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Almost half of U.S. children not getting vaccinated in timely fashion Comments

A recent study has made the alarming discovery that nearly half of babies and toddlers in the United States aren't getting their required vaccines on time. Tardy or nonexistent vaccinations, medical officials warn, put entire schools and communities at risk for epidemics of measles or whooping cough. Continue Reading

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  1. truthteller
    2 years ago

    Do your own home work, don't let those who have done this great Evil mistake to our children that by the way in an FDA FOIA email said ;

    "were afraid the public will perceive us asleep at the switch for decades,for allowing this dangerous compound to remain in the vaccines"

    Considering Thimerosal was removed in 1990 from all dog vaccines, by an arm of the FDA because it was causing neurological damage in dogs. But allowed to remain in children's vaccines, till 2002 with and expiration date of 2004. Asleep at the switch for decades?

    That's a very mild way of saying, that they are responsible for the largest most expensive medical mistake in world history. Not counting the suffering, they have caused little children by not being able to do the ninth simple grade math. Lets recap, it's not safe to inject into dogs. For fear of neurological damage it was causing, but it is perfectly safe to inject an IQ lowering neural toxin into children that was not! safe for dogs within hours of the 1st breath of God given life for an American child ???????? Insane!

    If I was not living in their mistake, I agree it would be very hard to believe that anyone could be this stupid and corrupt. But facts are facts, and they have not only done this. They also refuse to treat the children, for the core issues that are causing this strange behavior and the suffering. Those in vaccine safety rater than suffer embarrassment to their precious ,Vaccine program have decided to let the children suffer for the rest of their lives.

    It appears, almost all Integrity is GONE in the medical community.

    These children are treated like lepers, by the very people that have destroyed them.

  2. truthteller
    2 years ago

    Here are some FOIA emails that prove they know what they have done by accident to our children. But, they are not willing to admit it. ever!

    CDC said in a FOIA email "how could the FDA approve a preservative, without knowing how much MERCURY it contained. Here's where it really gets scary, he then said "what else is lurking we know nothing about" I can assure you, you don't want to know that answer. You, may not, sleep nights!

    When you do your own independent research, you will find that the people who are responsible for vaccine safety are as dumb as a very large CDC sized building box
    of rocks. The only thing that will make you madder, than finding out this is the most incompetent bunch of yahoo's we have ever entrusted with our children's health. Is
    the fact, that they have known of their major mistake and have decided it would be best
    if the public never knew how incompetent they really are. They were afraid, it would kill
    their precious miserably failing vaccine program.

    After all, you will find out soon in this post they are so math challenged they were not able
    to do the simple 9th grade math it would have taken to protect this country's most precious resource.

    Source, a CDC email received through the FOIA from a concerned CDC officer
    stating exactly that. verbatim! They have left a paper trail of absolute stupidity,
    that you will not believe.

    CDC FOIA email said "this was not rocket science, it was ninth grade math" He was referring to the adding up of the Boluses doses of the Vaccineal Mercury. When a child has as did the Poling child 9 vaccine's on one day with as many as 7 that contained the Mercury. He was stating, that they were not able to perform the ninth grade math in adding up the large Bolus doses of Mercury that was being given to our children in the 90's., That BTW was adding up in parts per billion that were astronomical. That make Dr Oz's 30 ppb of Arsenic that's being found in apple juice. Pale in comparison, And it is impossible,for Dr.Oz and ABC's Dr. Richard Besser to deny this danger if their finding's are correct. That they admitted that they are very very concerned about.

    I want any parents, that's reading this article to look at this logically. Don't listen, to the people who have made the largest medical mistake in the history of man kind. That's is costing this Nation hundred's of billions a year, not to mention the life long suffering they have put upon the children and their family's. Because of the loss of integrity, and any moral compass they might have once had. They cannot hear, the parents begging them
    to help their suffering children. Because, of the Pride Arrogance and the Absolute Greed.
    that rules the current vaccine program.

    I the dad of a very sick vaccine damaged child, that was destroyed by a vaccine program that is totally out of control ask you parents in the valley of decision to vaccinate or not
    to ask your Ped this question below.

    How can a compound, such as Vaccineal Mercury that's injected! not ingested. Such as, Arsenic in apple juice is. That is given, in 1000's of ppb that BTW is 500 times more Toxic than Arsenic given within hours of the [ 1st breath of life ] not be damaging our children?? I can assure you, it is responsible for many of the neurological disorders being seen in our children. And they know it!

    And when it comes to Hannah's case,it was all adding up to Autism like symptoms. In fact the Dir.of the CDC admitted that on National TV. But she lied, by saying Hannah's case cannot be compared to the others with Autism. Because Hannah, had a very rare Mitochondrial disorder that had turned into Autism like symptoms. The CDC Dir. was told just the week before, by six teams of Mitochondria specialist looking at the possibility of a connection that
    Mitochondria disorders were turning into Autism. And vaccines, were most likely causing the immune system to be stretched beyond it metabolic reserves leading to Autism. She was also told Mitochondria disorders were not rare at all, in fact it maybe 1 in 50 may have the nuclear DNA for Mitochondria disorders. He then said,keeping that in mind the possibility's for Autism then are staggering. She the Dir. that we are told we should trust, looked into the camera with out flinching an lied to the public! By saying, that Mitochondria disorders are very rare. The CDC Dir. that deceived the public, now works for Merck with an annual salary of 2 million dollars a yr.


  3. Maurine Meleck
    2 years ago

    and recent studies(actually over a decade now) have shown that vaccines have never been tested properly for safety. The same authority that supposedly tests vaccines for safety--also mandates them. Of course, parents are highly worried. Studies have shown that there is an autism crisis(and epidemic) besides an asthma, and childhood diabetes epidemics sas well. Government has no answers, nor do most doctors nor the media. What would you expect parents to do.? Vaccines are like a bad basketball game--triple, triple FOUL.
    MMaurine Meleck, SC

  4. truthteller
    2 years ago

    When I am through with this misinformation, 20 % more will be absent from getting their children's vaccines.

    This statement below in quotations, was misinformation being put out on another article.

    I stopped her dead in her tracks, she never returned to debate me further. When you get through reading what I wrote, you will understand why she would not debate me.

    "In short, take the risk that vaccines MIGHT have a risk of creating autism or autism-like behaviors OR run the greater risk that your kid will contract whooping cough"

    This, is like shooting fish in a barrel. No sport in educating people, who refuse to do their own / Not CDC AAP says research. You won't trust them ever,after this total post.

    And you will have a good reason to not trust Ped's any further. And you will have the evidence to back up what you believe.

    California, was blaming the non vaccinators for the out breaks of Whooping Cough. Until they started checking who was actually getting the Whooping Cough,WOW to their surprise 87 percent was fully vaccinated, and 11 percent was partially vaccinated and only 8 percent was non vaccinated.

    It appears, if you wanted to get the Whooping Cough. You either needed to be fully
    or partially vaccinated with the pertussis vaccine. Their answer, to this new evidence they were causing their own epidemics of Whooping Cough was. That they admitted, the vaccine wasn't holding up and their answer was that easy. You just need, more of them.

    Now that is a policy that is dangerous, and the people running it are Arrogant Lunatics.

  5. Skeptical Mom
    2 years ago

    Hmmm... the "undervaccinated" have fewer doctors appointments and emergency room visits. Could it possibly be because they're...gasp!...healthier than the on-time vaccinated kids?

    It seems these researchers didn't go far enough. How about comparing other stats for these groups, like how many are referred to developmental pediatricians, speech therapists, or other specialists? How many are on meds for ADD or other behavioral disorders? How many receive ABA services?

  6. Anne McElroy Dachel
    2 years ago

    Why should we believe that an ever-expanding, untested, one-size-fits all vaccine schedule is fine for every child?
    Where is even one study on the effects from more than tripling the number of vaccines children receive since 1983?
    Where is the study comparing fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated children to see if never-vaccinated kids also have a one percent autism rate? THERE ISN'T ONE.
    Where is even ONE STUDY that disproves a link between vaccines and autism that isn't connected to the vaccine industry. THERE ISN'T ONE.
    Those who deny that injecting more and more toxins into babies and small children is harming them are like those who deny they more and more pollution is affecting our climate. Where is the science showing that it's safe to inject three live viruses into children at one time? THERE ISN'T ANY.
    Where are the studies that show that adding aluminum and mercury to vaccines is safe? THERE AREN'T ANY.
    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

  7. Anne McElroy Dachel
    2 years ago

    Is Catholic Online aware of the use of aborted human fetal cells being used in the production of vaccines?

    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

  8. Anne McElroy Dachel
    2 years ago

    Why aren’t we told that medical experts at Health and Human Services conceded the vaccine damage case of Hannah Poling, a young Georgia girl. They agreed that the nine vaccines she received in a single doctor’s visit caused her to regress into autism. CBS News ran this story about Hannah Poling last year: Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award.
    Are we to believe that vaccines have nothing to do with autism–unless you’re Hannah Poling?:
    Anne Dachel, Media editor: Age of Autism

  9. TKEBrelinsky
    2 years ago

    I agree with Angela. Additionally, comments like this "We don't really know if these 'alternative schedules' as they're called are as safe, less safe or more safe than the current schedule, Glanz told Reuters Health" should send up a red flag. They admit they don't know if the current schedule is the safest, but still they want parents to follow it. Also, consider the same medical associations that promise there is no evidence of vaccine/autism connection, promise you that there is no connection between abortion or contraception and cancer. Think twice, get informed and for guidance from the Holy Spirit before you allow your child to get injected with anything.

  10. Angela Hancock
    2 years ago

    I would recommend that the authors of this article read Neil Z. Miller's writings on vaccination. He is also a journalist, and has poured over studies and the history of vaccines thoroughly. It's extremely controversial whether not vaccinating a child is life-threatening. What's really life-threatening is the state of health in general due to poor nutrition choices, lack of sunlight, and reliance on pharmaceuticals in general.

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