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Poll: More than half of all Americans think illegal immigrants should be deported Comments

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, many Americans have very strong feelings about illegal immigrants and immigration reform. More than half of U.S. citizens believe that most or all of the country's 11 million illegal immigrants should be deported. The survey shows resistance to easing immigration laws in spite of the biggest push for reform in Congress since 2007. Continue Reading

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  1. gerald
    1 year ago

    Well said KarlVDH

    Well said Emma

  2. Emma
    1 year ago

    I'm literally caught in the middle regarding this issue. My husband and his younger brother are among those so frequently and "lovingly " labeled anchor babies. His birth parents were caught up in an immigration sweep when he was twelve yrs. old and his brother eight yrs. old. His parents had fled Nicaragua during that country's uprising. His grandfather and uncle were killed there. Our government played a part in that. So, where does one draw the line? He has worked since he was a small child. They were fortunate that their parents had the foresight to prepare for their care should they be deported, however he will say that he much preferred to not be separated from them and how hurt and angry he was that they chose to do so so that their children would have opportunities to have a decent life. I, more than he, find anger growing when I hear people say that he shouldn't be a citizen. He is not a "stupid, lazy gangster! He is a church musician, youth choir director, a grad student in ethnomusicology. He is a wonderful husband and a loving, proud, attentive father. He volunteers with others in a program which provides instruments and free music lessons to disadvantaged youth in an attempt to keep them out of gangs and give them an opportunity to bridge cultural differences. All while he works to support his family. His brother is a Navy Medic with special ops. They have flourished and each in his own way have given back to God and country. They value their citizenship, which is more than I can say for quite a few of those who are seen as having more of a "right " to call themselves citizens!

    On the other hand, those in this country illegally ARE breaking the law. In so doing, they deprive themselves and their children the protection of the law and are often exploited. They become victims of human trafficking and are forced to work in substandard conditions, fearful of deportation, they have the distinction of being a shadow culture and are easily taken advantage of. That doesn't help them. They are often desperate and afraid. They work in fields that America's "entitled " youth will not or can not. A senior citizen does not have the physical stamina to work 16 hrs a day in the fields in heat of 100 degrees and an American teenager won't do it for pay that is based on quantity harvested which means no overtime and a paycheck of half minimum wage. So we supplement their income by providing government assistance? It's that or let the crops rot in the fields and pay for it at the grocery checkout line because corporate farmers are NOT going to lose their profits. Migrant labor housing is substandard and third world. Families crammed into rooms that we would not house our animals in! Yep! Today's youth would stand in line for the opportunity. Not!!

    Then, people in border communities also have the right to be secure in their homes. They should not have to see their homes and livelihoods destroyed. There is a criminal element out there. The cartels are very real and a threat to our country. Our borders need to be secure. Our laws should be enforced. I see the attempt at rewriting immigration law as an admission that either our government is unwilling or unable to enforce current law. What makes us think that just because they rewrite it that it will be any different if they don't enforce it? It's the same with gun laws. They don't enforce the law as it is written, so they make the solution "another law " that they also will not enforce. That way it appeases the masses and makes it look as if they're "doing something " when in all actuality they've done nothing except write another law and form another committee! Just as faith without action is a dead faith, so is a law without enforcement a dead law.

    My husband's parents and younger siblings have been on a waiting list to legally immigrate for almost two yrs. now. We are their sponsors and will support them until they are able to be self supportive. I suppose there are those who will say that that's the whole rationale behind their choice to "drop babies " in the U.S. They would be wrong. This is about reuniting family. It's about our children knowing their grandparents and aunts and uncles and their great grandparents. Should this not go forward, eventually we will move to be with them. When we do, the U.S. will have lost two contributing members of its country and our offspring. Funny how there is money for the likes of Halliburton, money to bail out banks who steal from retirees, money for unmanned drones and cluster bombs, Blackwater and Planned Parenthood, money to fly Air Force One and all the presidential limousines around the world, but when it comes to providing basic food, shelter and medical care to those displaced and marginalized in our country, THEN, THEN is when people scream that their money is being stolen and tax dollars wasted. Wake up people! This is one more scapegoating, diversionary tactic employed by our government to distract us from who the real thieves are ..... it's not illegal immigrants, it's our government officials!

  3. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Rush... "Who's my neighbor?" is answered easily... who, exactly, did Christ die for? By that, I mean that yes, the rancher whose property is damaged by the "hordes" you mention I our neighbor. But SO ARE THE HORDES. The real question is this: which am I FIRST- an American, or a Christian? As an American yes, the rancher comes first, just as Christ first came to the Jews. But as a Christian, the guy crossing the border is ALSO my nighbotif he's a Catholic, he's also my brother. So... where do we divide our loyalties?

  4. david utterback
    2 years ago

    We used to atten St. Cecilas in Omaha, but with healt care premiums of half our
    income, we had to relocate to The Phillipines.
    According to Carol Plato on utube, illegals medical costs are folded into those
    of working and retired Americans. This is pushing out Americans out of their
    own country and illegal is illegal.

    By 2017 it can be estimated 70 million citizens of European caucasions will
    have to flee America to make room for the illegals.
    Already by 2008 according to U.S. News and World Report 38 million American
    have fled their homeland.

    Lawlessness is sin, and sin comes from demonic sources.
    It is Christian to help those in need, but it is not Christian to displace citizens from one's
    own country, they and their forefathers have fought for freedom.

    Our country is in a state of 'division and strife" just as The roman empire was
    when Jesus came and Paul cast down the fortresses of demonic influences
    and the towers of diabolical logic that men enhanced.
    I have Latino acquaintances, I have black friends, but too stealing from
    one man to give to another is breaking the commandment "Thou shalt
    not steal", "thou shalt not covert they neightbors wife, nor his property, not
    anything that is thy neighbors" and illegal immigration is all of these sins.

    All American have the expection that the law is the law and we must abide
    by the law of the land, and people claim we are a land of law, but it is
    the diabolical influences that promote illigal immigration, abortion..the killing
    of infants and unnatural sex affections and the electorate now enhanced
    by lawbreakers has nearly ruined the economy and when the enemy cannot
    attack from the east, west, north or south, then enemy Satan attacks thru
    the fifth column, within, by demons that influence men towards division
    and strife and that is the case by deliberately bringing in millions of
    illegals to steal, to covet and take, and steal what belongs to another.

    As the year 2017 looms, the influences of demons will push out of citizons
    homeland and those relocating abroad may reach seventy million. This is
    not and cannot be of God. God does not hate working and retired Americans
    that have served in Viet Nam, served their church and country.
    Sin is sin, covetness is coverness, stealing is stealing, illegal is illegal
    and any source other than the will of God, is sin and sin will find you out.
    God is not a thief, God does not covet one's neighbor, Illegals immigation
    steals and covets one neighbor of what is rightfuly his.
    You cannot break God's statutes and commandments and be without blood
    on your skirts.

  5. Rush
    2 years ago

    Of those who say that we should "love our neighbors," which "neighbor" do we refer? Is it the rancher whose fences are destroyed and who has animals killed by hordes of "neighbors"? Is it the family whose beloved dog's barking is bruitally silenced forever? Is it the family bread winner who cannot compete with his vastly lower paid "neighbors"? Is it the young lady who, while on an early morning or evening run is raped by her "neighbor"? Is it the taxpayer who has to foot the bill for "free" services used by his "neighbor"?

    To those who say we should "love our neighbors," I would guess that you would have no problem with "neighbors" jumping the your fences and camping in your backyard. Once they are settled in, they can, I'm sure you will agree, be allowed to invite other "neighbors" to join them. When things get a bit too crowded in your backyard, you can always invite your "neighbors" to join you in your house where you can better care for their needs. More "neighbors"? Why not? Because, by now, you didn't have a say in the matter anyway...

    Yes, we as individuals should love our neighbors. But ,perhaps that love could be in the form of "tough" love? Does it benefit our neighbor to tell them it is okay to break laws? Yes, the Holy Family were immigrants, but did they break any immigration laws on their journey into Egypt? Did they demand that Egyptians provide them goods and services upon their arrival? Did they expect the Egyptian govenment to accommodate their Aramaic language?

  6. Stephen
    2 years ago

    For the simple reason that, unlike those who sneak into or remain in this country illegally, the great majority of Americans (including immigrants who entered legally) respect our system of laws and the punishments for those who do not abide by our laws. And deportation is the responsible punishment for those who enter or remain in this country without proper documentation. The words "Immigration reform" are simply code language for open borders. Question: would the Catholic Church be as interested in this issue if 90% of those entering illegally were not Catholics? You know the answer to that one.

  7. gerald
    2 years ago

    The American employers, who have used cheap illegal immigrant labor to get wealthy should be asked if we should deport their cash cow. It has always been about supply and demand---there is a demand for cheap labor by Americans. How can Catholics turn their back on our Catholic brethren from south of our border? "Love your neighbor" is still a commandment. This must be about money---Americans love their money.

  8. Rob
    2 years ago

    It's all about the cheap labor, nothing more. There are entire industries reliant on that cheap labor. These are mostly services that can't be outsourced to some third world wasteland, but instead have to be done here. No one complains when illegal labor results in a cheaper price for me. No one even considers what working conditions exist in countries that make our beloved ipads, cheap tv's etc.

    There will never be fines on businesses unless you want to indict the entire agricultural and construction industry....not going to happen. And if we want all these folks building our homes, cleaning our homes, cleaning our yards and washing our dishes, well maybe there may be some related social costs that go along with that.

    I am not angry that desperate, poor, undecuated people are getting welfare, but that business are pocketing the profits from this labor and leaving us with the social costs. Should people in this country follow our laws, yes. But that applies to all. And maybe if we christians would stop engaging in commerce that involves illegal labor of any sort, maybe things will change. Or maybe they won't and I'll be content to use my cheap crap made at someone's expense for my comfort.

  9. eithena
    2 years ago

    Just remember JESUS.MARY+JOSEPH WERE IMMIGRANTS we are all immigrants for this is nnot are home

  10. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    Karl, is it cheaper to give these illegals welfare and free education, which is what we are doing?

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