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Saint Malachy: Will the next pope be the last pope? Comments

The often predicted Rapture, a protestant interpretation of the "last days", was supposed to come in 2011, according to a few - but it didn't. The world was supposed to end December 21 last year due to the Mayan calendar running out - but it didn't. Never fear: with Pope Benedict's resignation and the rush to find a replacement, the next pope is supposed to be the last pope - according to some interpretations of the writings of ... Continue Reading

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  1. linda christine
    2 years ago

    Paula and Mark,
    the line clearly states 'was supposed to,..according to A FEW...', - which is accurate.
    Plenty of us saw and heard the dire doomsday preachers, with their billboards and traveling caravans. There's nothing 'sweeping,' nor 'untrue'- I see no malicious intent here. Please, read it again.

  2. Paula Martin
    2 years ago

    To use sweeping and untrue statement and untrue that The Protestant Church believed 2011 was the end of the world makes the rest of your article a biased and skeptical read for me. Are you writing the article to enlighten the reader to facts or to malign the Protestant Church. You make it look like the latter was your purpose.

  3. Megan
    2 years ago

    I will die a martyrs death even now though my faith is very tortured in these tortured times my FAITH IS STRONG i also am willing to die a Christian and a Catholic as well. Amen Amen.
    Even to this moment this world means nothing to me all power to Christ and His Church.

  4. Victor Nwoke
    2 years ago

    Prophecies or no prophecies, i am ready to die a Catholic and a Christian.

  5. Kevin
    2 years ago

    Cool stuff. I love these end-times prophecies. That being said I think we need to be careful of putting too much emphasis on anything that even remotely date-sets. When it does not come to pass it makes the believers look like fools. The world is watching the Catholic Church, waiting for any slip they can use against us. We need to tell the world about the Saviour in ways that brings those looking for answers in the doors of the Churches across the globe.

  6. abey
    2 years ago

    Any Prophecy which is Biblical or is connected Biblically can said to be true. In the case of St. Malachy & the last Pope "Peter the Roman" who it is said will tend to his sheep through many tribulations(arising out of persecutions-already evident), after which(the persecutions), "the city on seven hills will be destroyed"--. Now this last part does connect Biblically relating to the "Mystery Babylon the great" in revelations, the harlot that sits on seven Mountains, meaning her influence is across the seven continents & if the biblical parameters(Rev Ch. 17 & 18) are looked into, it fits a great trading port city & does point to New York & not to Vatican or Rome, which some Protestant & other preachers have been preaching all along, to say Prophecies twisted out of context. Moreover during the time of St. Malachy the Catholic Church & its Pope were having a hard time to which Christ reassured Malachy of His commitment to His Church unto the end & as a testimony to that revealed all the Popes as proof of the continuity of the non-compromising Church, till His coming as the Judge to rule. To the reason as to why it was withheld until the 1600 hundreds might have been to see that the Prophecy did not get into enemy hands during those heavily troubled few hundred years of the Church, the one Holy Catholic Apostolic Church.

  7. kizito
    2 years ago

    being a Catholic am ready for any thing

  8. Mark E
    2 years ago

    This is a question to the person who wrote up this artical. Is it posible to quote your source of information. OR more to the point this statement you made "The often predicted Rapture, a protestant interpretation of the "last days", was supposed to come in 2011 - but it didn't." I would really love to know where you got this information that the protestant church thinks that the "rapture" was going to happen in 2011.

    Also does anyone know if the Church has made any official statements about this beliefe that this new pope might be the last pope??? If so can someone please share a link or a source, Thank you.

  9. Louis Barta
    2 years ago

    Whether or not the next pope will be the last Bishop of Rome remains to be seen. But there is no doubt that his pontificate will exist under extraordinary circumstances. For example, the earth has become blanketed by a veil of ionized plasma 60,000 miles thick. (NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC DAILY NEWS, jAN. 26, 2012) Plus, in 2008, huge breaches suddenly formed in the earth's protective magnetosphere (NASA News, Oct. 2008) allowing ionized particles from the solar wind to enter in at the rate of ten to the twenty-nine power per second. Furthermore, our entire solar system has (according to NASA) entered into a wispy interstellar energy cloud, and will remain inside it for the next 3,000 years.

    Lightning is a form of luminous plasma. And with all those highly-charged particles now gathering and pressing against the earth's outer atmosphere and trickling downward, it is quite possible that during the reign of the next -- and potentially last -- pontiff, the Lord may cleanse and purify the earth with lightning and fire storms, as Holy Scripture foretells in both the Old and New Testaments.

  10. Sherri
    2 years ago

    Matthew 24:36

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