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Opinion: Time for a New Republican Party and New Republican Party Candidates Comments

The idea that we can ever separate moral issues from fiscal issues is a serious error. There is a moral basis to every political and social concern, including economics.The Republican Party is once again at a crossroad. What is needed is a New Republican Party and New Republican Party candidates for this hour. Continue Reading

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  1. Chris
    2 years ago

    Social justice is a ruse ... we need mercy. The Church provides mercy and charity.

    Social Justice needs to go away; Social Justice ministries need to go away, the term is so heavy with baggage; again, aren't we really performing Corporal Acts of Mercy?

    The Church performs performs acts of Mercy while a rightly-ordered, moral society provides social justice. Politicians support Social Justice movements for personal gain.

    See the Cathecism 2419-2436.

  2. starzec
    2 years ago

    Interesting premise. The issue is certainly not one of conscience; it's one of contradictions.

    There are those who advocate small government but then intrude into people's private lives by trying to dictate what someone can do on very personal levels. You cannot have government both in and out of people's lives; That is a contradiction.

    There are those who believe they should force their religious beliefs on others but decry not having religious freedom. You cannot evangelize and cry that your freedom to practice your religious has been infringed upon; that is a contradiction.

    This list could go on. Both the Republican and the Democratic Parties have issues with contradictions. The sooner you realize this simple fact, the better it will be.

  3. Chris
    2 years ago

    Yes, the GOP does need to reform it's ways.Social Justice is needed in America, but also around the world. Republicans are quick to cut funding for human rights and international aide, and need to invest money into cutting down on sex trafficking here in the states. While I think Roe v. Wade will never be overturned, all Christians must just continue to give our say on the right to life. However, I also believe the GOP needs to invest in our environment, God's creation. It is disrespectful to be so wasteful in energy and dumping pollution from manufacturing. We have the scientific technology and steps to clean our airs, yet no one has put in any such policy. Also, any new GOP (or any politician for that matter) candidate can't be so quick to pull the trigger on military conflict. Our dominant military overseas needs to be invested in protecting our borders and citizens, not terrorizing third world countries.

  4. rafaelmarie
    2 years ago


    If a human is not even born, NONE of what you are stating matters.

  5. Robert
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr. nails it again!

    Unfortunately several members of USCCB bought in to the current president's lies.

    Pope Benedict's Motu Propio spells it out for the Social Justice crowd. Social Justice yes but never at the cost of the teachings of our faith.

    Unfortunately, many of our leaders led us blindly into the wolf's den.

    It is sad that I feel my donations to Rick Santorum's Patriot Voices will have more of a moral impact on this nation than my donations to my archdiocese.

    The republican party is also flawed however, the less of two evils is clear.

    Please keep your eyes on Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio.

    So far they are keeping their word and legislate like our great great grandfathers when a man is made up by his character and his actions.

    May God bless America and my we repent for the 55 million children who were not afforded their natural rights.

  6. Leon Keller
    2 years ago

    We need a new focused moral conscience party where we can gather in strength, win lose or draw. There are too many little groups of us here and there spinning their wheels and being smothered by the immoral majority parties.

  7. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    We did not arrive at this state of emergency overnite or without the cooperation of many of the unfaithful "faithful" among us. It all goes back to 2008.
    The Lament of a Faithful Laity
    The really sickening thing about this is to realize it could have all been avoided had a good portion of misled Social Justice Catholics and the USCCB who were more dedicated to political correctness than Biblical truth and more fearful of Federal lawmakers than the voices of their flocks had used common sense guided by facts and traditional values in evaluating candidates. And in particular one Doug Kmeic, (Obama appointed ambassador to Malta) who used his status as an elitist in catholic doctrine to conger a guilt complex on any of the faithful who would waste a chance to vote for a minority president regardless of his lack of experience or his vague past and highly questionable background and associations.
    There were many prominent catholic leaders who were duped either by the Obama media or their own shallow catholicity who joined the false Hope and Change brigade in some sort of self chastisement to relieve or remove a dark shadow they believed existed within their conscience. The accolades and support filled the catholic media and were hand picked to blast all over the mainstream press and television. But none more so than (Ambassador) Doug Kmeic who just could not heap enough praise on the anointed One or criticize and admonish Catholics who took pause to question his credentials or values.
    Simply stated had the nations Catholics had a better understanding of the doctrines of their faith and a firmer grip on their moral conscience they would not have been lured to partake of the fruit of fools or cast their lots with the political masters of manipulation.
    I write for any and all the faithful who remember what happened in November of 2008 and feel the betrayal imposed on us as our nation slips deeper into the culture of death and corruption.

  8. abey
    2 years ago

    If the Catholic Church which is to the truth hopes to see the truth on the outside is look not to America & the West of today for through the word Liberty most deceiving, is coming out of it contrary to Biblical values & Morality, for the Spirit that is at work is not the Spirit of truth but that of the adversary to the Prophecy leading to the gathering of the nations in the war against the Christ. However there is a small ray of light, which the Church needs to note in the truth, is that coming out of Russia, indeed a sign, for the state through standing with its Orthodox Churches by their intend in bringing out laws supportive of the Biblical truth against the harlotry of the west towards Christianity. This does relate to the Prophecy of Our lady at Medjugorje to her words of the manner :"The West think that they are their own creators" - from Russia will come(form) the salvation" . The Enemy of the adversary has thus spoken, the confirmation of the Prophecy To this. is the question whether a renewed Republican party can help to stem the tide of the Apostasy ?

  9. vance
    2 years ago

    The Tea Party has been doing a good job using the primaries to vote out Rino's. Our newest Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, is a breath of fresh air. He is well demonstrating it. The Republican Establishment, the Beltway GOP needs to go.

  10. Mike
    2 years ago

    Reading through these comments made me forces me to realize how differently we the state of the country. So many of you are concerned about abortion but have lost focus on the rest of a persons life.

    I'm old enough to remember a brighter future for young adults. At one time only 1 had to work while the other did most of the child raising. Kids played outside and mothers talked to other mothers. Not much television to distract people to from connecting with one another. It was a better time for raising families in just about every way (especially economically).

    There are things the country would agree on and things that won't be agreed on in our lifetimes. Abortion will not be agreed on in this democracy. Too many people want it, especially women. I think its time to focus on issues that will better a young persons life so that we have a better America. Abe Lincoln believed that products sold in America should be made in America, maybe that might be something we can all agree on. Except the owners of factories in Asia and Mexico.

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