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The Catholic Church Needs Purification, Renewal and Restoration to Rise to a New Missionary Moment Comments

The allegations concerning clergy who have committed egregious sins and succumbed to the basest of sexual deviance- by committing criminal, immoral acts against children - demand a brutally honest assessment concerning the morally depleted condition of our beloved Church in the more devastated parts of the vineyard. The perpetrators of these abuses must be stopped and face the consequences of their acts. There is mercy for them. However, it ... Continue Reading

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  1. Gene
    2 years ago

    The only "purification" needed is for faithful Bishops to excommunicate so-called "catholics" caught subverting the Church's teachings. When Bishops see prominent Catholics who are actively opposing Catholic teachings through powerful groups, media, or elected office, they must act swiftly to meet with them and, where necessary, excommunicate them publicly.

    We can't afford to have a high percentage of devilish Catholics like Pelosi, Sebelius, or the entire Kennedy clan. These powerful people must be called out and rebuked openly. The cancer is spreading quickly and has to be removed. The leadership must exercise their duty to oppose the rebellious and "hand them over to satan," as the Apostle said.

  2. james in colorado
    2 years ago

    To those like Raphi above, I plead with you not to leave our Holy Catholic church because of the Sin that abounds within it. Jesus suffered bled and died on the cross for this Church and He that began a good work in Her will see it through until the day of redemption. So please stay, wait and pray with us through the purgation this sure to come. Greator is He that is within us than he that is in the world. and we who perservere to the end will be saved.
    Jesus is coming back for a spotless Bride...May we be counted among her number of Saints!
    Praised be Jesus Christ!!!

  3. Dr. John
    2 years ago

    I must take exception to some of your comments in an otherwise thoughtful and well written article.
    On the issue of contraception you are talking out of both sides of your mouth. "Natural family planning" is the timing of intercourse to either avoid or enhance conception. To attach sin to using hormonal methods to avoid pregnancy yet embracing other methods is just insincere. Following your logic, if one is having sexual relations with one's spouse for any reason other than procreation then it is sinful. On the other hand, sex was intended as a bonding and sharing part of any marriage. Avoiding pregnancy when not desired is either sinful or it isn't. Do not make an artificial line between "natural" and "artificial" It is this intellectually dishonest approach that turns people away. "Natural family planning" came about because the technology did not exist previously to chemically alter fertility. By the way, do not use the misinformation that the pill prevents an egg from fertilizing. It prevents ovulation. There is no egg.
    Second, I take offense to any attempt to minimize the effect and the impact of the sexual abuse and coverup of the abuses that we have had to endure.
    As a practicing catholic I am a part of the body of Christ. I and all my brothers and sisters. While realizing that sinners abound and that everyone sins and should repent and atone I am outraged at the hypocritical approach to pedophiles and abusers in the church. No one has the right to jeapordize the church. Not the pope, the bishops, the priests, the cardinals, no one has the right.
    When the so-called leaders of His holy church choose to lie and allow damage to the body of Christ then they lose the moral authority to lead and are not to be trusted or followed. Christ specifically warns not to mess with the children. It would be better to not be born. This stuff needs to be handled openly, honestly and immediately to restore the authority of the throne of Peter.
    Until then I will just have to rely on prayer, the bible and my conscience to lead me along the right path.

  4. Tina
    2 years ago

    The attacks on the Catholic Church is 99% political and organized by powerful international special interest groups with an agenda to take down the Church's conservative leaders. This agenda is happening to every powerful traditional institution, not only the Catholic Church. But the Catholic Church is perhaps the largest roadblock to progressive Marxist domination, and so the progressive left keeps funds and executes a round-the-clock smear and destroy campaign. This must be understood and shouted from the rooftops. The "scandal" is a media-created controversy kept in the headlines to bully and intimidate the Church to change her teachings to comply with leftist progressive views.

    That's the truth of what's happening. Alert the leaders and Bishops to expose this agenda and refuse to comply with its demands.

  5. Ralphie
    2 years ago

    I like the article. I am a faithful, conservative Catholic. So I say let all of this come out and let us clear out the Church just as Christ ran out the merchants in the temple. In the early 2000's I was tempted to leave the Church and become Orthodox due to the abuse scandals, but I did not. If the next pope does not unleash a true renewal to get rid of all of these immoral priests, bishops and cardinals. I will have no other choice but to leave the Church as it will have become too immoral of an institution. I am afraid a pope attempting a true renewal may become the new John Paul I.....30 days and out!

  6. Louis Barta
    2 years ago

    It's not just the Church that needs to be purified, but the entire world -- and not just of spiritual contaminants, but of physical contaminants as well. No doubt that's why Pope Benedict XVI, during his 2011 Christmas Eve homily, cried out to God to burn the earth with fire - a purifying agent quite effective at separating dross from gold.

    Apparently, the Lord of Hosts heard the Pope's plea, and has surrounded the entire earth with a blanket of ionized plasma over 60,000 miles thick and expanding by approximately 15,000 miles per year. (see: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, Jan. 26, 2012, "Giant Plasma Veil Discovered.")

    Plasma is the stuff lightning is made of. And since lightning generates heat of 57,000 degrees F., it certainly qualifies as the "fire" so often referred to in Holy Scripture as a medium of God's restorative "wrath."

  7. Stephen
    2 years ago

    I have been saying much the same since i converted from Anglicanism back in the 80s. The Church needs to be more selective in who it admits to membership and who it allows to continue to claim membership, both clerical andf lay.

    This is not a social service organization, although service to the poor and less fortunate of course remains an important aspect of the mission. The primary purpose however is to convert the lost to salvation and that cannot be done if those who refuse to live a Christian lifestyle and follow the teachings and doctrine of the Church are allowed to remain as full communicants. Start the housecleaning now. With the bishops.

  8. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    Yes to purification, but include in that purification sexual sins of the heterosexual as well. Also let us include the arrogance of the leadership. I hope for a restoration. Cardinal Tagle is one who represents the way of Jesus. I hope you will find ways to talk about his vision for a humble compassionate Church.

  9. Robert
    2 years ago

    One place to start is the CCHD collection forced upon us each Fall.
    The American Life League reports that more than 25cents of each dollar donated by the urging of the USCCB works against the teachings of our faith(abortion, contraception, gay marriage, etc.)

    Call, write, speak with your parish priest and urge him to stop promoting a collection that works against the Church.

  10. Anne
    2 years ago

    I believe strongly that that the society we live in calls forth a radical conformity to Christ .

    One of the greatest evils we face is the worship of lust as a false idol . This has damaged our ability to love God , to love others , and to love our selves . Lust is never love . These children of God were robbed of so much . We must walk through the reality of this evil as members of the body of Christ with humble and contrite hearts . A spirit of courage is asked of us .

    Sacred Heart of Jesus

    Have mercy on us

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