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Saint Malachy: Will the next pope be the last pope? Comments

The often predicted Rapture, a protestant interpretation of the "last days", was supposed to come in 2011, according to a few - but it didn't. The world was supposed to end December 21 last year due to the Mayan calendar running out - but it didn't. Never fear: with Pope Benedict's resignation and the rush to find a replacement, the next pope is supposed to be the last pope - according to some interpretations of the writings of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Mark E
    1 year ago

    From the exact quote (Before they changed it) it said this "The often predicted Rapture, a protestant interpretation of the "last days", was supposed to come in 2011 - but it didn't." .

    Does not matter to me that they have changed it my request still stands, even with the change, can someone please link me or tell me where they got their information from. I know of no true protestant church (or any church to clame to be protestant) that says that the rapture would happen on 2011.

    I would be happy just for the names of the "protestant churchs" that are clamed in this artical.

  2. Bruce
    1 year ago

    The Prophecy of St Malachy is true!. The name of the last Pope was a typo! Instead of Peter the Roman it was supposed to say " Francis the Argentinian" !!!!!

    People need to go on and live their lives in the best way they can. Doing their best to live as God wants us to. To follow his laws and love one another. If we do that then we don't need to worry about the Apocolypse. If it happens in our life time we will be ready. If it doesn't then we will be ready. Jesus said nobody would know the day. Only the Father.

  3. gadelius
    1 year ago

    The only thing to fear is fear... & of course, mind control.

  4. Eva dela Cruz
    1 year ago

    We should not mock the doomsday predictions. My mother said that Armageddon is not yet being fulfilled because of the prayers of the Holy Ones/Chosen Ones. Most of them are visionaries of different Blessed Virgin Mary apparitions. Please heed to the messages they are giving. Because only the Father knows the time and day when the end will come.

  5. Cyprian jr bob
    1 year ago

    the time of the end is now.the last pope is coming soon.the end is here.there is no more hope left.the hope in the last pope is fading fast.

  6. Shreknangst
    1 year ago

    Several months before its Sept 2012 publication, the Vatican requested two copies of "Saint Paul's Joke" -- a few weeks before publication, they sent a nice 'thank you note', which is cited on the back cover. "Saint Paul's Joke" mentions the Malachy prophecy -- the Nostradamus version wasn't applicable -- and, coincidentally, arrives at dates which were within four years of those calculated by Sir Issac Newton (the difference is 'The Shem Error' which he did not allowed for and appears in most Biblical dating).
    "Saint Paul's Joke" actually focuses on what Saul of Tarsus set down in his letters, and thus focuses on what will be the criteria for the Judgement decreed in Revelation and Malachy... when the Catholic Church comes to an end and Rome is destroyed ... How Rome will be destroyed, we don't know -- terrorists, war, or earthquake could all achieve that. But it will come to an end (which will be recognized by all who live in the period between 2030 and 2064 -- if Newton is correct).

  7. tony
    1 year ago

    the catholic church is taking a beating and will continue to take many pursecutions. satan knows how powerful the church is and has been. right or wrong, the church is my choice for salvation. NO CHURCH or RELIGION is perfect. we as catholics, must be catious and keep our eyes and ears open. according to prophecy, 2/3rds of the church will fall. but, jesus will not let satan overtake it. pray brothers and sisters, pray. in the name of the father and the son and the holy ghost. amen

  8. Anonymous
    1 year ago

    All the signs say we are in the end times ... but listen especially to the message of Garabandal ... the message that many cardinals , bishops and priests are leading others to hell has the ring of truth to it if you have seen the demise of the Church in the past 40 years...

    Conchita is to announce the date of the Miracle of Garabandal 8 days before and before the Miracle is a world wide interior Warning unmistakably from God ... Conchita is now approximately 63 years old ... if she is to announce the Miracle it must happen relatively soon ... when you tie the prophecies of St. Malachy and those of Garabandal one only has to wait and see how things unfold ... If the prophecies of Garabandal are true we should see something definitive in the next 20 years or so since Conchita must announce the Miracle before she dies ...

    The St. John's Apocalypse gave us general signs, prophecies of many Saints not just Malachy still other signs and Garabandal even more definitive prophecies. If the Warning comes and the Miracle comes we will definitively know where we stand and that the message of Garabandal is absolutely true ...... this is still in keeping with no one not knowing the hour or the day.

    In the mean time pray and stay awake like the Virgins with their lamps lit (with God's grace)

  9. Darren
    1 year ago

    So basically... in layman's terms... was that recent meteorite over Russia a little sign from God to tell us that we actually have little or no time left or maybe what time we're in exactly in accordance with the bible??

  10. Bernard
    2 years ago

    If "Peter of Rome" is to be the last pope, and is to die due to some form of prediction, then, cannot our Holy Father Benedict XVI, take over and resume his duty as the "Vicar of Christ" again?

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