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The New Caesar, the HHS Accommodation and the Attack on Religious Freedom Comments

The new accommodation states that the "free" dispensing of contraceptives, abortificacients and sterilization somehow "furthers the governmental interests in promoting public health and in promoting gender equality".  Continue Reading

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  1. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    The superlatives used in this fight over religious liberty fails to take into account our history. The attacks on Native Peoples religious rights, the ensalvement of peoples of Africa based on a theology of superiority, the failure of Church support for conscious objection to war in previous generations. The Catholic Church does not stand as a moral symbol of justice and morality today in part because of the way it uses its power. Think the legal fights to gain justice for abused children.

    Would it be more Christ like to approach the questions of religious liberty with humility and efforts at dialogue than with condemnation and self riotousness?

  2. Robert
    2 years ago

    When you play with a snake it is just a matter of time until it puts its fangs in you.

    The USCCB has been on board with the Social Justice Democrats for far to long.

    What do we have to show for it? More abortions, less religious freedom, gay marriage, and the dissolving American family.

    Pardon me when I can't fall in line with cries for more Social Justice from the Saul Alinksy leaning bishops.

    I wish Pope Benedict a long happy life as he is working to move the needle towards conservatives and restore the family.

  3. DLL
    2 years ago

    The new religion is the new politics. The new politics is to give to everyone whatever is truly insignificant that the government thinks everyone wants socially,while financially the goal is to rob the public blind of all their economic advantages,so that the government becomes so huge that it owns everyone. When people finally get wise of all of this they will see that these so called government modified religious freedoms,will become the ideal ways that the government seeks to regulate and modify all social behavior and social interactions. The goal is a kind of mind copulative and regulative action that will deprive everyone of their freedoms,as they willingly submit to an abusive government that is stealing the real freedoms,now enjoyed.away one by one. This is the way fascist and communistic governments come to power. This is being accomplished in America today non violently,through a persuasive and charismatic Democratic Party agenda. President Obama is the perfect personality to push this new agenda,so much so that his party will try to get him in for a third term,if possible. Today's government in America is a government to the people and not for the people. This government seeks to make us not them their servants. True secular power is that power that controls the human mind to enslave the mind,not a power that seeks to free it from bondage. This is the same type of government as it was in the times of Moses and Christ. This is being accomplished through the manipulation of moral,social and politically perverse manipulations,to attempt to change the way people think,instead of with a persuasion threatening death or torture to whip away all human dignity. The Catholic Church is a pain in the process because in-spiteful of all this so called fundamental "Change" as President Obama calls it,the Church still seeks to liberate the human mind through a Faith in God. The Church must always teach that Christ is the way,truth and the life. That is freedom because in the teachings of Christ one learns to become less selfish. The politic of the Democratic Party depends on the seeming fact that people are self seeking and forever selfish,locked forever in their love of sin. This is how power is never with the people but always with those that would govern to manipulate all people. Hopelessness instead of hope is always the way when power is also just as selfish and in love with its own sins. Abortion,same sex marriage,are confirmed sins sold as human rights these days. Our government hates the Constitution of the United States of America as much as it does the 10 Commandments and the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. These are the institutions as well as the documents that must be perverted so that people will be blinded to truth so that they will not accept sound teaching and common sense anymore. That becomes the ultimate effect of the copulative manipulation of the human mind by any truly abusive government organization. Remember that your average politician is a very knowledgable lawyer in general. Control of all law is to control all of those governed by those laws. Abusive laws are a result of deliberately manipulated mandates that reject God's Divine Law. Divine law is truth as it is a result of a Divine government,where love is the constant,fundamental value where sin is an impediment to this Divine Law,not of any advantage or value at all. The ultimate copulative effect on the human mind is to destroy human judgment so that what is non sense becomes the new common sense. The new common sense is to think of abortion as a human right to choose,this is why the Democratic Party is wrong,this is no right at all. All true government and all law,must fundamentally protect the right to life.

  4. abey
    2 years ago

    His Gimmicks along with his mate HHS & others is but for the records, into the dustbins.

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