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Opinion: Time for a New Republican Party and New Republican Party Candidates Comments

The idea that we can ever separate moral issues from fiscal issues is a serious error. There is a moral basis to every political and social concern, including economics.The Republican Party is once again at a crossroad. What is needed is a New Republican Party and New Republican Party candidates for this hour. Continue Reading

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  1. SCarroll
    2 years ago

    Excellent article. Fifty two% of Americans looked evil in the eye and voted for it, sadly many were Catholic. This is a failure of Leadership. Parishoners at many Churches are taught to equate poverty on the same level of importance as abortion and gay marriage, yet we will never irradicate need only read the Bible to understand this. Many Churches preach "social justice", a Saul Alinsky move into the Church back in the 30's. Before we can save America and return to our founding, which was Christian, we must restore our Church to a Biblical world view, and stop buying into the secular-humanist/communist agenda. Perhaps many Priests need to be re-trained at a seminary on what our Lord actually taught.

  2. Chris
    2 years ago


    The problem isn't in party nor is it in men - it's Man. More specifically society has given in to the most sinful, base urges of the moment. To the Common Man the shocking has become vapid and reasonable has become unintelligible. His soul, that which gives action to the "nature," his body, has become so disfigured by sin that he can no longer reason. Rather he moves from one pleasurable event to the next. His inability to recognize something higher than self, or often times even someone else, keeps him in the shadow of God's grace and in a real sense he then continues advancing towards death a day at a time.

    Anyhow we need leaders that organize and lead by the Holy Spirit and we need the Church and God's intervention. The Church, spiritual leaders and the laity need to be "there" when folks answer God's calling to them in their wrecked secular lives. Get away from Parties - get folks to go to Mass not to a political convention. Have them watch Catholicism, not the conservative pundit.

    So, while I'm down with conservative ideals how long before this creation of man crumbles? The Founding was unique because it placed God as it's foundation by recognizing the Divine nature. And, really the Christian norm was just that ... it was the recognized standard of behavior.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. George Ronald Adkisson
    2 years ago

    I would not recommend joining any political party and raising any amount of would just look like the Democrats and Republicans a common beggar that wastes everyone's labor.
    It's probably time to shun them...and simply work from within the Church. Do good exactly what intelligent beings do...get right to the problems, etc. and fix them. Democrats and Republicans have never historically accomplished anything remarkable...but the Church has.

  4. Gerald
    2 years ago

    Church leaders guide Catholics. Church leaders define marraige for Catholics. Church leaders help us respond to immigrants. Church leaders remind us of our responsibility to our home. The Bible is so much more important than the US Constitution or theBill of Rights.

  5. John Mainhart
    2 years ago

    I agree. I would add a caveat. We must elect people of conscience instead of people who follow a Party. I see no reASON WHY WE CAN'T ELECT DEMOCRATS WHO OPPOSE ABORTIONS AND SUPPORT FAMILY LIFE AND LIMITED gOVERNMENT.

  6. Emma
    2 years ago

    Lobbyists and super PACS control our elections and our government. The two party system is no longer representative. After hearing Marco Rubio 's statement in defense of life, I have a new respect for the man. Wonder if he can stay strong and if he does, will he have a future in this bought and paid for system that continues to turn the "commoners " against each other when we should be focusing our attention on the thieves in statehouses and legislative chambers?

  7. rafaelmarie
    2 years ago

    Abortion should never be allowed for any circumstance.

  8. Stephen
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this article. It helped refocus my reasons for exiting the US years ago when I became convinced the US was not only at a crossroads for the future but had chosen to go down the road of sin, evil and death. I cannot in good conscience live in a nation which murders the most defenseless innocent humans among us and refers to it as "reproductive freedom." My disagreement with the author is that he believes changing a political party will provide hope. It will not, for the fact all virtuous Americans must face is that the cultural war is over. The barbarians won.

  9. Jim
    2 years ago

    The Republican party lost because they 3 large groups working against them (Hispanics, Blacks, and Women). To be honest its a miracle they even got 1 electoral vote. It is high time the Republicans get Latinos involved because they are faithful people. Granted they may have broken laws but by not forgiving that we are giving the grounds for the pro-abortion Democrats to run wild. If we at least made it legal for people to work here indefinitely that would be a big step.

    The abortion issue is more of a symptom than a cause. Until the sanctity of sex is restored you cannot expect life (its product) to be respected. I think a good start would be to give people the option on their taxes to send money the pro-life route or the pro-abortion route. This will ensure our consciences are protected WHILE we work to defeat Roe and Doe through changing hearts. Once hearts are changed laws will follow.

  10. Louantha Kerr
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this articulate and soundly based article. We are in desperate need of leaders who, once elected, will demonstrate their integrity and not bow to political pressure. We have at least a couple of those in Virginia, namely Delegate Bob Marshall and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. I am confident we could depend on E.W. Jackson doing the same.

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