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Jennifer and Madison Morbelli: Two Lives Butchered By Abortion Comments

Neither one of them should be dead today.  That is the point.  Abortion does not bring freedom, or solve problems, or show compassion.  It just kills. It does not bring freedom or solutions to problems or show compassion.  It just kills. Continue Reading

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  1. Chantal
    2 years ago

    I just said.... SHAME - SHAME - SHAME of the doctors or anyone that perform abortion to a pregnant women

  2. Jennifer Hartline
    2 years ago

    Karen Ryan, I am appalled by your comment. How glad I am indeed that you are not the judge of our immortal souls. None of us knows where the soul of Jennifer Morbelli is at this moment, but I assure you, I beseech the Throne of Mercy for her with hope. I don't believe I made any great excuses for her, her husband, her family, and the truly terrible decision they made. Yet I will not condemn Jennifer to hell or claim to know for certain she is in hell. What a cruel statement to make! My sincere prayer is that Jennifer saw her priest somehow before she died, and had an opportunity to repent and be granted forgiveness for her sins.

    Good Catholic education admonishes the sinner, draws the boundaries that give LIFE to the human person and eternal life to the soul, and at the same time, teaches of the mercy and love of God. We are indeed to judge right from wrong in this world, and not make excuses for the wrong or call evil good. We are to expose evil and call it what it is without apology or hesitation. But God alone is the ultimate Judge. And I would much rather pray for Jennifer than declare her lost for eternity.

  3. Karen Ryan
    2 years ago

    While I know we should all be symphetic, I cannot be towards this mother. She murdered her baby girl end of discussion. The mother also died and we all know where her soul is today. IN HELL. We have to let people know that there is a HELL and when we do things, such as murdering an innocent human being before giving it a chance to live, because her doctors told her parents she wasn't worth life, they will go to HELL,, forever. Good Catholic education is what we have to teach to people. The Ten Commandments is what we have to teach to people. Thou shalt not kill. I pray every day for this child, although she will be with God, I pray for her grandparents who never got a chance to hold her. Praying for her mother is useless, prayers are not heard in HELL.

  4. Thomas
    2 years ago

    Since Roe V Wade was illegally made the law of the land it has been my position that the killing of the child in the womb is not a convience for women but a right for irresposible men to kill an unwanted child before birth. Women suffer from abortion even as they are coerce into the death of there child. They suffer thru out there lives for a choice made under great stress

    A responsilible man will also suffer by this ungodly act. The irresponsible man is free to lust after other women without constraint. Men passed this law and women suffer it, in this regards I'm ashamed of what men have done.

  5. Terri Kimmel
    2 years ago

    I've been rolling this around in my mind since I read about it yesterday. What motivated the parents to kill their baby? Was it fear? Was it vanity? Maybe a combination? Childbearing has become like car shopping, only without as much commitment. Killing a baby doesn't have an effect on the credit score the same way ditching car payments would.

    I have nine children. Many people hear about my family size and proceed to ask, "So, did you want a big family?" I'm not sure how to answer. No, I didn't specifically plan to have nine living children and two miscarriages. My husband and I didn't map it out. It's not about what we want, it's about faithfulness, the sanctity of life and the vocation of marriage. Children are the fruits of our love for each other in our marriage, which includes God. It seems counter-intuitive to try to quantify that ahead of time.

    This case is so sad.

  6. baldz9
    2 years ago

    Maria - this piece is not judging them for what happend to them it is talking about the evil that happened because of the action. We should pray for them and have compassion for the family but if we don't talk about the pain this brings then it will not change

  7. Andrew M. Greenwell
    2 years ago

    This article has truth all over it. It is remarkable that a large proportion of our citizens do not see (or purposely ignore) the obvious truth that abortion "just kills." It kills the baby. It kills the mother's soul. It kills families. On occasion, such as here, it physically kills the mother. It "just kills," and there is no possible apologia sufficient to excuse that.

  8. Anita
    2 years ago

    I think this article is wonderful! I think or hope it could open the eyes of those people out there that are pro-choice. Yes, God is in charge indeed and He knows what He is doing. When I was pregnant with my fifth child, we were told by the ultrasonographer, that based on what she saw, a nucal fold in his neck, it could indicate several scenarios. One was that he could have spina bifida. I couldn't believe it when she mentioned that we had options and one included aborting the baby. I was shocked that she even mentioned it to me. I told her I was there to listen to a heartbeat, not that I could abort! In the end, he was not born with spina bifida, nor down syndome, like they had also predicted. He was born with many physical anomolies which have since been "fixed" through many surgeries. As stated in your article, God is there to help you and give you strength. Our son is 8 years old now and is such a precious gift. He has touched many lives of the people he has encountered with his wonderful, God given personality!

  9. Rosa Maria
    2 years ago


  10. Tara Brelinsky
    2 years ago

    Thank you for writing this thoughtful and courage piece.
    While ultrasound and prenatal testing is hailed as a good, there is much to question and pray about before opening the possible pandora's box. My doctor recommended a level two ultrasound as standard procedure and interestingly they schedule these ultrasounds between 18-19 weeks. Why does that matter you ask? Because 20 weeks is the legal cut-off for abortions in my state and they want to be sure you have the option to kill your baby if the results of your testing aren't ideal. Sadly, no one discusses the misuses of ultrasound and testing in light of the fact they we do not have hospice in place. Few are the cases of in-utero surgeries and as we learned from the Santorums, that comes with its share of risks. Babies were born for centuries before the advent of ultrasound as standard procedure and while I know there some definite positives, again I question how many abortions result from this testing every year. As the mother of six children in heaven, I can attest to the fact that a mother will never regret choosing love, choosing to let God be God.
    Thank you again for speaking truth.

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