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Jennifer and Madison Morbelli: Two Lives Butchered By Abortion Comments

Neither one of them should be dead today.  That is the point.  Abortion does not bring freedom, or solve problems, or show compassion.  It just kills. It does not bring freedom or solutions to problems or show compassion.  It just kills. Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    2 years ago

    @Bill Sr. and Music Maker ...not my doing. He carried me. He carries every one of us. If only we wouldn't make it so difficult for Him. I also, give a great deal of credit to my husband. My daily prayer for young women of my generation is a prayer that they too, before they hear their future husband say "I love you " hear the words, "I respect you " pass their lips. Only when this wonderful man spoke those words to me did I begin to respect myself. Being married to my best friend makes such a difference. If only more understood what a blessing marriage can be when God is put first. So, I pray and He carries me. He carried me before I ever heard His Name.

  2. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    EMMA, dear Emma
    Would that more people, all Christians, and especially women have the perspective of life and the child in the womb as you. I, in the name of many who follow Jennifer and her fight for life here on COL congratulate you on your wonderful success in blossoming into such an outstanding child of God and faithful Catholic. Women like you and my own loving wife are what brought me to pen the follow tribute to God's beautiful gift to mankind.

    I say God bless you women with faith and conviction.
    You women who have given your life to your husbands and children, gone through childbirth, cooked and cleaned, dried the tears and bound our wounds all the while praying to God to guide and protect us have the natural gift of eternal love and survival for those around you. Men may be physically stronger but we tend to be short sighted looking only at what is affecting us at the moment and what to do about it. We are the first to mope about when things go wrong instead of accepting life as it comes to us knowing nothing good comes with out some pain or discomfort. It is in the nature God gave you to be the heart and soul of what we call humanity. Neither Man nor earth was complete until woman came upon the scene and made life fruitful and abundant. Don't let anyone try to deny this truth.
    And the woman God made especially for Himself, our Mother Mary Queen of heaven, also naturally with her heart of eternal love wants to gather all of Gods children under her maternal care and lead them through Christ to the Father. Like you women she has taken it as her duty and commitment as His bride to care for the children of God. Bless you!!

  3. Musicmaker
    2 years ago

    Wow, one could comment on practically every comment posted relating to this article!

    Without pointing fingers, I would like to say several things to the posts made here.

    1. Who are WE to judge? That is God's "job", His "business", not ours! Period. End of story.

    2. NONE of us know where Jennifer's soul is resting at this moment, or for any moment in the future. Again, that is God's business, not ours!

    3. For those of you who are "concerned" about the children born into poverty, drugs, deformity, disease, or whatever else, the answer to that is education. In today's world, morals and values seem to have flown out the window, and not just on pregnancy. Simple RESPECT for one another hardly exists today. A "true" Catholic/Christian would never entertain even the thought of an abortion as they would already be following the laws of The Church proper. For those who have fallen to the wayside, for whatever reason, or for those who never reallly had religous education (catechism, etc.), THEY are the ones who need our help. They must be educated on birth control -- in the form of ABSTINANCE, NOT the PILL or IUD's, etc. So many women AND men see sexual relations as the fulfillment of PLEASURE when the act was meant by God for reproduction within the UNION of man and woman (with pleasure and companionship WITHIN marriage being second). "Go forth and multiply..." (Genesis 1:1-31). This is where the majority of your "troubled children" are born (@blessings). If these people were properly educated, PERHAPS illigitimate children, deformed or seriously ill children (from drug and/or alcohol abuse, or not) would be spared CONCEPTION. In a PERFECT world, if this were practiced, we wouldn't need abortion now, would we??? Think about that. This would also put an end to having any awful moment of "decision" to be made on whether to abort or not. It (education) is not a 100% solutioon but more times than not, it is the foundation where a lot of this begins.

    @blessings: God knows what He is doing. He has known every single one of us before WE do. He has already carved each of us in the plams of His hands. If a child is to be born into poverty, there is a reason for it. It is His WILL that this child be born under such circumstances. He has a plan for that child and whatever that plan is, it is not our business! If we make it our business, it would be to educate that child (directly or indirectly), nurture that child (directly or indirectly), and other things along their walk of life, but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, to "second guess" God and His plans for each of us!

    @Emma: I am elated for you on your life! You are the perfect example of what the aforementioned states! You have my prayers for your continued happiness and successes!

    Like it or not, our Loving God EXPECTS for us to pray for the souls of the departed, no matter WHAT they did in their lives -- good OR "bad", right OR "wrong" in the eyes of some. Again, who are we to judge? That is God's business. It is OUR job or business to pray for one another, and THAT is what we should be doing in this situation. Not only for the innocent, unborn child, Madison, but for her mother, her father, any siblings/children of this union, their family, friends, and any and all others who are affected by this tradegy.

    Pray without ceasing! (1Thessalonians 5-17).

  4. Emma
    2 years ago

    This was not the first such death at the hands of this "doctor ". In 2005 Carhart was investigated by the Kansas State Board in connection with the death of Cristin Gilbert. At the time he was employed by George Tiller. Circumstances surrounding the deaths of these two women are strikingly similar. Told not to seek emergency medical care for complications, but return to the clinic? Since when does a physician tell a patient that they should not seek medical care? Investigation into Cristin's death was stymied when Sebillius ' office interfered. Guess who her campaign contributor was? If you guessed George Tiller, you'd be correct! Sebillius needs to answer these questions!! Why is she being kept out of this? Her interference is very much responsible for this man's killing of Jennifer. If she had not interfered in Cristin's case, he would not have been free to kill Jennifer. Sebellius should be the one investiigated! She is indirectly responsible for these deaths!!!

  5. Emma
    2 years ago

    @Blessing ...I was born into a life of poverty and raised by a neglectful, abusive, drug addict mother aka "crack whore ". I am now completing the last semester of university, married to a loving supportive husband and the mother of a beautiful 10 mth old son. Following your logic, I should never have been given the chance to experience all these authentic GOD GIVEN blessings! How dare you say that I should never have been born? Thank God that my troubled 15yo mother chose to let me live!! We should never second guess the Lord's motives when He chooses to send a soul into this world. Circumstances do not make the person, they define him /her.

  6. ninek
    2 years ago

    When the Blessed Mother was told that 'a sword would pierce her heart' she did not raise a hand against her infant child to "save" him from suffering. So, "Blessing", you can stuff it. You are using emotional blackmail: "save every child from suffering or else we will kill them."
    That IS what you are saying when you think abortion is allowable until the physical world is perfect and free from all suffering or pain. Even the Father in Heaven did not spare his own son the suffering on the cross.

    But what angers me more than comments like "blessings" is the fact that this family did not refer themselves to Carhart. This tragedy represents the FAILURE of the family's doctors and health care workers to HELP them in a situation. Instead, doctors refer families to destroy their children, rather than offer real help. Many families have special needs children, doctors, is it really so hard to refer your patients to organizations or individuals who can actually HELP? Or is it just easier to refer out for abortion so your precious malpractice premiums don't go up? Hmm???

  7. DoNotJudge
    2 years ago

    What most people fail to realize is that many women are coerced into having an abortion by those who supposedly love them most, i.e., significant others, parents, siblings, friends. These women suffer immensely before, during, and after the fact, crying on a daily basis, thinking about what that baby would have looked like, been like…while the people that recommended that they have the abortion continue living their lives with no consequences, sometimes even unaware of the role they played in such a tragic ordeal. Many individuals and organizations crucify women who, in a crisis, perhaps due to young age, lack of support from their partner or family members, or no financial resources, while still wanting to keep their babies, were coerced into giving them up and are now paying dearly for it. Sometimes these women were in relationships, even married, and their husbands threatened to leave if they did not have an abortion. Most of these women would have never had the abortion if they had received support from these men, in the form of a kind word, financial assistance, compassion, solidarity, humanity. Why are the women always to blame? Why not also, and especially, address the men, equally responsible parties in the pregnancy, and ask them to be responsible and merciful with their partners, who are in such a fragile physical and emotional state? Yes, there are women out there who could have an abortion and never give it a second thought, but I dare say that most suffer in silence for the rest of their lives, while their significant others have left and built new relationships, no longer thinking about the havoc they caused by their irresponsibility and selfishness. In a moment of need, their first thought was looking after their best interest and well-being, when they should have been looking after their pregnant partner and baby’s. Women, teach your boys to be men. Show them to be genuinely supportive, caring, loving, and responsible, and watch the abortion rate plummet. Many of the women you are condemning (and it is not our job to condemn anyone, as we are not God) are victims themselves.

  8. Terri Kimmel
    2 years ago

    Regarding Karen and Jennifer's comments, I think it's important to avoid dismissing the gravity of what the parents did in this situation. We don't want to further injure the grieving family, yet the parents are co-perpetrators of the murder of an innocent child. The mother's death is a separate, though equally tragic, event.

    Speaking of Catholic education, it would be helpful for us to remember that there are three conditions that /must/ be met for a sin to completely cleave the relationship with God and result in eternal damnation--if the person dies without repentance. Those conditions are:

    (1) The sin must be of a serious nature. Obviously that applies in this case.

    (2) The sinner must have a full understanding of the disordered and evil nature of the sin. Here we wander into murky waters as none of us in this discussion knows what kind of catechesis the parents and family received. In fact, I'd wager, based on our current culture, that they were likely fairly clueless about the sanctity of life and when a child becomes a person.

    (3) In the knowledge of how seriously wrong the sin is, the sinner must /freely/ choose to commit the sin without any kind of force or coercion. Having had nine children (plus two miscarriages) myself and therefore extensive experience with the deep corruption that has infiltrated women's healthcare, it's a huge stretch for me to even try to imagine that the parents were given all the support and information they needed to choose life in this case. Instead, I imagine, they were railroaded straight to the bowels of hell in Leroy Carhart's clinic. I suspect that there are at least two physicians (the original ob/gyn and Carhart) who bear the large part of the culpability in this case. New parents are ignorant and afraid. They're easy to exploit. We could speculate further on the culpability of the grandparents, but my point has been made. I seriously doubt that the parents in this case made a completely free choice.

  9. DLL
    2 years ago

    Blessing..... Questions? If one does not stand up against injustice don't they then by their silence approve of it,simply because they are trying to be the nice guy who is not judge mental? Second question is the person who expresses no viewpoint the nice person simply because if they said what they really feel it might be offensive in some way to another? Just maybe both who do not agree are wrong,but there may be the chance that one of them is right! If one is right and the other is wrong than our educational process approves that the wrong one be corrected. If I say do not put your hand on a hot oven burner because it is hot and you say who are you and what right do you have to tell me what to do,am I right to let you burn yourself badly? If I am party to witnessing your injury,is it not right for me to take you to the hospital in spite of the ignorance in attitude that let you to be burned,even though You were aptly warned? If to be wealthy is the only reason to tolerate the birth of a child in the first place than there are many poor people that certainly have been allowed to be born poor. Should they have been aborted because of their inherent poverty? Think then think again as to how to judge these things. Soul is community as soul is living bread. In Christ we can come to know the meaning of soul. Is not being a living soul what life is all about? To care is to love I do get at least that from your post. How do we care? Maybe too many people think simply too differently on the matter. In the end it is all talk and the actions and reactions questionable,wether the so called solutions come personally,politically or religiously and so on. Debate is healthy. If we do not debate each other when we disagree we become nasty and violent to spite the other instead. We readily summit to a common law judges decisions,why not to God and the truth that is his Divine Law of life giving love. The evil in the world is a part of the spiritually diseased human being and not from God. We choose to disobey God and we suffer. We do it to ourselves through poor judgement. We are our own worst enemies!

  10. Blessing
    2 years ago

    I stand in the firm belief that it is not my religion but my faith and relationship with God that will save me. My GOD is non-judgmental, my GOD is ever loving and forgiving. Therefore, I am in no position to judge. I choose to live a life free from hypocrisy and self-righteousness...that is my choice. Everyday, I look in the mirror to remind me that I am not GOD and therefore, I should never attempt to DICTATE nor PUSH to others what I personally feel is right and wrong. I have children of my own and I can't imagine my life without them. I value life and it breaks my heart when I see how many children are born into abusive families, where the right to live was given to them, yet the kind of lives they end up having is far from what I'm sure God has intended for them to have. In troubled times when those in power in churches are supposed to be protecting innocent children, doing what they claim God wills, yet are also the ones who are destroying these children they preach God wants to live. Those who claim to be morally correct and are doing God's work, apart from passing your judgments on those you consider 'sinner's, why not devote your time and energy actually protecting these children who are being abused, neglected and whose lives that were given to them are being destroyed. After all, if you are so quick to judge and claim every child has a right to live, shouldn't you be able to guarantee that every child born will not suffer as worse fate as that of being terminated in the womb? or would you rather the child be born into a lifetime of poverty, abuse, neglect and evil? He who has not sin cast the first stone.

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