedicate their lives to each other to take this sacred vow.

  4. Laura
    1 year ago

    Separation of church and state. Not everyone has the same beliefs but everyone should be able to do what makes them happy. Government cannot structure their laws around "God" or "God beliefs".

  5. JohnPaul
    1 year ago

    There was a time when Religion ruled the world ....

    We call it the Dark Ages.

  6. John
    1 year ago

    NOR - Neither Friend of Court NOR Culture.

  7. Christopher Hammer
    1 year ago

    If the leaders of the Catholic Church wish to keep their church irrelevant to the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, it is their business. But marriage, it's responsibilities and its privileges are a secular matter. The Catholic Church has no business inserting its opinion into the secular definition of marriage. Now if the Church wanted to become relevant to the modern secular world, the next pope should be a married lesbian person of color. If the Vatican does not get the point, then render onto Cesar what is Cesar's!

  8. hubeee
    1 year ago

    People of California, which is one of the most liberal states in the US, killed prop. 8. Losers Folks didn't like the answer so they fought it in the courts for years, trying to win on legal basis. (Why should anyone bother to vote after this/)

    Bottom line is most people find homosexuality (lgbt) to be disgusting. So now they are trying to shove it down our throats. Regardless of outcome, you will not change my beleifs

  9. Me
    1 year ago

    How pathetically fragile your marriages must be if gays getting married threaten the meaning of your own marriage. My wife and I are fortunate enough to have a marriage that isn't so weak as to be threatened by gays getting married.

    Perhaps, as Catholics, you ought to focus more on the teachings of Christ and not judging and 'loving your brother as yourself' and spend less time on Leviticus and the questionable teachings of Paul.

  10. Tony Marquez
    1 year ago

    I'm for gay marriage, I am also a catholic who truly believes in "Live and let live". I feel that Catholics need to mind their businesses in political issues. This is not a strictly Catholic world, and we need to get that into our heads.

    When they get involve in politics, they lose credibility. They also lose their way in their understandings to serve God. Catholics are followers of a specific ideal, a conduit, for how we should treat each other, not dictate to others. Persecution has been one of our hard previous lessons, and I do believe, we are held accountable when we persecute others for their meaning of LOVE.

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