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Guest Opinion: An Open Letter to 'Gay' Teens Comments

Yes, you may be physically attracted to people of the same sex, but how you act on those attractions is entirely your choice. Who you are - your identity - is not defined by your sexual feelings, temptations or behaviors. The difference between who you are and what you feel or do is as the difference between night and day. Here is who you are: You are a wonderful, beautiful, precious human being created in the image and likeness of the one ... Continue Reading

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  1. Celia
    2 years ago

    Well written!! Thanks

  2. Haley
    2 years ago

    This article is very well written, but I feel that your message is wrong. I respect you, sir, and I thank you for not being full of blind hate. But we absolutely must not call people sinners for things they cannot control. Yes, we are all imperfect; but we are all children of God. I believe all homosexuals deserve to live a full life, and if they truly desire a marriage and children then I believe they deserve it. All the homosexuals I know are kind hearted people who have good intentions. There is nothing wrong with them. Really, they are simply normal people and we cannot hate or judge them for being different in one small way. Nor should we force them to not act on their sexual orientation or ask them to change it, for that is impossible. Remember- gay people are simply people. Not being heterosexual does not make you imperfect.

  3. sue
    2 years ago

    Dear Matt,
    As a mother of a gay son allow me to make a few comments. First of all, there would be no need for you to wait for "an announcement", you would already know. For me it was as early as 3 years of age. Secondly, your letter should have stopped here.... "I love you. I neither judge you nor condemn you. I accept you and I would die for you."
    Jesus died for ALL OF US while we were still sinners. I think that pretty much covers it.

  4. kent rossi
    2 years ago

    As with radical muslims, the bedrock of your arguments lies in the proposition that the bible is the word of god. From there, the author and followers pick and choose cryptic phrases to come up with something they believe to be inviolate, universal truth. The problem is that there have been countelss versions of the bible and the bible itself is a group of books or stories whose editors selected, printed and then pronounced to be "the word of god". Had the biblical books been put together at a diffenet time, it could contain Aesop's fables, sayings of confuscious, "folk tales" such as Hansel and Gretl, etc. So the book itself is the product of human editorializing and the interpretation of the book has and continuer to include redaction and interpretation. While "The Satanic Verses" caused such outrage among radical muslims because they believe the Koran to be the one and only word of god... we must, frankly, be better, and renounce the notion that the bible is the word of god. It is demonstrably not so. We will all just have to get along without such absolutes.

  5. Kathy
    2 years ago

    Bravo! Well written!

  6. David M
    2 years ago

    David I think that the author of this article and others would read the statement "Unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences" as pertaining directly to human beings. As it seems you have recognized with your response:
    "That is a very bold statement. Is there evidence to prove that homosexuality is not natural? If we look to other species, homosexuality occurs throughout the animal kingdom. Though yes, we may be mentally superior and be considered a "higher being," humans still have instinct. Such as a mother becomes "attached," so to speak" to their child and become very protective, via instinct."
    But to me after reading your response it seems that what you are asking would be "are human beings able to control their instincts/impulses which other animals are incapable of doing?"
    Animals like dogs act instinctually. Humans can control their response to instinctual urges. Need we describe what the world would look like if we could not control the sexual impulse. I am glad we are not like dogs. So how much bearing does "instinctual" urges really have on the moral goodness or evil of sexual acts?
    It seems that once a person recognizes that human beings are capable of free and therefore moral actions that the question of the morality of homosexual acts can be properly addressed.

  7. youkokun
    2 years ago

    @ Stephen I agree with your sentiment that the case is closed and people who identify as both gay and Christian/Catholic need to observe God's teaching on all sexual immorality if they really want to follow Him. However, this is a form of evangelization. It's obvious that gays are steeped in a more sensitive, pandering, "mushy" and "angst"-y culture, and that's what they are more likely to respond to. Gay men are usually effeminate (in my opinion more feminine than many of us women care to be, another result of extreme feminism) and so they use feminine language. Mr. Barber did not compromise any doctrine and he did explicitly call out homosexual relations as sinful--but he did it not with straight condemnation as gays are prepared for with their pride and readily close their hearts to, but with compassion and acknowledging their feeling humanity. That's exactly what how the Catechism approaches gays! Don't compromise one inch on doctrine, but don't ignore the image of God in your "enemy".

    From one 20-yr old college student: thank you, Mr. Barber, for speaking their language.

  8. David
    2 years ago

    I respect your opinion. One thing I want to bring to attention, however.

    "Unnatural behaviors beget natural consequences."

    That is a very bold statement. Is there evidence to prove that homosexuality is not natural? If we look to other species, homosexuality occurs throughout the animal kingdom. Though yes, we may be mentally superior and be considered a "higher being," humans still have instinct. Such as a mother becomes "attached," so to speak" to their child and become very protective, via instinct.

    I also completely agree with Jade.

    Thanks for the respectful letter. This was a welcome change to the usual, obviously bigoted comments using "faggot" and other messages that organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church use profusely. I really respect you as a concerned Christian.

  9. Cathy S
    2 years ago

    Beautiful. Thank you for writing what I've been trying to say for years now. I hope people read and share, and spread the message of God's love and redemption.

  10. Stephen
    2 years ago

    More mush mouth mumble jumble. The only thing the Church need say to one who thinks he is homosexual, no matter his age, is that if you truly believe such then in order for you to be a Christian you must accept the fact that God is calling you to a permanently celibate lifestyle. Just as he is doing with single heterosexuals who decide to remain non married. Period. Let's move on, shall we? Too much ink has been spilled on the angst of homosexuality.

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