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Fool Me Once? Obama Administration Offers Purported Accommodation on HHS Mandate Comments

There is an idiom familiar to most of us, Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. The announcement from the Obama Administration may just give it new meaning. Continue Reading

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  1. art arlo
    2 years ago

    Why did I have to read this article on line and not in our church bulletin?

  2. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    This is just another typical Obama "fraud" put upon the American people designed to gain their support. All it says is that if you're a "non-profit" religious based organization, you may not be forced to pay for contraceptives and abotions for your employees. On the other hand if you own a chain of gas stations employing a certain numbe of people or more, you "will" be "forced" to pay for contaceptives and abortions for your employees, regardless of any religious beliefs you may have.

    This is just all about the Obama govt forcing employers to do what "he" chooses for them to do for his reasons! It's all about Obama having more power thanthe people!

  3. Joe
    2 years ago

    We say we live in a free country, however, the Gov't has set the rules on the unborn and refuses to hear their cries. A Gov't that allows the killing of the unborn can not be trusted.

  4. Theresa H
    2 years ago

    No surprise, as everyone on this page has observed: Our President has no concern for human life in the womb, beyond a "pick and choose," as you want--or don't want.... We are on the road to our own self-destruction as a nation, thanks to President Obama and his co-horts. But: "A nation that kills it's children has no future." (Either Pope Benedict XVI or Bl. Pope JP II said that....) I fear this President like no other in all the history of the USA; he has plans for our ruin--our "tranformation," as he called it when he was campaigning for his first election. And we fell for him "hook, line and sinker"--and, indeed, we are, literally, sinking!" May God deliver us from all evil!

  5. Liz
    2 years ago

    Don't worry Deacon Fournier, I'm Praying. I encourage everyone who read this article and this comment to Pray the Rosary with me so that things will change.

  6. Jim3031
    2 years ago

    Are these people really this stupid? Or is their real objective to totally remove religion from the public square and keep it behind closed church doors? I think we all know the answer and we must fight this evil with all our strength. Obama and Sibelius understand that no indirect method will ever satisfy the consciences of the faithful who just want NOTHING to do with immorality, not just be pushed to the side of it. And this isn't about covering catastrophic medical situations which can drive people to bankruptcy. Contraceptives can be bought cheaply by individuals if that's their thing. The whole issue nothing more than a means to an end, and that end isn't just providing for "Women's Health." Give me a break.

  7. josephtran
    2 years ago

    Baravo! Finally we don't have totalism government, hovwever, if we take a close examination,
    Obamacare somehow makes our civil right paralized.
    does President obama mean that all empoyersmust turn to faith based inorder to get away fromHHS mandate?

  8. George Ronald Adkisson
    2 years ago

    The world is too good a place to have a congress like the uS has today.
    Obama's accommodations are very short of what a leader like john Adams left as blank pages for the women and children today to watch Obama and Congress play around with like they are still experimenting with something that is and was done.
    Obama needs read the 9th amendment...
    Hopefully he read what the founders of the uS asked God for in certainly was never that children be killed straight from the womb or that our remains be a great financial investment.
    I agree...why would anyone even try to fool a real citizen of the uS...especially a religious one?
    We all need our freedom and the empowerment to carry out the rights we were given. Congress employs money to govern us. They need stop and think what they have actually accomplished doing so.
    There is another saying, Loose one soul and you lost them all. Gain one soul and you gained them all.
    All living creatures have rights that are in jeopardy due to a dysfunctional Congress that has something in addition to men present...traits that are not righteous.

  9. Jerry N
    2 years ago

    Congressman Chris Smith is exactly right. This is nothing more than Pres Obama and crew trying out a new song for forcing the faithful into the same old unconstitutional dance. Who will actually be paying for the cost of these new contraceptives policies that are now mandated to be provided "for free" by the insurance companies? If you guessed "not the insurance companies", go to the head of the class. And where is the "exception" for the self-employed who are still being forced to pay for insurance that is mandated by HHS to include coverages that violate their morals?

  10. Nesta Callahan
    2 years ago

    I am an American! My genesis goes back a long time. I am part Indian, German, Austrian, and can even go back into History and I bet you that I can trace my ancestry back to Adam and Eve! Many times President Barack Housein Obama says things that are not true or only half true or are twisted. He says I am for the poor, but how much of his fortunes does he really give away! He gives the enemies of this world like Egypt all of our special vehicles and Iran gets our help whenever they need it. Also he does NOT listen to the Admirals nor anybody who tells him that he is wrong. He is wrong in that Abortion technique! He is also wrong with the Pills, and other things that women and men use to prevent having children from coming into this world. I think that God has the right to see the facts. After all He is the one who is the Creator. God saw you forming in the womb and He has seen everything that we have done in this life. I am not writing this right now it is the God who created me from a mother and a father who wanted me and who has been watching me from even before the beginning of my life in 1945.

    During the whole time of my life, I was brought up be a good mother and father. My mother used to send packages to Europe where parts of her family lived, and she kept sending letters and packages to them when there was the aftermath of the war. They were so grateful that they sent her a few gold coins and a beautiful wax figure of the Baby Jesus born in a wooden feeder. This made quite an impression on me as a child. My only wish is that this president will see that He is NOT God and while he is in this role as a leader in our United States of America, it is important for him to be a leader(of God's people) and not a follower (of Satan).

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