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Almost half of U.S. children not getting vaccinated in timely fashion Comments

A recent study has made the alarming discovery that nearly half of babies and toddlers in the United States aren't getting their required vaccines on time. Tardy or nonexistent vaccinations, medical officials warn, put entire schools and communities at risk for epidemics of measles or whooping cough. Continue Reading

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  1. cia parker
    2 years ago

    I am surprised that a Cathlic magazine would promote the story of the large financial interests of Big Pharma while ignoring that of the millions of vaccine-damaged families just in the U.S. (millions more around the world, but we have the highest rate because we give the most, and earliest, vaccines).

    My daughter was given the hepatitis-B vaccine her first day of life in this world, although I had said I did not want her to get it. I was negative for hep-b, and there was no reason she should have gotten this criminal vaccine. She reacted the way thousands of babies have, with four days and nights of constant, inconsolable screaming 16-18 hours a day, vaccine-induced encephalitis, and she was later diagnosed with autism. See Merck Manual for admission that vaccines can cause encephalitis (swelling of the brain). She started to say two words by 18 months, uh for up and uff for dog, but these words were erased as soon as she got the DTaP booster.

    I reacted to a tetanus vaccine with both arms being paralyzed for several days starting the same day as the shot, brachial plexus neuropathy. I went on to develop MS. The symptoms of MS (dizziness, numbness, poor balance, paralysis, optic neuritis, double vision, extreme fatigue) and of autism (delayed, lack of, deficient, or loss of speech, poor social relations, lack of eye contact, spinning, toe walking, hand flapping, deficient memory and reasoning ability) are all symptoms of mercury poisoning. Some people are unable to detoxify the heavy metals in the vaccines and store them in our brains, and they cause the above or many more horrible symptoms.

    Many people are sensitized to the foreign proteins in the vaccines from the cell cultures the vaccines were prepared in: it may make them react soon after the vaccine with anaphylaxis or encephalitis, or it may cause them to be allergic to substances the same as or similar to the vaccine ingredients their immune system reacted to.

    Mercury has been taken out of most vaccines in all but trace amounts (which may still damage the most sensitive), but it is still in most injected flu vaccines, 25 mcg of ethylmercury (in 50 mcg of thimerosal) in every dose. Vaccine defenders like to say that ethylmercury is harmless and quickly excreted from the body, but a Canadian study said the following: "A 2007 statement on thimerosal by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) informs us that a considerable amount is known about methylmercury, the form of mercury found in fish but little is known about the ethylmercury from thimerosal. It admits that, compared to methylmercury, “By contrast, little is actually known about ethylmercury metabolism in humans, including whether it has the same potency as a neurotoxin, whether the blood concentration is ever significant and even whether it crosses the blood-brain barrier. It is presumed that the majority of ethylmercury metabolized from thimerosal is rapidly excreted in the stool.” Then the statement sums up with: “The risk, at best, can be described as theoretical.”

    And no one has admitted the mercury damage in all those who, like my daughter, were given mercury vaccines decades after the dangers were known. Mercury was taken out of pet vaccines in 1990, but American babies continue to be permanently disabled by it to the present day.

    Vaccines are responsible for the flood of autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, seizure disorders, asthma, allergies, bowel disease, diabetes, gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, MS, and peripheral neuritis which plague our society. We have replaced acute disease with chronic, lifelong disease, but there are billions of dollars in prolonging this situation. Billions in the vaccines,, and then more billions in attempts to treat these intractable diseases caused by vaccines.

    I had measles and chickenpox as a child. My daughter got the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, but still caught pertussis at a La Leche League meeting when she was 8 months old, and gave it to me. It was alarming and wearing on both of us, ten coughs a breath, she coughed up vast sheets of mucus at the end if each coughing fit, and coughed for over a month, I for over two. But it is rarely dangerous in those over four or five months old, as it wasn't for us, and a recent study showed that immunity after the disease lasts 30 to 70 years, much longer than previously thought, and much longer than the three years that the vaccine immunity often lasts, when it works at all. 85-90% of the 30,000 Americans diagnosed with pertussis last year had been appropriately vaccinated, like my daughter, but caught it anyway. There were twelve deaths among young infants, but statistically 85-90% of them had caught it from a vaccinated person. The vaccine gives no disease protection when it is given at two months, as it usually is, because the immune system hasn't developed enough to respond appropriately to the vaccine, while it more than doubles the child's risk of asthma at seven (Manitoba study 1998). The vaccine often causes autism, allergies, asthma, seizure disorders, and SIDS. See Neil Miller and Dr. Mayer Eisenstein's books for further information and citations of hundreds of studies which have proven the many ways vaccines damage the recipients.

    Measles is another disease which is usually relatively mild in previously healthy, well-nourished people. In Europe there was an outbreak in 2011, with 26, 074 diagnosed cases, and only twelve deaths. People who stay in bed in a darkened room, stay well-hydrated, maybe take vitamin A to avoid complications, and take NO fever reducers like Tylenol, are, with very few exceptions, going to be very sick for ten days or so with a high fever and bad cough, and then recover with permanent immunity, the way I did when I was six, at a time when everyone was expected to get measles as a child and no one worried about it.

    The vaccines, for most people most of the time, are much more dangerous than the vaccine-preventable diseases, and we are currently seeing a sea change in our society's willingness to go along with their pediatricians' advice, realizing that he is just a conduit for the propaganda that promotes vaccine profits, realizing as well that such compliance is not in the best interest of their children.

  2. Celia M. Bibby B.A. (hons.) Psy. M.Sc.(Eng.) MTAE
    2 years ago

    i am a UK psychologist and scientist wgho is also a Catholic and I would challenge the statement that there are no health or safety concerns with vaccines. All chemicals and other agents introduced into the human body can and may cause adverse reactions depending on the genotype of the subject. This does not mean that adults and children should not be vaccinated against serious and life threatening diseases however the attitude that "one size fits all" is a dangerous one and I would advise readers of this website to access my sicentific paper on Autism, on The paper is entitled "Autism - a Conditioned Response to Biochemical Toxicity" and can be read online for free.

  3. truthteller
    2 years ago

    last, Dr.Oz's findings of 30 ppb of Arsenic in Apple juice, should have put to rest this whole discussion of the safety of injected Mercury. 1 st Arsenic is 500 times less toxic, and it was ingested not injected. 2 nd 30 ppb is not 1000's of ppb such as the hep-b that is given hours from the 1 st breath of life. Considering the fact that US. children had got multiple vaccines in the 90's that almost all contained Thimerosal. That would be adding up to 10's of thousands of ppb of a 500 times more Toxic than ingested Arsenic given at one point in time injected. Considering Dr. Oz and ABC's Dr. Besser agreed on National TV 30 ppb of Arsenic found in Apple juice could be a major concern for short and long term effects on the health of our American children. It is Insane, to believe, that is a health concern. But injected Mercury, 500 times more toxic in 10's of 1000's of ppb that crosses the BBB easier than does the fish Mercury is not only safe. It is FDA approved, and AAP and CDC rubber stamped recommended and citified safe.

    I really wish Dr. Oz and Dr. Besser would be forced to answer their findings as compared to injected Mercury from Vaccines.

  4. truthteller
    2 years ago

    For what real reason, did the CDC Dir. go into Pregnant women and children 6 mos. to 2 yr's? You have 2 choices; 1st She was stupid,and could not understand the two very clear warnings to not go into pregnant women. 2nd, She the CDC Dir. either knew or strongly suspected, that all neurological damage in our children could plummet. If ADD ADHD Speech Delay and the elephant in the room Autism were to drop drastically. Then heads would roll, and many of the Golden Retirement Parachutes that are in the medical community would be worthless almost over night. Congressman and senators heavily invested in Pharma, would also lose their Golden Retirement Parachutes. Why do you think when the Congress and the Senate, were given no mercury ban bills to vote on. Not one Senator would vote to ban injected Mercury Thimerosal from pregnant women or children. In the house, out of 438 only 120 something had any integrity and moral compass and voted to remove it.


  5. truthteller
    2 years ago

    Many of you have been told;

    Thimerosal is no longer used in the US. and the Autism rate did not drop after removal. How could it, weeks after the Dir. finally took it out in 2002 with an expiration date of 2004 the Dir. of the CDC told all pregnant women they were at risk for flu complications and must get their flu shots. And, she also said children 6 mos to 2 yr's needed to get theirs. Because they too were also at risk for flu complications. Do you know, what she just did? She put back the Thimerosal, that had just been removed. For as she has said earlier, was taken out for a prudent measure. But, worse she went even earlier with the Mercury. At the Simpson wood meeting, they were discussing the fact you would never want to go any earlier with the Mercury or you would most certainly get more outcomes. Because, mercury at 6 mos is not the same as Mercury at 3 mos and it is most certainly is not prenatal Mercury. MSDS of Thimerosal states never expose pregnant women to Thimerosal for it can cross the placenta and go into the baby and cause mild to severe mental retardation. Cochrane review from the UK the same as the IOM here stated "children 6 mos. to 2 yr's they get absolutely no! benefit from the inactivated flu vaccine. [ Except that of a placebo effect ] Continued

  6. truthteller
    2 years ago

    This is the actual scare from the Simpson Wood meeting that when in the valley of decision to protect our children or not. The AAP, chose to throw them head first under the bus.

    Dr. Brent: Page 229: "The medical legal findings in this study, causal or not, are horrendous and therefore, it is important that the suggested epidemiological, pharmacokinetic, and animal studies be performed. If an allegation was made that a child's neurobehavioral findings were caused by Thimerosal containing vaccines, you could readily find a junk scientist who would support the claim with "a reasonable degree of certainty". But you will not find a scientist with any integrity who would say the reverse with the data that is available. And that is true. So we are in a bad position from the standpoint of defending any lawsuits if they were initiated and I am concerned."

    He does not appear at all, to be concerned about the generation of American children they were all charged with protecting. That they may have just poisoned, only the coming lawsuits. That's who you are trusting, to tell you it safe to vaccinate your children.

    Someone, who in this letter decides our children can be sacrificed. To avoid, any litigation.

    Lets look at this part real close, and pay close attention to who he says is a junk scientist and who he thinks has integrity. He appears to have it backwards.

    If an allegation was made that a child's neurobehavioral findings were caused by Thimerosal containing vaccines, you could readily find a junk scientist who would support the claim with "a reasonable degree of certainty". But you will not find a scientist with any integrity who would say the reverse with the data that is available.

    He just told you, that the science available, supports causation.

    It appears he under estimated the corruption in our NIH and universities. In fact the Denmark studies, done by a CDC hand picked researcher they told upon handing him
    11 million dollars in research funds "we are only interested in what will exonerate the
    CDC and vaccines" I think you parents would have to agree, they appear to not be interested in the truth. Anyway, the Denmark researcher that gave them the studies
    that said it's was safe to put mercury in our young children. Has been indicted on 13 counts of wire fraud and 9 counts of money laundering. Here in the US. in fact he's #1
    on the HHS Most wanted list. Google it, if you think I am lying. Here is where we find it
    hard to believe that the CDC was not involved. You see, the indictment of the grand jury says he worked with others known and unknown by them.

    Here is a little something that makes one think, he bought with the almost 2 million dollars
    a house next to the CDC ?????? you usually don't buy a house next to someone you just stole 2 million dollars from. 2 cars, and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle and then he wired himself almost million dollars in cash from Autism research funds.
    The CDC still uses his fake studies, to this day.

    The CDC knew 1 yr in advance, that the university in Denmark was missing almost 2 million dollars. And, they knew that the University was seeking Poul Thorsen as a prime suspect.
    Yet they had him in the US, he was going to be the head of the new DSM 5.

    He committed alleged fraud for them in Denmark, and they were expecting no less here.

    Ask your self this, the mainstream media has held his work up and assured the public that there was no! connection between Autism and vaccines [Thimerosal] now that he has been discredited & Indicted why don't you know this? Shouldn't you have known, in a free country, that boast freedom of the press that his work that is the flagship study that proved mercury in vaccines was safe was alleged fraud?????

  7. truthteller
    2 years ago

    There will be a little recap, but when I am through you will understand the AAP chose not getting sued over your children's health and well being.

    MSDS; Thimerosal is accumulative in the body, it targets the organs of the body in particular the brain and the lining around the brain. How can anybody, fight to keep this in children?? Answer, Lawsuits. At Simpson wood they discussed how with the current research that's available, they were all in a bad position from the stand point of defending lawsuits. Upon hearing that, the AAP that had just said before going to the meeting "this is accumulative in the body, we must find the best chelating agent and get with it" After hearing how they could all be sued, all meaning (AAP CDC FDA WHO) they now were telling their Ped's if you are fighting a no mercury ban bill in your state, we will help you to fight to keep it in the children.

    Now that's ,Real Integrity.

    Now you know why they are fighting so hard to keep it in the vaccines, fear of litigation


  8. truthteller
    2 years ago

    Do any of you know how much in ppb's of Mercury[ Thimerosal ],that is in the hep-b that is given within Hours of the 1st breath of life? Answer is thousands, of ppb of Mercury that has the express ability to cross the BBB easier than does the Methyl - Mercury that is found in fish.

    That's just 1 vaccine, now imagine 7 vaccines containing the Preservative Thimerosal that is 50% Mercury by weight. Given to one child, each given within seconds of another at one point in time.

    Now imagine, that this child is very sensitive to Mercury. Going back to the MSDS, we find this statement by the Manufacturer. Concerning their Vaccine preservative [ Thimerosal ] "if you are exposed to Thimerosa,l any future exposures to any Mercury may cause Mercury poisoning. What have you just done to this child, if the child is susceptible to Mercury sensitivity? Answer, You have, at the least lowered the IQ of the child. Worse case, you may have damaged neurologically the child for life. Just because, you don't want to go to single dose viles. After all, they are to expensive. Every child severely effected meaning [Autism] by their vaccines, will cost 6 million dollars each. It appears, in the long run multidose viles will cost trillions of dollars in life long care cost.


  9. truthteller
    2 years ago

    FOIA FDA email

    "and it's no longer going to wash,that' there's no evidence of a risk" The FDA officer, was referring to ADD ADHD Speech Delay or the big Elephant in the room, the Autism epidemic risk.

    This email was read to a CDC CBER agent at a congressional hearing on Autism and Vaccines, the Congressman asked just what does "and it's no longer going to wash,that' there's no evidence of a risk" mean? Dr. Egan reply was, I don't know it could mean just about anything.

    CDC / FDA not sure of the author "maybe we should treat this like the Tylenol poisonings, admit to our mistake pull it from the market and show contrition" That beats lying to the very people, whose children you were en trusted to protect. It appears no one ever taught these morons, that Honesty is the best policy.

    And it is cheaper too, for each child that has been affected severely by their vaccines since this easily proven cover up began. These very sick vaccine damaged children will cost this Nation, 6 million dollars each and that's if the child is left and most are un treated.

    Per last year's APA assessment of children with Autism, 6 million dollars each. Hannah poling which is Dr. Neurologist John Polings daughter got 20 million dollars hoping to shut him and his Nurse / Attorney wife up. It did not work, they ask in a news conference why their perfectly Normal daughter got 9 vaccines and 2 days later had Autism?

    Even when it happens to one of their own, a neurologist no less. And they still don't believe him. Oh! they believe him alright, that's why they tried to shut him up with 20 million dollars.

    And they warned the NVICP, to not seal their daughters case. The NVICP, sealed it anyway.

  10. truthteller
    2 years ago

    Now get this, the Manufacturer's Safety Data sheet says "if you are exposed to Thimerosal any future exposures to Mercury may cause Mercury poisoning" Like in the future, almost all children's vaccines in the 90's contained Mercury. Then take into account, the Idiot's CDC AAP were giving as many as 9 vaccines at one time in one little body. That's Criminal !!!!!!! The Manufacturer was warning, after the 1st exposure to Thimerosal, the Mercury based preservative used in almost all children's vaccines. It may just make you more susceptible, to Mercury poisoning. With any, future Mercury exposures. That's Insane, and yet they did it anyway. And with the AAP and the WHO words lately they appear to be ready to continue doing it.

    Also on the MSDS "Thimerosal is accumulative in the body, it targets the organs of the body in particular the brain and the lining around the brain"

    The CDC said it does not cross the Blood Brain Barrier. The manufacturer, and their own studies says it does. There they go, lying again.

    MSDS "Never mix Thimerosal with Aluminum" Guess what these Geniuses, used as a catalyst in almost all children's vaccines. Aluminum, their reason to not mix? the primary Toxin is increased in Toxicity by ten times.


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