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Guest Opinion: Homonausea. Homosexuality and Terminological Social Engineering Comments

In reality normal people do not have "homophobia"; what they have is homonausea - they find the thought of homosexual acts and antics sickening. They are homonausic. However, I doubt that this more accurate terminology will find traction among the politically correct, or pass muster with the political police. Continue Reading

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  1. Jake Allsop
    1 year ago

    A few points.
    I think many "straight" people, as we are called, make no judgments about homosexuals. It is the politicising of this condition that is abhorrent to us.
    Ironically, although the physical expression of homosexuality may disgust us, many of their practices seem now to be acceptable in heterosexual sex acts..
    The image of the "limp-wristed poofter" is unfair to the many homosexuals, male and female, who are completely normal in appearance and behavioiur, and who just quietly get on with their lives without trumpeting their sexuality to everyone.
    The prefix "homo-" does not mean "man", it means "same", in contrast to "hetero-" meaning "different". It doesn't matter, but I think we should be accurate, especially when dealing with sensitive subjects.
    I dislke the misuse and hijacking of words, but it's a losing battle. How many educated people say "disinterested" when the mean "uninterested"? I am afraid the word "gay" is doomed, however much we'd like to rescue it. I pray that we may be more successful in rescuing the people it currently describes.

  2. James M. Bouler
    1 year ago

    In a few weeks the United States Supreme Court will hear a challenge to California’s Ban on Same Sex marriage which the voters of the State approved in 2008.

    Unfortunately the Obama Administration is entering the case as a “Friend of the Court” and is taking the position that Californians do not have the right to ban same sex marriage because doing so would violate the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment

    The Administration is making the same argument in the challenge to the Federal “Defense of Marriage” act.

    What is apparently not being discussed is the effect that recognizing same sex marriage will have upon the people’s First Amendment right to freedom of religion.

    Recognizing same sex marriage requires a redefinition of the word marriage which is opposed by most religions including Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Muslims.

    Gay and lesbian groups claim that they should have the same rights and privileges as any married people, a position which gains them support from many people including some religious groups in spite of being uncomfortable with redefining marriage.

    I believe that same sex marriages could be granted the same rights and privileges of marriage without redefining marriage.

    First we should establish that the marriage ceremony is a religious ceremony which can only be conducted by members of the clergy under the auspices of their church.

    Ceremonies forming Civil Unions would be conducted by designated government officials.

    Next we would need to persuade the Federal Government and State governments to recognize Civil Unions as being the legal equivalent of marriage.

    Civil Unions should not be the exclusive domain of same sex couples. Civil Unions should be open to anyone who has a need to form a Civil Union. Sex need not be a factor at all.

    One group who could benefit greatly from Civil Unions is the elderly. Many times they find it advantageous to pool their resources and could benefit from joint tax returns and other legal advantages of marriage.

    Likewise the handicapped in many cases could benefit from a Civil Union as could siblings in some cases.

    The government - nor anyone else - should not inquire as to why people want to form a Civil Union any more than they question why two people want to get married.

    Civil Unions should be as binding as marriage and dissolution of Civil Unions should follow the same procedures as dissolution of marriages.

    I believe that many people who oppose same sex marriage could support Civil Unions particularly if they were to be made available to others who could benefit from them and the reason for forming a Civil Union is not an issue to be discussed in public.

  3. abey
    1 year ago

    The term 'Homo" refers to a Biological context whereas the term "Gay" refers to a sexual context. Now the truth from the Bible says of the manner "Leaving the "Natural" use, burned in their "Lust" one towards another" to indulging in their own sexes today called "same sex". Now the words "Natural" means the natural law come from the creation & the term Lust most contrary to the word Love & hence Contradicts God in the words "God is Love", This goes on to say that the term "homo" a scientific word, in relation to sexuality be an alien word 'cause it is not of the natural, & since not of the natural it makes the word "Homosexual" to be unnatural, to a man made word which is to say "Gay" to the truth of its orientation to "Unnaturality & Lust". Moreover last but not the least when God destroyed Sodom , He did not "Juggle" the words meaning-"unleaven" in terms of the even the Grammer, but acted in the Spirit & truth of Him, which is to the Truth of Life.

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