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Neither Friend of Court or Culture: Obama Asks Supreme Court to Undermine Marriage Comments

On February 28, 2013, the Department of Justice of the Obama  Administration filed what is called a Friend of the Court or Amicus Brief in the case styled Hollingsworth v Perry.It should have come as no surprise to those who have been actually watching Barack Obama and his administration - and not simply buying into the sophistry which they offer with such regularity. Continue Reading

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  1. Christopher M. Adams
    1 year ago

    As a former Catholic, I am embarrassed by the Church's position on gay's getting married. Shame on the church.

  2. Dave Finley
    1 year ago

    Only civil rights are affected by civil definitions of marriage. Courts should not consider religious opinion in these decisions or attempt to elevate one religious belief over another. Relligious entities may define marriage as they see fit. Judging others is not religion's primary duty. Those feeling otherwise should be reminded that nothing is as embarassing as an examination of religious history.

    Since the Catholic Church will not even recognize my marriage to a Catholic, why should it care about any marriage disparitas cultis? Are there now degrees of invalidity?

  3. chris
    1 year ago

    I agree with the writer entirely. Marriage was founded by religon not by any government. The dictionary does not define marriage religon does. History repeats it self over and over again. Why would people as a society want to go back in time 2000+ years , live and behave like people did back then and then disguise it as a modern way of thinking and call the rest of us stupid. If you want to live the way you want go an establish your own nation and do what you want. Stop trying to manipulate the rest of us. Was the usa not founded by people who were religous? So go do what they did and make your own country but you know what you wont make it, thats why you need to steal ours.

  4. Dave
    1 year ago

    But straight marriage is an ok involvement of government in our lives right Clayton?

    The Catholic church faces a stark choice. continue to preach hate against god's creations or to embrace them. Gay people were made by god just like everyone else. Everyone was made by god. The Catholic church has no business judging god's creation, if they were genuine in their faith they would celebrate it.

  5. Tim
    1 year ago

    You fail to mention that most polls now show a majority of Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage. And a huge majority of young people are, suggesting an inevitable demographic shift to the point where those against will eventually be in a small minority.

    So when you say that Obama is out of step with culture, you really mean your own views of what culture should be.

    (Also, I live in France and a significant majority of the population here are in favor of gay marriage too, so I fail to see what relevance a protest organised by a particularly vocal minority has to the debate.)

  6. Roger Martin
    1 year ago

    Look, I understand there are a great many people threatened by what change represents.... to be on the wrong side of that change, to support the oppression of a group and the denial of equal treatment of that group because it conflicts with your belief structure is a scary thing. But if you are intellectually honest, you would be able to admit that the belief structure has been altered many times over 2000 years. If a group of men in Rome can meet in the 1960's and radically alter the foundations of your doctrine (Vatican 2) then it is not absolute but subject to change by men. I doubt God or Jesus Christ showed up to that meeting. Those changes were made because the church was antiquated in thought and practice. The global congregation, in a way, demanded those changes. It is happening again and the Church risks irrelevance in the 21st century unless it steps up and realizes that the world is leaving it behind. With a reputation for pederasty and an unnatural obsession with a male dominated structure and celibacy among its clergy, the legitimacy of the church in instructing the laity on the nature of their relationships and lives falls into question. Maybe if we thought the culture of the Church was more like ours we would think their advice more relevant. But then, suffering for faith has always been a mantra.

  7. James wallace
    1 year ago

    As arbiters of morality the Roman Catholic Church has been an abject failure. I don't believe it is in much of a position to tell anyone how to live. Marriage only became a church sacrament after the Council of Trent. Throughout the church's thousand years prior, and back to the Code of Hammurabi, it was a civil matter largely concerned with arranged marriages and issues of property.

    If the RC Church keeps meddling in U.S. politics it should lose its tax exempt status, something it can ill afford, given the number of pederasty lawsuits it continues to face.

  8. RSC
    1 year ago

    It is time for this bastion of ignorance, prejudice, hate, and pedophilia to be wiped off the face of the Earth. How such a sick and harmful institution has been permitted to continue in existence whilst we have banished Nazism, slavery, and many lethal infectious diseases is beyond comprehension.

  9. Matthew
    1 year ago

    Yes, of course civil unions were a stepping stone! I cannot believe the author ever thought otherwise.

    I think this article shows part of the reason why Catholic leaders are losing this battle: they believe their own overheated rhetoric. At a time when divorce and co-habitation among Catholics is so high, the public does not take their preaching about the sanctity of marriage seriously. If the Church wants to be taken seriously on such social issues as marriage and abortion, it must match its rhetoric with actions.

  10. Hdtex
    1 year ago

    Wouldn't it be refreshing if the Catholic cult would divest itself of involving itself in secular law and instead focused on prosecuting pedophile enabling priests? Talk about have its priorities completely wrong.

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