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Guest Opinion: Homonausea. Homosexuality and Terminological Social Engineering Comments

In reality normal people do not have "homophobia"; what they have is homonausea - they find the thought of homosexual acts and antics sickening. They are homonausic. However, I doubt that this more accurate terminology will find traction among the politically correct, or pass muster with the political police. Continue Reading

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  1. John Mainhart
    1 year ago

    To the soul that states that God made the Homosexual and he is suffering because he wants to be heteralsexual, I say it would be a unusual loving God who makes man in a certain way to continue the process of incarnation to give souls the best way to experience love through a family, and then permit the creation of some men that must abuse the nature of God;s creation because they cannot do anything else. We must be willing to look for some other reason for this unnatural condition. I, for one would look to those who hold science to be superior to God. They study the human body and make false conclusions about men and women. You cannot help souls by suggesting anything but the truth of this or any other matter.

    Sexual practices that undermine the only unit through which mankind can find love and happiness, family life, must be seen fror what they are, attempts to undermine family life, or we all will suffer the serious consequences that will surly follow when our youth suffer the loss of love because of what we have done.

  2. Mike
    1 year ago

    Susan, I recommend "Courage" to your friend. Its a catholic ministry that reaches out to those with same sex attraction and helps them to live a celibate life and be faithful to God. From what I've heard, many that go to Courage have great things to say about it.

  3. MV
    1 year ago

    From the USCCB's "Always Our Children"

    "Nothing in the Bible or in Catholic teaching can be used to justify prejudicial or discriminatory attitudes and behaviors . . . We call on all Christians and citizens of good will to confront their own fears about homosexuality and to curb the humor and discrimination that offend homosexual persons. We understand that having a homosexual orientation brings with it enough anxiety, pain and issues related to self-acceptance without society bringing additional prejudicial treatment. (Human Sexuality: A Catholic Perspective for Education and Lifelong Learning, 1991, p. 55)"

    For shame, Colin Jory, for defying the Church's mandate for compassion and love toward gay people.

    And for anyone reading this article that needs to be reminded, take heart: "Though at times you may feel discouraged, hurt, or angry, do not walk away from your families, from the Christian community, from all those who love you. In you God's love is revealed. You are always our children." ("Always Our Children", USCCB)

  4. Terri K
    1 year ago

    I'm glad someone used the "p" word in their comment because I had no idea what it was.

    All the emotial triggers aside, this is a very important issue. Bl. John Paul II even did a lot of work in this direction. I have a book titled, _Confronting the Language of the Culture of Death_ which is a collection of JPII's thoughts and teaching on the importance of language.

    I like "homonausea". I think it fits. I couldn't care less about anybody's sexual preference. It's the licentiousness of homosexual culture that makes me ill. A lifestyle of overt fornication is disgusting--homosexual or otherwise. No more need be said.

    By the way, there is NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that homosexuality is genetic or something with which people are born. That's one of the common misconceptions used to the advantage of the homosexual/homosexualist movement.

  5. DLL
    1 year ago

    Sex has become a circus event not a procreative or even an affectionate act anymore and that is the problem. Sex is not private either it is broadcast worldwide as a spectator movie event. Sex is even become a violent act of rape convincingly recreated in the movies made these days. People are looking for love in all the wrong places. Christ is the true even sacrificial way that love is defined in the first place,not some sex or a sexual preference,or marriage between 2 individuals of the same,or opposite sex. Two individuals get bored with one another and typically divorce. It takes a real commitment of love to create a family and a marriage that lasts a lifetime. The divorce courts will be full of people unwilling to make marriage a life time commitment,so the lawyers will become much richer as a result. The lawyers and the judges can laugh themselves all the way to the bank,as court cases will increase dramatically,as marriage is redefined so that it will eventually, come to completely lose all meaning in time. If you are unwilling to make a marriage a comittment to last a lifetime than don't bother to marry in the first place. If sex is sodomy or anal or oral sex and that is love to you,the only way to define anykind of love,than forget getting married for sex only because it is not a loving spiritual commitment for life to each other. The sexual exploits of so called sexual adventure are what is nauseating and that is what the article is addressing. Homosexual sexual practices that are also practiced sexually by many heterosexual persons as well in a sexual act is un-natural and nauseating,so that is what the article is about. Crude behaviour in ones sexual behaviour is a sin that Catholics confess. Lust is sin that is self gratifying only,never procreative or even affectionate anymore.

  6. Stephen
    1 year ago

    Leave it to the brash, politically incorrect, but always truthful Aussies to lay open the lies of our politically correct Western culture. Thank you, mate. Dress a pig in fine clothing, put fine make up on her, even change her name. She will always be a pig.

  7. joselyn
    1 year ago

    Homosexuality isn't something you are born with Susan. God doesn't create people with the desire to sleep with the same sex, children or animals; and then condemn it. It's perversion of fallen man who loves his sin more than God. I know it's not a "popular" view today but many homosexuals out there actually have had a real change of heart-changed by Christ to where they no longer lust after "strange flesh" to where they have no want for sex at all or to be straight. To deny people can change is to deny St. Paul who says "for some of you were but you were washed you were sancified by Christ Jesus"-1 Cor. 6:11. Sodomy is evil-it's one of the sins that cry up to God for justice. God help the USA who most likely will follow the rest of the world in wide spread governmental acceptance of this sin as "normal" and allow sodomites to further sully the name of marriage farther than the divorced and remarried have. I'm glad they wrote this article I for one am SICK AND TIRED of being called a "homophobe". I don't "fear" sodomy I abhor it just like I do rape, child molestation, and abortion. The homosexuals have hijacked "gay", "tolerance", and "inclusive". They are now owned by the sodomites. Where once gay meant happy it's now synonymous with "perversion". Tolerance once meant that you smoked, I dislike it, you know I dislike it but put up with it while abhorring it. Now tolerance means I like your smoking and even encourage it. Etc. Etc. how many other words will be hijacked?

  8. Joe
    1 year ago

    Is marriage a right or a privledge ? If congress declided they wanted to change the Law of Gravity and they passed legislation that "did", would anything change with all fo congress jumping off the White House dome? When I am told I have no right to impose my morality on anyone, I am not imposing mine, but God's. is this group's agenda doing the same? I think not.

  9. Paul J McDonough
    1 year ago

    This is one of the stupidest articles this web site has ever run . No matterhow anyone feels about the subject, name-calling, blatant disrespect and contempt are NOT Catholic virtues

  10. Susan
    1 year ago

    Homosexuality is a condition pre-determined from birth and not a behavioural illness as you seem to imply. I happen to have a very good Catholic friend who is homosexual and has undergone alot of intense deep personal pain and inner conflict as a result of this condition. He would love to be heterosexual, he would dearly love to be married like all his other friends and have a family, but in the same way as you or I are hetereosexual, he is different, and nothing he does or can do will change that. Because of this condition he feels very alone and isolated in our 'ethical' heterosexual Church. What should we do? Cast him out like a leper? Or stone him because God made him different? When Jesus lived he reached out to people in society who are on the margins, lepers, prostitutes, women, with kindness, compssion and forgiveness; traits that are abundantly lacking in this article.

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