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Guest Opinion: Gun Control - What Would Jesus Do? Comments

The Church has always held that it is legitimate to defend one's life and/or property against an unjust aggressor, and it is equally legitimate to defend someone else's life and/or property on the same grounds, even if that defense were to result in the loss of the aggressor's life.Contrary to the assertions of the anti-gun folks, "gun-free zone" legislation is actually counterproductive, and potentially lethal to those it is designed to protect. Continue Reading

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  1. Mathew Thankachen O.Praem
    2 years ago

    In fact, in the midst of crisis, one is bound to take a 'pragmatic approach' which however should not be justified on partial Biblical context or historical events. It is often the attitude of the Pentecosts to justify quoting left and right of the Word to suit their perspective. When Jesus said to " buy the arm" in Luke, don't forget the same Jesus who told his apostles " to put away the arms for those who take the arms will be destroyed by the same". He even healed the " ears" of the one who his disciples wounded to defend him. Of security, he did not propose the way of the " kings of the earth" have. Even when he was challenged to prove his son ship of God by " saving him and others crucified with him", he did not take up this challenge. Neither did he defend at the garden of Gethsemane. The moral implication of " self defense of the one " even at the cost of harm to the offender is not on the principle of " commission by omission". In other words, one doesn't want to kill the aggressor, however, if it happens on the attempt to self defense" only is justified. In a democratic system it is the duty of the government to protect its citizens and so while the ordinary citizens of free of guns, the police and military possess them. however, there is limitation for such protection. of course, the Christians way of life and teaching always have been one of " counter- culture" " counter pragmatic". The basic problem is to determine of the " sane mind" . A sane mind of today can be " insane" the next moment of emotional turbulence. It can be determined neither by the psychiatrist nor by the gun licensing agency for a full proof.
    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem.

  2. Jeremiah
    2 years ago

    Jesus gave the answer to this question: He came not to break existing laws and traditions.

    The tradition in His time was that every man was obliged to bear arms.

    The risk of mass extinction existed only through the actions of the governors (let's remember the Pyrrhic victory, when the population of the entire city of Epidamn was slain in the battle against the Romans).

    Jesus would surely say to the asker of the question in the subject (about the gun control): Get out, Satan. You who is full of poisonous evil intentions and words, you ask Me, which tools of murder are allowed, which not.

    And after all, mass killings of children was a ritual from the time immemorial (fire, water or sword were among favorite tool; gas among newest ones).

    Love each other, armed and unarmed. Don't kill neither armed nor unarmed.

  3. Emma
    2 years ago

    Am I to understand that the men who are posting here who say "turn the other cheek " are also saying that they would do so in the event that an intruder entered their homes? Are you honestly saying that you would do that while witnessing your wives being raped and sodomized by some sick and twisted stranger? Would you rather come home from work to find that your family had been brutally murdered or to find that your spouse had taken necessary measures to protect herself and the children in your absence? I know that the day anyone in the church told my husband that he could not avail himself of whatever means necessary to protect his family and still remain in communion with the church, would be the last day he would step foot in a Catholic Church. It makes no sense to expect that. I'm happy that in New Zealand the police can always be counted on. In Sacramento, CA. a police officer who had been on the force for 20 yrs. was arrested for raping a 78 yo grandmother in her home! So much for always being able to count on law enforcement to serve and protect. To my Canadian live in relative peace within the international community in large part because your neighbors to the south have a strong military willing to come to your defense. Perhaps the reason those from other countries can smugly say that they "don't understand why Americans are so fascinated with their guns " is because they don't live here! We have basically NO mental health care system available to most people which often leaves the criminally insane at large, we have far too many people walking around whacked out on meth, our school systems and our families are broken, home invasions are common and funds have been cut from law enforcement. While we spend obscene amounts of money on international peace keeping efforts, while our fathers, sons, daughters are stationed around the world keeping our allies safe, we are not safe here at home. When we can bring our loved ones home and keep the money spent on military operations here at home, maybe we can put away our guns. But not me. Not now '. No one will come into my home and hurt my family without a fight from me!

  4. Repeal the Second Amendment Now
    2 years ago

    It's tough for me to believe that Jesus would think that Nancy Lanza's right to keep semi-automatic weapons in her basement is more important than the Sandy Hook students and teachers right to attend school without being gunned down. It's hard for me to believe Thomas Jefferson would want the current situation for this country, either.

    Sensible regulations, such as requiring target shooting guns be kept in secure vaults at target ranges, would prevent many deaths of innocents. Jesus would want us to do everything possible to end the gun massacres.

    Australia has proved it is possible to end the massacres. We can do it, if we have the will. I believe Jesus would smile on our efforts.

  5. Paul Sopp
    2 years ago

    Thank you for this informative and biblical based article. I believe it places the United States in the proper light upon which is was founded . . . God given inalienable rights for the individual to self-defense.

  6. ninov
    2 years ago

    Agreed on all counts. Making gun free zones means the person breaking the law had all the power as I must leave my ccw in the car.

  7. Dan Martin
    2 years ago

    Interesting to read this article. I am Catholic but from the 'ends of the earth' in New Zealand. I count myself blessed to live here in New Zealand (which has British origins) that we do not have a gun culture like the United States. To the extent our policemen to not even carry guns (they carry them in the boot of their poice cars). I understand the history of the US and why the culture has developed and understand the logic of the article above, but I still disagree with it. Fundamentally the more people are armed, the more the likely of deadly shooting to take place ( Given the strong feelings for owning guns in the US and justification for it as above, I cannot see the mass shootings declining, in fact sadly I can see it only increasing. I admire many things about the US, but the gun culture is not one of them. Certainly, I don't think Jesus would own a gun in the US if he lived there today (re title) as his general message was to put ones trust in God. Our early tradition of the early Christians who lived in a very hostile violent environment is evidence of this.

  8. Stephen
    2 years ago

    Prohibiting private ownership of guns works fine in tranquil nations where the populace has no reason to fear their government or armed criminals. In most of the world where this paradise does not exist, however,to prohibit or seriously restrict private gun ownership is to ensure a nation of sheep at the mercy of the circling wolves. Just ask the Mexicans.

  9. Patrick Chortkiv
    2 years ago

    My gosh, but you Americans are a strange lot! Your national fixation with the 'right' to own and bear guns powerful enough to decimate a small town is one thing, but justifying this lunacy by invoking God is quite another. And as a Catholic I find it offensive that anyone would cite the teachings of Christ in order to try and justify this stupidity. What would Jesus do, indeed! I thank God daily that I'm a Canadian.

  10. vance
    2 years ago

    What would Jesus do? Jesus would say as he already said, "Follow me". "If you follow me, you won't shoot anybody." "If you follow me. you won't raise children that will shoot you and a school classroom full of children". I doubt that Jesus would vote for Obama and the Party of Death and Deceit. Why? Because Obama and the Party of Death wouldn't have anything to do with Jesus. After all they BOOed his Father 3 times at their convention. The Gun Control Nazi's would say that Jesus would take away everyone's gun. Jesus never said, "Everyone turn in your swords". Instead he focused on everyone of us to change our behaviors and obey his commandments because if we obey his commandments no one would fear fore his life or his property.

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