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Editorial: Should Catholics Even Bother with Politics? Comments

The men and women I met this evening confirmed my decision to recommit myself to helping lay Catholic men and women come to understand the treasury of the teaching of the Catholic Church on faithful citizenship and social responsibility, which includes political participation.Then, to do everything I can to encourage morally coherent people run for public office and help to get them elected.  Continue Reading

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  1. Gerald
    2 years ago

    The church should never treat man-made laws with the same status quo as God's laws. There is no salvation through the US government. We lower ourselves when we embrace mans laws as being as important as God' laws.

  2. Rob
    2 years ago

    I don't think there is anything that prevents the laity from changing the greater socieity, in fact that is really our role. It is not the role of our bishops or priest. We are simply waiting around for them to do something that they just aren't going to do.

    The way we wage this holy fight is by really living the gospel. Parents need to lead in their homes, men and women need to lead ind their workplaces or other envirnments they find themselves in. We need to really be Christ for our brothers and sisters. We need to restore hope in our brothers and sisters.

    We have become so combative as a society that Christians standing up just becomes one more party to the fight that just get's absorbed in all the other yelling that is going on. After the election I pretty much stopped watching news. Being home sick the past couple of days I put it back on and was just shocked. No point to what anyone is saying...just yelling, disrespect and my way or the highway. We cannot fight this battle using the tools of the secular, we must fight it with the tools of the gospel. I'm not even sure what that means just yet, but I do know that whatever we've been doing is not all.

  3. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    My dear Catholic brothers and sisters here within COL and throughout Holy Mother Church, we are engaged in the warfare of which the gospels have spoken would be raged against the Church before the end times. Even as many of those about us blindly continue to go about their lives without regard to the spiritual aspects of caring for their eternal souls we must be vigilant. They have fallen asleep listening to Evil's luring melody of malaise so prevalent throughout our society in literature, film, television, and the blaring beats of the airways. Sadly, even many of the elect have succumbed to temptations liberal lullaby by choosing pleasure over principles, comfort of nature over the commandments of God, and relaxing recreation instead of reflection and repentance in order to serve the Almighty and care for the life of the soul He has graciously given them.
    Satan wants all the souls he can capture to enslave in hell with him and knows this is his last stand. He is aware of our weakness especially when we have taken our eyes off of our creator and the many blessing we have as well as the important graces we can receive through daily mass, frequent confession, many rosaries, and our life giving Eucharist. We must be resolved to accept the challenge God has set before us to save not only our own souls but as many of the lost or wandering souls falling victim to the snares of Evil among us. I dare say we are called, commanded if you will, to help Our Lady Queen of Heaven harvest those in most need of His divine mercy. Sainthood is not beyond the reach of sinners if they are only willing to become martyrs for this great cause. Here, for you, is a portion of something I once opined for us regarding sainthood. I offer it for your discernment.

    Don't forget your eternal "childhood" folks.
    We forget that "Our Father" through the Holy Spirit has lovingly provided our Lord Jesus who invites us to place our cares and worries upon him so that we too enjoy freedom to become "children" of God, His "saints". It has been said that a saint is someone who deep within his heart believes God loves him and offers him eternal life through Christ's sacrifice and resurrection and desires to use their life to witness, inform and assure others of the same truth about themselves. It's that simple.
    So, who are the saints? They are people like you and me who believe and hope in their Creator and begin their heaven here on earth living Christ's prayerful request by helping build "thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in heaven". We all have an invitation to sainthood and can respond according to our own abilities, gifts, and station in life willingly in the name of Jesus who relieves our burdens and has freed our spirits to be among the saints. Hopefully many of us will be among that "great number which no man could count" spoken of in Revelations which will eternally be the "communion of saints".
    Father God, we pray that we can rejoice fully in the world as children of light and holiness so men can witness and know the truth of your merciful love and accept Jesus as their "personal" savior through and within the eternal "one body of Christ".
    Yes, all are personally welcomed to the community of saints, here, now, and forever!
    Bill Sr.

  4. vance
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr, I agree whole heartedly with what you are saying. "We need leadership". We Catholics have always been reluctant in criticizing our Bishop and priests because of our reverence for their Holy Offices. Recent history has shown us that we have men who occupy these Holy Offices have demonstrated that they were anything but holy. Yes, it was only a few men who were guilty of the sex scandals. But I have come to recognize that we Catholics have a far greater scandal than a few priests. The public execution of a poor helpless handicapped woman named Terri Schiavo. Pope John Paul II declared it murder. Conservative politicians, Talk Show hosts, and EWTN Holy priests were there in protest at the hospital where Terri was executed. Not ONE, NOT ONE Bishop was there. This woke me up at that point that we have a corrupt group of Bishops. Bill Sr. this is why there is no National Leader coming from the ranks of the Bishops. I will say we have a small handful of Bishop who are heroically challenging the evils of today. BUT they are just a few. They are the exception not the rule. EWTN is the exception, not the rule of the American Catholic Church. This is the scandal.

  5. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr., Bravo! Bravo! Thank you for telling it exactly how it is! Wonderful explanation! I, like you, also agree with Stephen. Other good insights were Paul-Emile Leray, Chris and others.

    @Chris, I do agree with you. So much so, that I have changed from Democrat, to Republican, and now my status is Independent. The Catholics in government now should be de-frocked as True Catholics. They are an embarrassment to anyone who really is Catholic. I understand that Catholics going to Confession are forgiven, but I wonder if these Catholic leaders in government, can be justified forgiveness, when their sin is public and reiterated time after time for the world to see. Our these persons True Catholic role models? They certainly are not Saints! Yet, by all appearances, the clergy seems to think so, or they would have intervened by now? Or, is it politics between the Church and government? There is a lot on the plate. That is the only thought I can logically bring to fruition. Yet who an i?

    I Love my Church and my Faith. Yet, I am human. Secretly, I wonder what is happening? What is going on? How can we be the Church Militant? when, as Bill Sr. said, "we must commission leadership from our own ranks". How pitifully sad! And again, I wonder if history will repeat itself? Yes, Deacon Keith, a percentage of Catholics Need your teaching. I just Hope that they are the sheep that need tending. Thoughtful & Prayerful Blessings to all.

  6. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    Bill Sr.,
    I like your last 2 sentences commenting on compassion and judgement. You are right. In the name of political correctness, popularity seeking, fear of being seen as offensive or suffering criticism; now, instead of sinning through commission I think many (myself included) sin through omission. I am not saying the whole world needs to be overly blunt and neither am I saying we ought to be walking on eggshells; but people should still be able to call a spade a spade without being too afraid of being completely annihilated or painted as not being open-minded enough. Being open-minded is fine, but not to the point our brains fall right out of our heads each time we tie our shoes.
    Paul-Emile Leray

  7. Chris
    2 years ago

    I don't see how here in the United States, we Catholics could even conform to either major parties (Democrat or Republican). This is all my personal stance, but I can't commit myself to a group of politicians who, whether they're left wing or right wing, are both trying to create a utopia on their own works instead of God's. At the end of the day, He is in control, because of His all knowing and all powerful nature. Of course it's easy to say Democrats are the root problem because they are for gay marriage, abortion, and take religion aspects out of education, but what about the Republicans? They continue to economically divide our country, impose our military and power over small nations, and are growing more and more into libertarians (free choice for everyone, fend for yourself, state' rights...etc.) As a Catholic, my political basis is on respect and responsibility. Respect for all life, human's decision making, and respect for the handwork to maintain national stability due to the work of our ancestors. Furthermore, responsibility to protect and provide the basic needs of our citizens, as well as being responsible for the Earth and environment (since it is a gift from God), as well as responsible in the way we should balance a checkbook. While I can't say that my view is the best (because I'm only 19 years old), but it comes from my observance of a broken politically, morally, and economic country.

  8. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    I'm with you all the way on this one. Some of us have been trying to explain the phenomena you speak of for a long time but few seem to understand the problem.
    The Evil one has used our own compassion against us taunting us to not be judgmental and we have capitulated to the point of impotency.

  9. James Mahood
    2 years ago

    Yes, Catholics should bother with politics. Particularly, I think we should stop being hypocrites. How can true Catholics support liberalism and President Obama? He is not opposed to abortion, euthanasia, same sex marriage, etc. As Catholics we cannot vote for liberals at the present time. Let's LIVE our faith!

  10. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    Thank you again Deacon Keith for the encouragement.
    We are hearing more and more from some of our Clergy that… What we need is a Christian revolution….But just as in any revolution there will be many battles many soldiers and many casualties.
    The foot soldiers needed for this revolution of which there are millions across the country have been and will continue to raise their voices and advance to the front lines to defend the faith. They have answered the call to take up the banner of the Cross and proudly proclaim their loyalty to Christ our King in word and deed. The world has surely identified them as radicals and their faith as a folly mocking them as fools and a threat to the now dominant secular society we have today.
    It took real Christian courage on the part of every day faithful laity to come out of the pews and do battle with the forces of Evil entrenched in oppressive bureaucratic government, an increasingly satanic entertainment industry, and the pompous assemblies of those misguided elitist theologians who have been polluting the minds of our children and grandchildren in our schools and universities be they Catholic or public for decades. These unseen and unheralded members of the Church Militant have shown no lack of determination in challenging the forces of Evil on their own regardless of from whence it has come. However, the desired effectiveness of these gallant voices of resistance is greatly diminished by the fact there is little or no hierarchy amplification or specific public commendation for those efforts. Their work is often encouraged but it is seldom enjoined. This is largely because these soldiers have had to commission leadership from their own ranks.
    What is needed is a leadership which has national name recognition and a singular broadly positioned platform for true social justice so evident and so vocal with the media will be poking microphones and cameras in their faces wanting comments on the confrontations. As the Church Militant we are fragmented and isolated into various regiments fighting individually each of the social issues of the day which have been infected by progressive immorality and/or secular perversion. We are sorely in need of local bishops and pastors who willingly not only mention their support for the troops but also unafraid to expose their office, status, and personal sanctions to the ridicule hurled upon those on the front lines in the name of a Christian revolution for a return to the founding values which sustained us for two hundred years.
    History has revealed to us that until more prominent church leaders are willing to march alongside the troops in the hand to hand combat exchanging for the moment the cloth of their normal attire for the simple but mighty armor of our faith putting their reputations and futures in the hands of our King of Peace as these little ones have, the Revolution will be slow to advance.
    In the meantime a few lines from the Battle Hymn of the Republic come to mind.

    He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword
    Oh, be swift, my soul to answer Him, be jubilant my feet
    As He died to make men holy let us die to make men free

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