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Two reasons why Obama thinks religious freedom does not apply to business Comments

According to Obama, there are two reasons why freedom of religion, promised in the First Amendment, does not apply to you as an employer. Federal prosecutors are presenting the sub-stellar arguments against Hobby Lobby, a chain of arts and craft stores. Hobby Lobby is the first to face the wrath of the administration for fighting back against its unconstitutional mandates requiring religious employers to pay for employee contraceptives, ... Continue Reading

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  1. Tanya Dennis
    2 years ago

    Michael (below): This isn't about controlling employees or their healthcare, but rather about employers not being forced to pay for something that violates their own beliefs. If the employees want to have those medications and/or procedures, no one is stopping them ... they just should pay for them themselves.

    I take great issue with the prevalent sense of entitlement in our society. If someone wants something, fine. He or she has the freedom to it, to get it! But others shouldn't be required to pay it just because a neighbor or employee or friend wants it. They should pay for it themselves. I fear many possess a skewed view of wants versus needs.

    Not to mention right versus wrong. Abortion is murder.

  2. Tanya Dennis
    2 years ago

    A petition has started to exempt Hobby Lobby and similarly-founded organizations from this healthcare mandate. Learn more about it and sign the petition here:

  3. Michael
    2 years ago

    Just because a company, religious or otherwise, employs a person does not mean you get to dictate their health care. Could you imagine a society where that was the case? Would employers be allowed to monitor employees interaction with their doctor to make sure none of the employers principals are being infringed upon.

    It would be a society in which some employers could dictate no vaccines for certain diseases, no Viagra for unmarried men, no blood transfussions, no medicines that contain alcohol, etc.

    Employers employ people. They do not own them. They cannot fire them for health care actions they do not agree with, for personal actions they do not agree with, for religious beliefs they do not agree with. Unless of course they are a religious organization serving a religious denomination. Then they have all those powers and they are free to exercise them. But for companies that serve the public, are not houses of worship or governing bodies of houses of worship and especially those that accept government money (as Catholic hospitals and universities do) they must obey the law of the land and not control their employees health care decisions.

  4. Deuce
    2 years ago

    There are many reasons for calling Obama a Marxist. How about the fact that he claims Frank Marshall Davis as such a profound influence on his life and upbringing...

  5. kathleen c
    2 years ago

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;....." "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL to force the Greens, to bow to obamacare's mandates that go against their religious (and moral) beliefs and that which prevent the Greens' free exercise of their religion. Some people don't understand this? In as much as the government cannot force anyone to be a certain religion or any religion, the government CAN NOT prohibit the free exercise thereof.

  6. bpuharic
    2 years ago

    The level of paranoia and outright hatred from the commenters here is bizarre. Obama's a marxist? You don't know what a marxist is; you should be ashamed to call a sitting president a 'marxist'. You people would be risible if you weren't so pathetic.

    And, as an American atheist, I will say your comments are exactly what I've come to expect from the Christian right. A powerful witness to hatred and delusion

  7. alisa smith
    2 years ago

    You still have the right to follow your religious beliefs under your employer sponsored healthcare. Just because you are religious and own a business, does not make your business a religious organization. If Hobby Lobby wants to be a religious organization then they need to reorganize completely and no longer be a for profit secular business. How would an employee feel, Christian or not, if a Jehovah's Witness owner mandated that insurance for his employees would not cover blood transfusions, because his personal religious beliefs prohibit that? Examples could go on and on. That is why we have religious freedoms!

  8. abey
    2 years ago

    Where a law said to be Righteous effects unrighteously to a bias, then that law can deemed to be leavened some where along the process, to know the law become a curse.

  9. vance
    2 years ago

    Obama is a hard core Marxist who hates this country and its institutions. He detests Christianity and its culture and values. He has made this fact abundantly clear. He is determined to bring it all down.

  10. R. Dubbeld
    2 years ago

    Two questions: Why did the Catholic's win a minor victory over an Obama mandate?
    Second: Why did so many (51%) Catholic's vote for Obama? Maybe they won their case as a payback for helping to put him back in for a second term. One wonders.

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