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Why is Homeland Security arming itself with 2 BILLION rounds of ammunition? Comments

Why is the government buying mass quantities of ammunition? That's the question that arises after Obama's Department of Homeland Security placed a request on the Fed Bid website to solicit 21.6 million rounds of ammunition. Last year, the DHS purchased a total of 1.6 billion rounds. Continue Reading

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  1. Samuel
    1 year ago

    The fact that someone in the administration isnt thinking is not a new thing. First of all, who, as a commander, in his right mind would take on over 50 million armed patriots? If you include all the armies in the world, China is the largest with a reported 2 million, you come up about 38 million short. It would be historically the greatest defeat of an leader anywhere anytime. Next, you hear 'they' would control the airspace. Well, Russia controlled the airspace in Afghanistan and were soundly defeated by a bunch of camel jockeys. It is impossible to hide fighter jets and attack helicopters. With millions of (Armed) citizens living near all the major civilian and military airports, a $1.00 bullet can destroy a $10 million dollar military airplane.
    The real unknown is whether American troops would even fire on American citizens. In 1991 when they passed around the document to all military personnel asking them if they would disarm American citizens in their homes, about 91% threw them in the trash can. Remember that was "Disarm" not fire upon. If you do the numbers, it is a losing proposition for NATO or any NWO mercenary force, or anyone for that matter. Sure, the NWO would love to see us disarmed. Remember Germany in the late '30s? Registration then confiscation then bullying and murdering their own citizens. It is not going to happen in the good ole USA. If it came to it we could evict the UN from our soil and use that building for other useful, peaceful purposes.
    With over 50 million armed patriots standing firm, and they will, if DHS has 10 billion rounds of ammo, there is not enough military personnel to use it! And as someone once said, "There is no need for the citizens to stock up on military ammo because every fallen soldier you step over will have a supply of ammo they surely wont be needing any more."
    With all the NATO troops and armor already in the US, if you do the math, they would last maybe a week.
    We would have a good use for the concentration camps that have been built though. All those who were leading the charge, politicians and all, would be interred. I would hate to see all those concentration camps go to waste.

  2. techwrck
    2 years ago

    The number of things that the Obama administration, "the most transparent administration in American history", is doing in secrecy is alarming in itself. Not since the leftist Roosevelt administration have the American people seen their government so intent on hiding its actions. History tells us that their actions were contrary to our Constitution (Roosevelt's were, as the Supreme Court ruled) and violated the rights of the American people. So, when we add up "Fast & Furious", Obamacare, Benghazi, etc. and the lack of factual information available from the Obama administration, the American people have reason to be afraid.

  3. bob
    2 years ago

    These are all guesses but are probably true
    1. to make ammunition more scarce for citizens to purchase
    2. to use on us incase we ever get the guts stand up
    3. maybe to even sell to other countries

  4. adam
    2 years ago

    More power given to the department of homeland security, 36 thousands of US soldiers recalled to the United States, Major pressure from the Obama administration to band guns. Memos leaked from DHS about suppression civil unrest. Rights given to gay marriage, and the support of abortion laws, the prosecution of Catholics across America, Americans terrified to say anything negative about the US fed government for fear of being called a terrorist, and being locked up, and now billions of rounds of ammunition being bought by the government. I am not a rocket scientist, but it does not take one to see that the Obama administration, and the US federal government is getting ready for something big, and something evil! Many of my fellow neighbors in the Shenandoah Valley seem to fill the same way as I do, because they are talking about lobbying the state legislator to create Virginias won currency, Increasing the Virginia defense force, and increasing the power of the Virginia State Police to help protect in a possible upcoming event. Is it possible that a time is coming for Catholic Americans and other honest citizens to find a new home in the world?

  5. DLL
    2 years ago

    The United States America will be destroyed from the inside out and not from the outside in. Enemies of America it is a road show relax and watch. The government that openly rejects God in committing suicide. Guns and Roses? They cannot co exist peacefully! Ammunition against ones own? Not so unique anymore. Witness Syria. The times are a changing. It is a brave grave new world. Is violence ever for freedom ultimately? Not in my book! Christ changed the world and never needed weapons to force the issue. The issue being peace is found only in the Love of God. As we witness each other we are witnesses to God because God is the creator of each and every human soul. To love one another is mercy and God is love and mercy. God has mercy on those who love and those who love are merciful,just and pure.

  6. Rob
    2 years ago

    Again, Obama wins the election and now "news" sources have to stoop to just making nonsense up. I have never seen more hysteria in my life and the sad thing is that people are actually making real decisions on this stuff. Maybe they are buying in bulk because the price of all things guns has skyrocketed since Obama took office. Not because of anything that actually happened, but because the boogey man is going to take away our guns. Give me a break. Entire first term passes and nothing happens. Didn't stop the nuts though. Mass shootings today? Maybe the government might act....maybe. But again, public goes wild.

    Do I think the proposed measures will do anything to keep mass shootings from occurring in the future. No. And I say this as a proud owner of many of the firearms that could potentially be banned. But I get why they are acting. What I don't get is all they hysteria. This has turned nothing more into a ploy to make as much money as possible before the hysteria passes.

    At the end of the day all that will have happened is the hysterial will have caused so many more people to put guns in their homes that would have never owned one, will never seek proper training and most likely will never store their firearms properly. We've just increased the number of firearms that have the potential to fall into the hands of those who want to cause harm. But I guess if we can make a buck who cares right?

  7. mmarie
    2 years ago

    FROM: Congressman Lynn Westmoreland (R-GA) Website

    DHS Buys in Bulk to Save You Money

    By Kevin Doran May 15, 2012

    The congressman has received some letters and emails regarding the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent purchase of a large amount of ammunition and other equipment. Obviously the thought of one branch of our federal government potentially stock piling weapons and/or ammunition is of great concern. For that reason, the congressman wanted me to let you know the full story on this issue.

    DHS contracted with a manufacturer for 40 caliber ammunition not to exceed 450 million rounds. Like with most of their contracts, prior to negotiating DHS headquarters in Washington reaches out to all the agencies under their umbrella, including state and local police forces, Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), etc, and asks them all how much of a certain item they need. Once they have an account of the full amount of an item needed and have reviewed those requests, they put out a request for an “Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity” (IDIQ) contract. This contract allows them to purchase up to a certain number of needed items without requiring them to purchase a specific item and allows them to purchase this item over a certain number of years. This is a common form of contract used by DHS for many of their needed supplies, including working dogs, computer equipment, vehicles, etc.

    In this case, DHS entered into a contract that allows them to purchase up to 450 million rounds of 40 caliber ammunition over the next five years. They cannot exceed 450 million rounds and are not required to purchase 450 million rounds. Basically, they have a tab with a manufacturer to order more rounds as they are needed over the next five years –not a onetime ammunition order.

    Setting up contracts in this manner allows for a cheaper purchase price, saving money over the long-term. In fact, contracts like this one saved taxpayers $336 million in FY2011 alone. Additionally, purchasing in bulk like this helps DHS headquarter conduct better oversight over its agencies and ensures consistency among all the agencies under DHS. So, in this case CPB, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), the U.S. Secret Service, and other DHS agencies will all use the same 40 caliber round so these rounds can move between agencies if need be –another way to potentially save money down the road.

    To put this more concisely, just like you and your family take that monthly trip to Sam’s Club or Costco to get your bulk needs cheaply, DHS also buys in bulk because it saves the American taxpayers money.

    If you take the number of agencies that will be using this ammunition –CBP, Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), ICE, the U.S. Secret Service, Transportation Security Administration, the DHS police force, and all the guards that protect the various buildings these agencies are housed in, and spread that out over 5 years, you start to see that 450 million rounds really isn’t that large of an order. Especially considering it is used for training purposes like firing range and live fire exercises, on-the-job use (though that is very limited), and to shore up their supplies. In fact, there are 65,000 –70,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS who would be covered under this IDIQ ammunition contract. If DHS were to purchase all 450 million rounds over 5 years, then that would equate to only about 1,384 rounds of ammo per year per law enforcement personnel (or about 155 rounds per month (about 10 magazines worth of ammo per month) or 3-4 rounds per day) assuming the lower estimate of only 65,000 law enforcement personnel at DHS. Considering those agents go through training exercises several times per year, that is not a lot of ammunition.

    In this post-9/11 world we need to make sure those who are tasked with protecting our homeland both from threats abroad and at home have the training and equipment needed to carry out their duties to help ensure our way of life. Firearm proficiency is an important part of any federal officer’s training and for that reason the purchase of sufficient amounts of ammunition is critical to maintaining an effective protective force. However, with all government spending Congress needs to keep an eye out for any mismanagement or misappropriation of funds in federal agencies, and the congressman will continue to be vigilant on this front to ensure our nation’s tax dollars are being spent wisely. He wants to thank all of his constituents for bringing this issue to his attention and encourages everyone to continue to reach out to him with any questions or concerns they may have.

    Kevin Doran is Congressman Westmoreland’s deputy chief of staff and handles Second Amendment and national defense issues.

  8. rileyannbrookes
    2 years ago

    It is disturbing news - the ammunition puchases, and anwers should be demanded: why secretive. I think a revolution of some kind is brewing.....if we are alert and awake enough, current tv gives clues as ratchet up our tolerance of what could be. "Revolution" is one of them.....a revolution against the populace. When it's before us (whatever is comng) - our brains are already desenstized to separate evils on tv from evils in society. It's quite frightening, also for families living states apart. Maybe it is for border patrol - someone knows - I just trust God in all of us. The surprise resignation of the Pope is horrible - he spoke out against injustice and all the ills of current society - Iwonder who had a gun to his head? I'm not radical, but America is shot folks, no freedom since 9/11's false flag event - all contrived --- all staged by the masterminds of evil to enslave. God of Justice has no reason to rescue or defend America flowing with the blood of 333,000 or more aborted, created beings in His image. He forgives, yes, but this is the affront against His perfect attributes and holy love. I have entered a monastery, for the end.

  9. Vern
    2 years ago

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Read the article by US House of Representative, Lynn Westmoreland that explains the sound and safe logic behind this purchase. There is nothing to be alarmed about, but grateful that our congress is making smart bulk purchases to save the country hundreds of millions.....

  10. mjgt
    2 years ago

    dmartin, I too remember reading about the IRS and SSA purchasing large quantities of ammunition.

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