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Obama would change the way football is played Comments

Is President Obama ready to tackle football? Obama revealed that he has some concerns over the sport and how it's played in an interview with the New Republic. Obama told his interviewer that it would be a tough decision to allow his son to play football. Continue Reading

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  1. youkokun
    1 year ago

    @ Emma: THANK YOU! We truly have devolved into a matriarchy thanks to the modern feminist agenda being propagated throughout society with no checks. Need proof? Count the commercials in which a guy does a stupid, messy, or weak thing. Two points for every time a woman is present to see this and demonstrate adult behavior. Three points for every time a woman is seen doing a better job than a man. Four points for those commercials depicting more women in a field which women just aren't as interested in--like maintenence on power lines. As a woman I feel lied to by feminist propaganda. Feminists are trying to remake men in their own image, and they start with exposing little boys to their ideas of female superiority, not equality. I don't know about other women, but I'd prefer to marry a man, not a product of feminist indoctrination (a "mangina").

    That said: really Obama was responding to a question, as Nic said. So there's no need to rant on him trying to morph the greatest sport ever into Powderpuff ball; that's not on his agenda. Rest easy: you can be sure the Cowboys won't stand for it! Woo!

  2. starzec
    1 year ago

    Emma, it isn't emasculating our young men by preventing them from receiving concussion upon concussion or being 40 and barely able to walk because their knees are shot.

    I am 45 years old. I started playing football in 5th grade and played throughout high school and college and semi-pro. To date, I have had at least 3 concussions, separated both shoulders, broken my leg, ruptured my quadricep tendon and currently nursing chronic tendonitis I have in my arms.

    Do I want to see my eighth grade son end up like this? No I do not. There are other sports for him to play that are better on the knees, shoulders and head than football. Lacrosse and hockey offer contact but not the same constant collision that football offers. I have in no way emasculated my son by suggesting he play something other than football. And in fact I have given him an opportunity to be a bigger better man than most football players because lacrosse and hockey both require stamina that football players simply do not have. And the really great thing, especially true about lacrosse, is that these are sports he can play until he well into his 60's ( I have yet to see a 60 yo former football player do anything beside throw a pass or two).

    Nothing emasculating about that.

  3. Emma
    1 year ago

    No Gerald, that is NOT the way our Constitution works! Our Constitution provides within it protections for the minority voice (and not only a minority which is the popular token cause of the day) . It provides for and encourages dissent. It protects us from the actions of a tyrannical government. We have three branches of government AND Articles of Impeachment and many protections for ALL citizens, not only the winner of an election. It is not only the right of every citizen, but the DUTY to speak out when they see those provisions being trampled! What you imply is that those who disagree should "Sit down and shut up, because we won. " Nowhere within the Constitution is it written that we are required to be submissively gracious when we perceive wrongdoing by ANY elected official! Please take the time to read it.

  4. Adam
    1 year ago

    Thank you continuing to point out the failings of this atrocious president. I enjoy coming to this website everyday to have a break from the cover ups and fawning over him on other sites.

  5. greg
    1 year ago

    I'm with you Gerald. Comparing football to keeping the free world protected? Give me a break.

    And Emma, there is so much wrong in your comments I don't know where to begin. But I'll start by saying, there is a real and permanent danger with bashing human heads together on a field every day. I think you missed the President's message completely. Scraping a knee is not quite as bad as mental illness due to a brain injury. Try and focus on his point.

  6. Gerald
    1 year ago

    This website never misses a chance to bash President Obama. The way our constitution and democracy works is once the majority of our citizenship votes for a presidential candidate---the minority accept the decision graciously.

  7. Emma
    1 year ago

    Why are we emasculating our young men? In CA it's becoming common for men to undergo cosmetic surgery and waxing. Now, let's not let them take any risk whatsoever. We wonder why young men are flipping out at an increased rate and resorting to violence? It is because they have no outlet for what is a natural male tendency towards aggression during their late teens and early twenties. Mothers have always cautioned their sons. It's fathers who generally say, " Don't hover. Stop babying him. He'll be ok." But wait, where are these fathers? Not necessary any longer according to our president's policies. Let your children fail sometimes. Let them fall down and scrape their knees. That's the only way they'll learn how to get back up. So, it's ok to expect women to have the necessary upper body strength to pull a comrade to safety in the course of a special ops mission, but a young man can't play football? And WHO is waging a war on women? and healthy normal young men also. It doesn't surprise me that Obama downplays the importance of fatherhood. He more than likely harbors unresolved issues related to his own history of paternal abandonment.

  8. Nic
    1 year ago

    You act as if he's bringing up the topic. He was asked about this subject. He's not making this a priority over security. I used to enjoy this site but when the election came along you got too invested in the republican party. I thought it would die down after the election and inauguration but hasn't. It's really getting tiresome.

  9. Brian
    1 year ago

    Fans of football wouldn't have to examine their consciences as much if football were safer... a man who supports the killing of innocent children as long as they are in the womb is concerned about conscience all of a sudden? Very interesting choice of words sir.

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