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Celebrities Caught in Gun-Control Hypocrisy Comments

In the video, each of the celebrities stands motionless before a drab gray background, and, using all the acting skills they can muster, they read their lines from the teleprompter. Continue Reading

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  1. vance
    2 years ago

    Judy, good to hear from you and to read your great posts. Yes, it has been a huge challenge for parents raising children over the past 30 years. Movies aside, television has been steadily spiraling down into the sewer. It's too bad the Catholic Church hasn't stepped up and had something to say about it.

  2. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Vance, To further agree on some key notes, especially on Hollywood violent Games and films, that have been De-sensitizing and Programing at Least a generation of our youth, this is something that must be given our utmost attention. I will go one step further and mention sex and morality. Our youth ARE TAUGHT, just like in a classroom, how to use guns, treat their neighbors, how to speak, how to have sex, what type of morality to follow, etc., all by watching films and playing games. A lot of our youth, by the looks of reliable stat reports, the news, the emptying of All churches and temples, the over load of prisons and some mental hospitals or facilities, are only a sampling of what greedy film makers have produced...and they leave an aftermath of broken minds, bodies and souls.

    It seems to me, more and more, that it is true what Jo Ann said, in that we are preparing, (and have been) opening the door for another, or others, to walk right in to our country.

    Of 3 children, I have 2 that monitor strictly what their children watch. The other tells me it is no different than what is on TV. So much for TV. Her two daughters are not into it. But the two boys are. One > the other. I share this because solid parental foundations means everything!

    As for Guns now, I have already said it. IT IS A LEARNED BEHAVIOR.

    Vance is right. What goes on in our country today that is Negative because of guns is not really because of guns. It is because of Cause and Effect. Blessings...

  3. CM
    2 years ago

    Let's make a comparison between abortion and gun.

    Both are used to kill people. Abortion is a tool to kill people before birth. Gun is a tool to kill after birth.

    Both are used for self defense. Abortion is a tool for self defense against inconvenience of having a child, to be used as a preventive measure against unlikely birth defects. Gun is a tool against inconvenience of other people carrying gun, a tool to make you feel safe by killing other people before they kill you first.

    The taking of life cannot be justified. An unborn baby is no less valuable than a 20-yr, 30-yr, 50-yr old person. Someone could say they are innocent unborn, another person could say the adult has contributed much to the society. Nor you can compare tens of thousands people killed by guns while millions killed by abortion. If there's one person in your family that is very close to you got killed by a gun. You won't say "that's okay, gun still takes a lot less life than abortion."

    If there's an argument "Well, if someone kill another person with knife (or chair, or chainsaw, or screwdriver) are they going to ban knife (or chair, or chainsaw, or screwdriver) too?", it's invalid because of the primary use. A knife is for cutting primarily, a chair is for sitting, a chainsaw is for cutting wood, a screwdriver is for screwing the bolts. The primary use of gun is to hurt/kill (animal/human).

    I'm a catholic. On abortion issue: I'm pro-life. On gun control issue: I'm pro-life too.

  4. vance
    2 years ago

    Hollywood hypocrisy, This is typical Liberal Left-wing hypocrisy. Hollywood has been producing graphic violent movie for decades. If we notice, these movies are "Shootem-ups" and "Blowem-ups". But we have a violent society as a result of decades of programming and DE-sensitizing of our youth to violence. We have a violent society because we have had decades of anti-Christian, anti-God, anti-Catholic propaganda from Hollywood, the Marxist Media Complex, the Marxist Democrat Party, and a mute Catholic Clergy. We don't have a violent society because we have guns.

  5. Michael Terheyden
    2 years ago

    Tom McGuire, thank you for your sincere interest in this important matter. Based on your response, it seems to me that you do not have specific knowledge or examples to backup your accusations against the NRA. You merely assume the NRA manipulates facts because it has "large amounts of money." I think this is a false assumption. I do not think people lie and manipulate because they have money; however, they may do it because they want money and for other reasons.

    I believe many people, Catholics included, are concerned about "gun control" because they think it is part of an agenda by liberals and Democrats to grow government and control the people. I see much evidence that supports their concerns. A growing police state is one example. In 2008, then Senator Obama said, "We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we've set. We have got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded." I find this statement very disturbing.

    As a Catholic, I am not against government or regulation. They are natural and necessary extensions of the family. But I believe that constructive gun control should focus more on illegal guns and criminals than on the law-abiding public. Effective gun control might also involve not arming Mexican drug dealers and Muslim terrorists like al-Qaeda, which I understand the Obama administration has done. Whatever we do, it must start with the values we impart in our schools and in our culture.

  6. MacArthur
    2 years ago


    * Over 1 million UN troops in America under a Trojan Horse UN covering

    * "Regional police" and "state police" from Latvia, Estonia, other places, all over America

    * National Marxist sheriffs union

    * Iranian muslims training now in America for terrorism

    * Our Armed Forces paganized and gay-accepting under UN command

    * Our Armed Forces sent to over 60 countries including National Guard, Reserves and retired police

    * Sharia muslims growing daily in pop. across America till their demographics justify dominant Sharia Law

    * Islamic centers advertising for converts especially to the Spanish-speaking illegals

    * The Che Guevara following and military-trained Sudanese in bloody packing plants

    * Foreigners in charge of Homeland Security

    * Russian sleepers all over the place. 400 Russian train engineers trained in Florida to navigate American trains. 700,000 Makarov pistols pre-positioned under Clinton in Colorado. Russian Mafia ripping off Medicare for $17 billion-plus per annum. Russian subs off both coasts. FBI trained in most-likely scenarios include Russian EMPs coming into America over Canada. Iranians practicing for years to send up an EMP over America from the Gulf....

    * NWO Yugoslavia-trained drug-sniffing dogs in place taught 60 commands

    * The international-privatized Prison Industrial Complex growing at an alarming rate and awaiting millions of workers

    * Thuggery dominates over Congress and Senate

    AND NOW THERE IS TO BE GUN CONTROL? Why does the liberal media magnifiy the threat to 20 CT children... But does not see the above imminently endangering an entire nation?

  7. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    Washington, DC--The National Rifle Association (NRA) receives millions of dollars directly from domestic and foreign gun manufacturers and other members of the firearms industry through an organized corporate outreach program according to a new report issued today by the Violence Policy Center (Violence Policy Center). April 2, 2011

    There is no doubt when large amounts of money are invested in a cause, manipulation of facts takes place. Gun control is an emotional issue that easily lends itself to manipulation by all sides.

    I lived in a city where I assumed every household had a gun. When at noon I walked in the street and heard gun fire, I did not feel safe. On the fourth of July and January first, the gun fire left bullets embedded in the roof of homes; this did not make me or my neighbors feeling safe. When little children died in their beds from bullets fired in street gun battles; it was like a little Newtown but spread out over the whole year.

    As Catholics is there nothing we can do other than promote the possession of more guns to stop the violence?

  8. Eamon Hatley-Smith
    2 years ago

    Evil also has its sign of contradiction. It's a little like Patterson's Curse, not unlike Fort Hood.
    Best of luck with that.

  9. mgm.
    2 years ago

    What a stupid video .Why would somebody like say a Hitler invade Switzerland its a land locked country and in WW2 it was completely surrounded by Hitler or his Allies .Hitler if he so please could have starved it into submission and then put homegrown Nazis in control! As a neutral country it's industries escape the attentions of the RAF and US Army Air Force Hitler could and did turn to Switzerland for machinery and mechanical items needed to keep his armies rolling that his bombed country could no longer provide,I can't imagine if the cold war had turn hot and Soviets had conquer western Europe they would have not starved the Swiss out too if and when they so pleased.

  10. Michael Terheyden
    2 years ago

    To Tom McGuire, 3 points: (1). I do not know much about the NRA. Since you believe that NRA manipulates facts and legislation, please give us examples and your reasoning, so we can evaluate your comment. In addition, does you comment imply that gun-control advocates do not manipulate facts and legislation? It seems to me that a lot of gun-control advocates generally relate to liberals and Democrats. These two groups have largely embraced a post-modern mentality--which rejects God; truth; reason; the natural law; and traditional, Christian morality. Consequently, they often feel free to break the rules and stack the deck however and whenever they please. So it seems to me that they would manipulate the facts and legislation far more than most other people (even the Republicans).

    (2). Some interesting statistics from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) for deaths in the USA for 2009 are as follows: Gun homicides, 11,493; alcohol, 24,518; car accidents, 34,485; drugs, 39,147; abortions 784,507 (abortion number does not include all states. Alan Guttmacher Institute reported about 1,210,000 abortions for that same year).

    (3). I also want to note that Blessed John Paul II referred to a society that aborts its children as a culture of death. Death permeates the whole culture because abortion is a reflection of the value we place on all human life. Even more fundamental is our rejection of God. The Church tells us that we cannot understand who we are (our nature) without reference to God. And if we do not understand our true nature, then we cannot know the true dignity and worth of human life. I believe that our acceptance of abortion and our rejection of God are the most fundamental and important reasons for violence in our society. I also believe that if we really want to reduce gun violence, then we need to start by building a culture of life.

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