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Almost half of U.S. children not getting vaccinated in timely fashion Comments

A recent study has made the alarming discovery that nearly half of babies and toddlers in the United States aren't getting their required vaccines on time. Tardy or nonexistent vaccinations, medical officials warn, put entire schools and communities at risk for epidemics of measles or whooping cough. Continue Reading

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  1. Momofpair
    2 years ago

    Thank you Catholic Online for publishing the comments from Truthteller, Anne Dachel and others. As a well informed mother of two children on the Autism Spectrum, I found the information to be correct and up to date and a much better read than the article you reprinted.
    There have been many expensive admissions by the US government to the dangers of vaccines...most behind the doors of "Vaccine Court."
    To other Catholic moms: God gives us such grace as mothers...don't let 'society' tell you what's right, don't turn away from what you know is right. For me, I 'had to' work, and was so fearful of missing work that I would have vaccinated every week if their ped. told me to. My boys were both vaccinated into their school years. Although I can't fully blame vaccines, the toxic and viral hits did them no good. They both qualified for SSI on their first application. Permanent's that for missing work.
    If you are considering vaccination, please get fully informed beforehand about your choices of vaccines, who shouldn't get vaccinated, what you can do beforehand to boost their immune system, what vaccine injuries look like and what to do if they are injured.

  2. Sandra
    2 years ago

    I am perplexed and would appreciate someone from the Catholic Church to provide some clarity on the issue of vaccination. Did God not create a perfect immune system in man that when healthy functions as it is meant to? Or is the position of the Church that vaccination, which btw bypasses our God given immune system, is needed to cover a design fault? Jesus healed a lot of sick people, but he never vaccinated healthy people. I would be most grateful if anyone could explain the Church's position on this matter.

  3. Anne
    2 years ago

    I am a registered nurse, mother and grandmother. I have seen first hand the huge increase in illnesses in children since the early 1990's. Autism, ADD, ADHD, asthma, gut problems, auto immune diseases, Chron's disease, unknown rashes, hyperactivity, cancers, eczema, psoriasis, and the list goes on and on. Why do we see so many chronic illnesses in our American children? Lobbyists for the pharmaceutical companies have a very powerful influence on our government. The vaccine industry is a multibillion dollar machine. We have gone from 10 vaccines in 1983 to 45 vaccines in 2013. It doesn't take a scientist to see the writing on the wall.

  4. TossaVirginInaVolcano
    2 years ago

    I thought it was interesting that your rules include not publishing comments that undermine families, yet your article does exactly that. Aborted fetal tissue in vaccines, dead and damaged children, the skyrocketing miscarriage rate in women who accepted the flu shot during pregnancy... the list goes on, and every single one of these problems undermines the family. As a Catholic, my position is that it is a grievous sin to allow children to be vaccinated because of the deadly adverse side effects of the toxins injected into these precious gifts from God. Kyrie Eleison.

  5. Linda
    2 years ago

    I am surprised and disappointed to see this biased propaganda piece reprinted in Catholic Online. How did the baby boomers, their parents, and the boomer's children survive without the current massive ever expanding vaccine schedule? Children today are sicker and take more drugs than ever before. Send your kid to camp and you'll fill out a questionnaire expecting you to list a full page if not several pages of drugs and ailments. I say expecting, because that is now the norm. Chronic illness in children is the new normal. Talking not only about autism, but diabetes, asthma, behavioral disorders, infectious disease, auto immune disorders, etc. This was never the case before the vaccine schedule exploded. If vaccines are so wonderful, why are American children so sick? American parents are seeing first hand the result of all these vaccines and despite the protestations of the profiteers and snake oil salesmen, parents are backing away. Good. It is a fact that vaccines are not properly tested and the public is not told the truth.

    In addition, I feel strongly that injecting humans with animal DNA (in addition to other vaccine components) is against Scripture, as is bearing false witness about the vaccine program (especially by repeating the false reassurance that vaccines are safe, effective and tested), not taking responsibility for adverse outcomes, fighting parents of affected children in vaccine court and making every attempt to deny care to children who have suffered severe side effects. This is not what Christians should do.

  6. John Stone
    2 years ago

    This story ought to have apalling resonance for the Catholic church: it is about people in authority who are in denial, and ultimately lying about practically everything. It must not go on.

  7. Carolyn Couglin
    2 years ago

    WHen I was expecting my son, I wouldn't even get an amniocentisis at age 38 because I would not risk the 1 in 100 chance of miscarriage. I did get the Rhogham shot and oh by the way the dr suggested the flu shot as well. The next day I was so sick i coudln't drive to work so I quit. I thought it was due to the pregnancy. Rhogham had mercury and so did the flu shot. One in 6 women get it to prevent 'blue babies'. The mercury is unnecessary. It just makes it cheaper.

    Fast forward to an autism conference 3 years later. The lecturer asks every woman who had rhogham to stand up. Half the room stood up.

    My son's slippage into autism began before birth. As Catholics, we value life at all stages. We need to get behind research into how to stop vaccine injury and how to correct it, not parrot the lies of industry.

  8. truthteller
    2 years ago

    How can all I posted be true, and yet not one person has been held accountable for the mass poisoning of a generation of AMERICAN children??????? Not one!

    Because GOLDEN RETIREMENT PARACHUTES world wide would be worthless over night for the following people.

    The medical community including AAP CDC FDA WHO, the Congress and Senate and even
    the President of the United States all who were involved in hiding the damage done to save their Billions. On the backs, of sick suffering American children.

  9. truthteller
    2 years ago

    If you read my post, please keep in mind I wrote it at between 1 AM to 430 AM so if I made mistakes please over look them. I wrote it, while my son was up all night not able to sleep
    because of his toxicity issues. Lets do a look back at Pinks a disorder that was ravaging
    children in the 1900's to the 1950's. Turns out, it was Mercury poisoning through teething powders back then. In fact, they found that not every child who got the Mercury laced Powders got Pinks disease. The rest of this post, will be me and what was taken from the
    history of Pinks combined. I will include,proof that chelation was used to stop the Pinks epidemic dead in it's tracks,

    Not! allowing the children of today to be chelated defy s all logic and is strange considering that "Chelation" is on the CDC's own website, In fact it says;

    "if you get to much Mercury then it is necessary to chelate"

    The CDC,has been chelating children for lead paint exposure for years. I found that out, when I called the CDC and asked the CDC rep. why the CDC is saying that chelation therapy was very dangerous & voodoo science at best.

    The CDC rep said, I don't know. We have been chelating children for lead exposure for years. He then said. May I say, we have had good results to.

    For some reason, the CDC doe's not want the children that were exposed to 160 times the amount of mercury that the EPA says is Liquid Hazardous Waste to be chelated.

    One really should be asking the question, are they at the CDC and the FDA
    afraid that the children will get better?And thus proving the problem was the
    Thimerosal in the first place. You see, it chelation was used in the 1900's to
    1950's on pinks disease that was found to be mercury poisoning through the
    use of teething powders that had contained the Mercury.

    The word back then, was this. On the history of pinks;

    Clearly,if mercury was responsible for the disease, it could not be simple poisoning,or all exposed children would suffer in a dose related manner;

    They said this, about the children in the 1950's who were exposed to Mercury that were effected. When the majority was not getting sick.

    "the children who became ill must be excessively sensitive to the poison" (idiosyncrasy).

    In fact, only 1 in 500 children exposed to the teething powders developed the disease.

    The rates of Autism was 1 in "10,000" in 1979, by 1999 the vaccine schedule had been expanded several times. Starting in the late 80's,and all the while not realizing or even knowing that the preservative that was being used in the children's vaccines had contained 25 micro-grams of a Mercury that has the ability to cross the BBB in each multi dose shot that was preserved by Thimerosal.

    (The Manufacturer of Thimerosal says it is accumulative in the body).

    The numbers of Autism quickly jumped to 1 in 500 by 1999 the same as the pinks children of the 50's ,that were Mercury poisoned through the teething powders.

    Doe's that sound familiar? exposure to Mercury via Vaccs that was preserved with
    the Thimeroal and according to the Manuf. is accumulative in the body of the child.

    It is looking like, it very well could be that the mercury preservative Thimerosal's accumulation in the body of the excessively sensitive children could be the cause
    of the Autism epidemic of today.

    You see the CDC has always said;

    "we cannot rule out,that this maybe happening to a subset group of children"

    That is the CDC's own words when discussing the possibility of a subset, of sensitive children.

    The IOM told the CDC, that it would not be to their best interest to go looking for a subset
    group of American children that may handle vaccines differently.

    So you want to trust these people, who advised the CDC to hide the possibility of a Mercury sensitive subset group that cannot handle vaccines. After all, they think if you don't look you won't find.

    And you keep[ Plausible deniability ]Defined, is a condition in which a subject can safely
    and believably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject
    is deliberately made unaware of said truth so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility associated through the knowledge of such truth.

    This does not apply here, because they have known since at least the 9-11 Eli Lilly rider
    of the damage they have caused. The Lilly rider was a protection, put into the homeland security bill to protect those who have damaged a generation of American children with
    Thimerosal it was created to keep the parents from suing for the Damage caused by the
    mercury based preservative Thimerosal.

    You see they have always known of their mistake, since the congressman wrote what is known as the white paper. It was a congressional inquiry, to the acknowledgement of the danger of mercury being able to cause bad neurological damage in humans.That was the reason, they found that mercury was in children's vaccines. The paper was a inquiry as to what had mercury in it, that is being used by Americans today.

    Getting back to the subject of chelation, they said this from the history of pinks concerning chelation;

    But slowly the evidence was stacking up against mercury. Dimercaprol (British anti-Lewisite; BAL) is a chelating agent developed for military use against possible gas attacks and in the 1950s was the standard treatment for industrial mercury poisoning. Several physicians gave their pink disease patients dimercaprol with gratifying cures. (The drug was never tested in a proper controlled clinical trial as the disease disappeared before such a trial could be organized.

    One Google search of the product Dimercaprol and I found this;

    dimercaprol /di·mer·cap·rol/ (di″mer-kap´rol) a metal complexing agent used as an antidote to poisoning by arsenic, gold, mercury, and lead ...

    Dimercaprol binds to the metal and removes it from the body.

    It truly amazes me that a child playing CDC AAP Vaccine catch up in the 1990's, could receive as many as 9 Vaccines on one day at one setting 7 of which contained the Mercury. That is 32,500 ppb of Mercury given at one point in time. Considering that the EPA sets the standard for Liquid Hazardous Waste at 200 ppb, that is 160 times what the EPA says is Liquid Hazardous Waste. How can a child not be excessively exposed to mercury at those levels?

    And if so,should not the kid be chelated???

    This could be today's headlines but it's not, it is from the 1950s

    The resistance to the evidence of mercury poisoning is typical of resistance to new medical knowledge, and declined only when the opponents and sceptics grew old and disappeared from the scene. Meanwhile, the cause having been identified and accepted, pink disease
    ( my thoughts for today "AUTISM" ) disappeared.

    You could change Parliament to CDC and Congress in the next lines and have today's Thimerosal Autism delima ;

    And there the matter rested at impasse between the mercury hypothesis
    and the manufacturers of mercurials. In the absence of decisive evidence, Parliament declined repeated calls to ban the products (although several states in USA and Australia did so), and the disease remained a chronic and fearful curse.

    In 1950 authoritative British medical opinion was still cautious about the mercury hypothesis-an understandable caution, yet responsible, as it turned out, for the prolongation of the epidemic, with uncountable cost in human and financial terms, for several years later.

    The children are suffering, some very severely. While we revisit Mercury poisoning and deny the children the very treatment that history says worked, and recovered the children.

    We in the autism community are always told, chelation is dangerous and voodoo science at best anecdotal evidence.

    It appears this from history backs up, what the parents have been saying about their children recovering after chelation therapy. In fact it worked so well, they could not get
    a study together before all the children were better and pinks was eradicated.

    Again, the children playing CDC AAP catch up on their Vaccines some kids in the 1990's had received 9 Vaccines 7 of which contained the mercury all on one day at one setting. That is known as a Bolus dose, the amount in ppb parts per billion is 32,500 ppb when adding the 7 Vaccines that contain the Mercury. When one learns how much the EPA says is the definition for Liquid Hazardous Waste, one gets sick to his or her stomach. Calculating this up, it is 160 times what the EPA defines as Liquid Hazardous Waste. And, it is rubber stamped AAP safe.

    If Mercury is known for being an IQ lowering compound, why on earth is the CDC allowing this,160 times what the FDA defines as "Liquid Hazardous Waste" to be injected into our
    American children????

    How dare anybody, defend this massive CDC AAP FDA mistake of not calculating the Mercury. That clearly adds up, to Mercury poisoning and neurological damage.

    These emails received through the freedom of information act tell the untold story of what they say in secret emails.

    FDA and CDC emails

    "were afraid the public will perceive us asleep at the switch for decades, for allowing this dangerous compound to remain in the Vaccines"

    This email is funny, no! tragic. You see, the dogs were ending up with some neurological damage from the pet Vaccines containing the Thimerosal. So in 1990 it Thimerosal was removed from the pet vaccines by an arm of the FDA. But it was allowed to remain in children's vaccines till 2002 with an expiration date of 2004. Criminal !!!!

    This kind of lack of oversight, it is the worse kind of world class incompetence that has ever existed.

    This next email says it all, you see it says those that were responsible for vaccine safety were so incompetent that they were not able to do even the simplest math it would have taken to protect our American children.

    "this was not rocket science this was 9th grade math"

    This next one says the FDA, should have not have approved the product, the preservative used in children's Vaccines Thimerosal.

    "how could the FDA approve a preservative with out knowing how much mercury it contained. what else is lurking that we know nothing about"

    It was never FDA approved, it was grandfathered in after a study where they injected 22
    people dying of meningitis. They followed them for 1 day, they did not die so Thimerosal was considered safe and later grand fathered in by the FDA. I'm absolutely speechless.

    As the dad of a very severely Vaccine damaged child, it brings tears to my eyes knowing this kind of evil is in charge of our children's Vaccine program. Greed and total Arrogance
    and Pride is destroying a generation of our American children and children of the world and
    will cost this Nation trillions. In life long care cost.

    Those who do not learn from history, are destined to repeat history.

    And history will bare out, that we did.

    Trillions of dollars to pay for a tidal wave of Autistic children, all for the sake of Greed and Arrogance in other words the alternative is to horrific to ever admit.

    In these next lines, you will learn that the Autism epidemic could have and should have been averted. According to the research done by Dr, Frank Engley paid for by the AMA.before they sold their souls.

    In 1948 a researcher was given funding by the AMA to evaluate and study Thimerosal his name was Dr. Frank Engly his findings on Thimerosal was this;

    A little history on an AMA paid study in 1948, that revealed that Thimerosal is toxic down to an unbelievable level. Down to one one millionth of a gram. The researcher said and that is about as toxic as you can get. It is what he said later that is so earth shattering ,you see after that warning in 1948 that was ignored. The same AMA paid team led by Dr. Frank Engley tried again, this time in 1982. The results were the same it fell on deaf ears, the FDA at that time had ignored two very dire warnings to remove the Thimerosal before disaster hits.

    History shows us that Dr. Engley and his AMA blue ribbon team was right, about the dangers of Thimerosal. It has produced 1 in 88 children an 1 in 58 boys having Autism and if that is not bad enough 1 in every 5 children in the us have a neurological learning disability.

    Justin, how smart and healthy would our American children be if Thimerosal
    was never put in the children's vaccines?

    ADD ADHD Speech Delay and Autism are all symptoms of Mercury poisoning, the reason that they don't look exactly alike is that all the other examples of mercury poisoning were ingested not injected. Injected is far worse, as it doe's not go through the filtering organs
    in fact according to the maker of Thimerosal the MSDS sheet says this concerning it's product.

    On the MSDS of Thimerosal

    it is accumulative in the body, and it targets the organs of the body in particular the brain and the lining around the brain.

    also on the MSDS is to never expose pregnant women to Thimerosal because it can cross
    the placenta and go into the baby and cause mild to severe mental retardation.

    Maybe ADD, ADHD, Speech delay, or Autism? seems the mystery of what causes Autism has been solved.

    It is a mutagenic, in other words it Thimerosal has the express ability to mutate genes

    It also says on the MSDS if you are exposed to Thimerosal you will be more susceptible to mercury poisoning.

    MSDS concerning Thimerosal under re-activity data to never mix it with Aluminum. That's hard not to do, considering that Aluminum is in children's vaccines as a catalyst. When you mix the two, the Mercury and the Aluminum you get the synergy effect of the two salts mixed. The Toxin is transformed into a super toxin with Toxicity climbing by 10 times.

    It appears they have set up the perfect storm for susceptible children to be neurologically damaged into what we call Autism.

    But the susceptibility has changed and grown with every increase of the ever expanding vaccine program. Example 1979 1 in 10,000 1999 1 in 500 2002 1 in 250 it then changes
    every couple of yr's 1 in 166 then to 1 in 110 to 1 in 88 today with 1 in 58 being boys.

    A little recap, on the study that doomed our American most precious resource. That could possibly break this Nations economy that BTW is quickly being based on taking care of the
    ill of this Nation. It is a foolish Nation, that will base it's new economy on their sick. For it inevitable eventually the sick will out number those working. Who will pay for all those services for the sick when this happens and the teeter totter the other way?

    The first time that ethyl mercury was injected into humans, was in 1929 on 22 people that were dying of meningitis. They were injected with Mercury and followed for a whole day that's it! one day and that is on the FDA or CDC own web site . That appears to be the long term study that caused the FDA when they were formed, to grandfather in the Eli Lilly poison Thimerosal.

    Dr. Engley words were something that should be ringing in all the halls of Congress today.

    But sadly, because of the incestuous relation between our elected officials and Pharma.
    And the fact that those Congressman, and Senators who are heavily invested in the Co's
    who are responsible for the damage. No body,involved in this cover up wants to see their Golden retirement parachutes worthless. And they are willing to sacrifice, our most
    precious resource to save their billions. Leaving those children, they were entrusted to protect suffering with heavy metal toxicity. How far our Nation has fallen,they appear to not have a moral compass. Knowing right from wrong

    "If they had listened and followed through on our 82 report, then all the vaccines would be freed from Thimerosal. And they tell me all this Autism would have never have occurred"

    That is the words of a man just before he died, so he had nothing at all to gain.

  10. Paul
    2 years ago

    Catholic parents like myself fear vaccines because they cause autism. The reason why viral vaccines cause autism is due to the fact that Chicken Pox, Hepatitis A+B, and Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR) vaccines are produced using cell lines that have been derived from aborted human tissue. Viruses that are grown in the aborted human cell lines are collected using a process that retains extremely large quantities of aborted cellular DNA, and this DNA is injected along with the viruses when vaccinating children. For example, a single dose of Merck's Varivax Chicken Pox vaccine contains aborted fetal DNA fragments that are quantitatively 300,000 times the DNA mass of a single human cell.

    If the childhood vaccines mentioned above were produced using animal cell lines, injecting large volumes of DNA fragments would not be of concern. However, because aborted fetal cell lines are of human origin, random DNA insertion of aborted cell line fragments into the vaccinated child's DNA takes place. Random DNA insertion into a recipient's genes occurs by a process called homologous recombination, and laboratory studies have shown that this process occurs spontaneously only within a species.

    As would be expected in a hockey-stick statistical analysis of change point years following the introduction of human aborted cell line viral vaccines during the 1980s, there is a clear correlation between the exponential increase in autism on a global basis and the use of human aborted cell line viral vaccines.

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