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Guest Opinion: Gun Control - What Would Jesus Do? Comments

The Church has always held that it is legitimate to defend one's life and/or property against an unjust aggressor, and it is equally legitimate to defend someone else's life and/or property on the same grounds, even if that defense were to result in the loss of the aggressor's life.Contrary to the assertions of the anti-gun folks, "gun-free zone" legislation is actually counterproductive, and potentially lethal to those it is designed to protect. Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    2 years ago

    Thank you. It seems as if this has taken on a life of it's own, exhibited in the paranoia of the anti -gun lobby. I'd venture a guess that most speaking out for the disarmament of the public have no idea that the normal, responsible gun owner is sitting next to them in church or in the office. They are painting us as being raving lunatics bent on death and destruction, rushing to judgment, because they seek easy answers and have been badly frightened. Much like "nobody likes the police, until they need one. " There is no short term fix. We live in trying times. Until we rebuild our families, until we leave our homes and reach out to the fatherless, we stand small chance at success. As I understand it, Obama was once a community activist. Hopefully, his new committee will include others who are in the trenches already experienced in solving this problem ( the Jesuit Priest who founded the Home Boys/Girls in LA comes to mind) or the great ministry of the Dream Center in LA (a Protestant Outreach for homeless youth) . These are just two who have demonstrated success in stemming violence and turning young lives around. If there is a committee, these are people who should be on the list. I fear tho ' that this will not be. I fear that this will amount to no more than a bunch of talking heads who have not the least experience when it comes to today's youth and instead will be nothing more than a cushy gov. job for someone's family member. BTW..I almost skipped over this because of the title. Thought it was going to be more of the same. Glad that I didn't because I've gained some from it. What would Jesus do? First and foremost, he would be a father to the fatherless!

  2. Eugene P. Clatrk III
    2 years ago

    To paraphrase the scriptures a bit.....

    "Do unto bad guys, that which bad guys would do unto thee: Only do it first !!!!" Amen.

  3. Starzec
    2 years ago

    I am neither an advocate for draconian gun control (ban all guns) nor an advocate for the let's arm everyone mentality. I believe there is a simple solution: safety education.
    To take issue with Dr Liewehr.
    Like many 2nd Amendment defenders, the he omits (ignores) the concept of a well regulated militia- meaning gun owners reporting to protect the nation from enemies when the time arises. To the read the second amendment without this clause is to ignore the intent. At a time when all men owned firearms either for self defense (city dwellers) or as a source to put meat on the table (country dwellers), the founding fathers were up against a government that wanted to take guns away from a rebellious sect. And make no mistake, the US Constitution is full of safeguards to keep the people at bay the electoral college and no direct election of Senators they simply did not believe the common citizen was smart enough (Thanks to an Constitutional Amendment we now elect Senators directly). To ignore the first clause of the 2nd amendment is to ignore the intent of the Constitution and the 2nd amendment itself.

    In Biblical terms, turn the the other cheek does not translate into do not defend yourself (lay down your arms), nor does it translate go out and purchase all the firearms you can afford. Both are ludicrous ideas. The Bible does have other passages supporting limiting arms; the best one- turn your swords into plowshares. while this is an appeal to nations to not be so quick to war and take care of their own people, it nonetheless suggests that we need not assault weapons but defense weapons. This concept is supported by the USCCB as its interpretation of Luke 22 35-39 says that Christ was advising his apostles that they may have to defend themselves when spreading the word. This simply cannot be mistaken as to say create an arsenal in your basement. Christ never believed that might makes right (see Beatitudes).

    Which brings me to my point: I do not care if someone owns a weapon. I do care that the weapon be dealt with appropriately. Meaning, locked up when not in use. The shootings that have occurred were with weapons that were largely obtained legally but IMPROPERLY stored so they fell into the wrong hands. Accidents will happen but with simple low cost safety efforts, they can be reduced significantly.

  4. rafaelmarie
    2 years ago




  5. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    whaat? Jesus didn't insist the government spend money on a sword buy-back program, and then demand search and seisure of all arms in the land. He must not have been British.

    hopefully the US bishops will also look at some of this info before giving any support to extreme measures of the government. Numbers don't lie, but plenty of people are lying with numbers. The so-called "gun lobby" is made up of many average Joe citizens sincerly concerned for their freedoms.

  6. David Beresford
    2 years ago

    Excellent article! Well done!
    David Beresford, PhD
    Editor, Catholic Insight magazine, Canada

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