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Opinion: Time for a New Republican Party and New Republican Party Candidates Comments

The idea that we can ever separate moral issues from fiscal issues is a serious error. There is a moral basis to every political and social concern, including economics.The Republican Party is once again at a crossroad. What is needed is a New Republican Party and New Republican Party candidates for this hour. Continue Reading

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  1. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago


    "Bill, I think you really over estimate Doug's impact on the vote. I suspect that a majority of Catholics have never heard of the guy let alone pay attention to anything the USCCB is doing or not doing."

    I can't believe someone of your stature would say that unless his opinion of the majority of Catholics is so low they must be assumed to be incapable of understanding the workings of government and have abandoned their faith completely.
    I will say that I believe your descriptions of them along with a constant dose of negative appraisals of their elected officials does nothing but encourage their departure from the political scene and helps to create the shameful apathy which you dislike.

  2. staszec
    2 years ago

    So a conservative wants to micro manage every person's life? That is absolutely ridiculous. True conservatism wants those things for himself, sure, and would like to see his friends and neighbors follow the same ideas, but a true conservative would not seek the government's assistance in enforcing them on others. That's the part you and may people who comment here do not see.

    You want the government to impose anti-abortion laws based on the Catholic belief that life begins at conception. The problem is only 25% of the American public identifies as Catholic and many of them disagree with the premise. Nonetheless you want to the state to establish a religious edict. Same with gay marriage and birth control.
    The US Constitution expressly forbids the state from establishing a religion. Why is it you cannot see that the more conservative thing to do is follow the Constitution as it is written?

    That is, unless you are not talking about being conservative but some other thing.
    What is ironic, is that I am more conservative than many here because I see the limitations of the Constitution and do not wish to have them re-interpreted by men of lesser wisdom than the founding fathers.

  3. Rob
    2 years ago

    Honeslty Bill, I think the system is too fargone for the "perfect" candidate to do anything. My ideal candidate would be the one with the courage to get all of the special interest dollars out of DC. Until that happens there will always be this bridge between campaign rhetoric and what actually get's done and what doesn't. So long as politicians are for sale, where we are at is about as good as it gets.

    Both sides are crooks and nothing changes regardless of who is in office. They all spend more than they should, get us in foreign incursions we have no business being in and do a pretty good job of squandering this country's treasure.

    I will still maintain that they are all crooks. I'm tired of pretending otherwise.

  4. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago


    Thanks again for your always bipartisan neutral don’t take sides they are all crooks advice.
    But when are you going to answer my question and tell us ignorant Catholic conservatives who your ideal candidate for president to run our country might be or at least describe for us his credentials. We are still waiting.

  5. Rob
    2 years ago

    Bill, I think you really over estimate Doug's impact on the vote. I suspect that a majority of Catholics have never heard of the guy let alone pay attention to anything the USCCB is doing or not doing.

    At the end of the day people are going to vote for whom they connect with most. Fox runs their candidates (they have the most in ratings so saying the media is jerry rigging is a cop out) and the "liberal" media runs theirs. Neither one really cares about news, just sensationalism. And folks are being groomed to that...they have no attention spans.

    And given that abortion seems to thrive under both Dems and the GOPers, I think most folks don't even consider that in their vote. And honestly after 40 years I can't say I blame them. I think groups like 40 days for life and street evangelist are having way more effect than our parties.

    If the GOP really overturned Roe v Wade, not sure they would have much of anything to differentiate themselves from the Dems. Bottom-line, if there was really the will in DC to overturn it, it would have been done already. There is no will to do so and not sure their will ever be.

  6. David Hollingsworth
    2 years ago

    OK Stephen, I don't know what country you went to when you left the States, I would imagine Ireland but no matter. First of all I am a Christian and am pro life BUT let's look at possible reasons for abortion: what about some minor teen who's the victim of rape, date rape, incest, or some smooth talking dude who will promise anything to to get what he wants. In many cases she is disowned by her family, afraid to go for help especially to religious people because she'll be raked over the coals for being so sinful. Remember Jesus said "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Have they ever stoned guys for committing adultery or having illicit sex? It all falls on the girl. She can give the kid up for adoption but in many cases she's at the mercy of some pimp. How many unwanted children end up in garbage cans or parked at the entrance to some hospital? What about those with seriously retarded children?
    Our religious leaders can always say "Be fruitful and multiply" but what do they do to help families and individuals stuck with the responsibilities of caring for all these kids. There was a shelter in Pensacola, FL that took in unwed mothers and their kids. They got some negative publicity for assaulting personnel and patients at an abortion clinic. This is quite a few years ago. The Shriver clan is sponsoring research to identify birth defects in the womb and treating them as an alternative to abortion. For all these people "alle Achtung!" How much of our tax dollars go into help for needy people? More people die of heart attacks than terrorist attacks. How much do we spend fighting heart disease? What do we do for our GIs who were in these different wars? One fourth of our homeless are veterans. What happened in New London, CT when people were forced out of their homes because a pharmaceutical company did not want that kind of neighborhood in their vicinity? Why did the government take 20 years to decide that victims of Agent Orange were eligible for help after most of them had died? Why did Obama win by a landslide in 2008, getting the highest popular vote in history and the majority of his contributions coming from the "little people" not just Blacks, Latinos, and women otherwise he wouldn't have won so big? Why is there a hate campaign against him? What have the churches done? There's a story about an actor in the time of St Augustine who wanted to convert. He was told he couldn't be a Christian and an actor. This was a dilemma. It was the only profession he knew. St Augustine said if this was the case the church would have to look after him. Faith without works is dead, Gang.

  7. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Yes, it does, Vance. And if you think the Republican Party as it is today, or the Tea Party are seriously interested in ANY of those issues, you're a naive dupe, (though that was fairly confirmed by your support of the absolutely fake Romney,) and the best tool they could have. The GOP does NOT represent us. The Tea Party as a real political expression does not exist. We either need to grow a much stronger voice within it, or abandon those frauds altogether in favor of something more in line with our values and goals.

  8. vance
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH, you say you want a Catholic Political Party. Gee, ahhhh, anti-abortion, ahhh anti-Homosexual Marriage, ahhh anti-Obamacare ( HHS Mandate and Death Panels ), ahhh Free Speech, ahhh No Birth Control, ahhh No sex outside of Marriage sounds kind of ((( CONSERVATIVE ))) doesn't it??

  9. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    Constitution Party all the way! Look them up!

  10. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Good article, Deacon... I was saying the same thing during the election, and Vance called me a communist for it. Romney was NOT our guy; we had a choice between two frauds, no matter how bad we all wanted to pretend we could really get behind a GOP candidate who spent his ENTIRE career as pro-choice, governed the first state to allow gay marriage and authored the plan upon which Obamacare was modeled.
    One thing I'd add, though... we shouldn't be looking to EITHER party and expecting to see our beliefs represented; WE should be the driving force ether within one of the parties or one of our own. If we fail to do so, shame on us. The Republicans, Democrats and Tea Partiers ARE NOT the answer... the REAL answer is Catholics doing the hard work of getting involved directly and personally, running our OWN candidates to support our OWN interests and values, and then voting accordingly... just getting behind the "conservative" candidate is a lazy cop-out.

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