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Guest Opinion: Gun Control - What Would Jesus Do? Comments

The Church has always held that it is legitimate to defend one's life and/or property against an unjust aggressor, and it is equally legitimate to defend someone else's life and/or property on the same grounds, even if that defense were to result in the loss of the aggressor's life.Contrary to the assertions of the anti-gun folks, "gun-free zone" legislation is actually counterproductive, and potentially lethal to those it is designed to protect. Continue Reading

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  1. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Paul-Emile Leray, Yes, everything that you say is true. How do i know? Our son and family were stationed there for 3 years. An example to keep it short.

    Our son needed a car. He bought one off base from a lovely older family man himself. I say "lovely" because, his being radiated the truth and love natural in one human being to another, according to our son. It was unlike Any car purchase he had ever made in the U.S. The man, besides selling him the used car, told him if anything went wrong with the van during the 3 years he was stationed in Japan that he would fix it. He was true to his word. It was taken back twice, and he repaired it at no charge. Being both hospitable and humble at the same time. Our son was nearly in shock! No one in the U. S. would do that! Well, almost.

    Besides agreeing with Paul, one may ask, Why? is there such a difference. The answer is as multi-faceted diamond. Each facet containing one of the answers.

    The next question would have to be about our country. When? Where? Why? and how did it change. Well, as in all countries, one has to first acknowledge, even though it was the greatest country, it never was Utopia. It never had streets paved with gold. It never Could boast about taking care of Dickens Want and Poverty. That Want and Poverty in a Me, Myself, and I, and a Secularized country is simply doomed to failure. In short, to answer questions like these, they are in recorded history.

    One thing our son said in pondering this same question, is that Japan is not like the U.S. in that it is not a melting pot for ethnicities. This is one facet. With Paul's words triggering yet more synapse's in this already overloaded brain, it is time to close. Blessings..

  2. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    Matthew Thankachen,

    and can one define what a democratic system is, just as easily as one can define ones mental status? Mexico is a democratic system, yes? Saddam Hussein claimed he got 98% vote,give or take. Was it ok that Hitler took away guns, on democratic principles-the people elected him, he must have had a mandate? Geobbels said the people are fools easily played in a democratic system.

    on what principle do you say the people are not to have guns in democratic sytem?

    and these so-called "democratic" systems-now in some countries do not allow their own people to have guns yet make business out of selling them to other countries. (Hey Piers, see what your country of England has been doing) World powers control much of the gun market. But the common person cannot defend his own home?

    That's gonna fly when it takes 20 minutes plus for the sheriff to get to my doorstep.
    To require people to keep guns away from their home will not fly in America. I hunt on my own land. That is against our constitution and long held rule of law. Countries, especially in Europe have gone away from their most deeply held principles of natural law. They have lost their memory, identity and quite possibly their sanity. But who can define any of these things today?

  3. Rob West
    2 years ago

    Jeffery Caperton, actually the bible quote is "those who live by the sword will die by the sword". A drug dealer using a gun to intimidate rivals, kill off competition living by the sword. A law abidding citizen keeping a gun for protection is not living by the sword.

  4. mgm.
    2 years ago

    Why bring Christ into the subject that America is awash with something like 300 million guns of all types .I recall a ancient Roman historian that lived at the time of Christ writing what was apparently commonly held truth of his age "that one man with a sword cannot rule 10 men but ten thousand men with swords (a army)can enslave 1 million men"you get it 10 unarmed men could get in close and drop one guy with sword .I like to see 10 unarmed men today get the drop on a kid armed with a gun that can drop them a half mile away with one clip of ammo comparisons between guns swords and bows are silly.I'am not surprise followers of Christ were armed I was astonish to read a few years ago that there was no Roman organize police force ,there may have been legions on the frontiers where they were kept apparenty in the vast interior between the great cities it was the wild west and you were on your own.To draw comparisons between why people in the ancient world armed themselves and why modern Americans with excellent police forces and highway patrols should feel the need to be armed to the teeth is stretchen it.

  5. Jeffrey Caperton
    2 years ago

    I find it interesting that the author ignores the admonishment from Jesus about the fate of those who take up the sword as written in the Gospel according to St. Matthew ("...for all who draw the sword will die by the sword."). As to "What would Jesus do", I find it, as one priest termed it, presumptuous as we, because of our general ignorance and sinful nature, cannot really fathom the mind of Jesus.

    Everytime something like this is reported in the news we get knee-jerk reactions from the extreme sides of the issue. For those who favor unregulated gun ownership, we essentially live in a war zone and should arm ourselves as though we are in combat. For those who believe that more controls over the purchase and ownership of guns will prevent these tragedies, people who own guns are Clint Eastwood types wishing somebody would "make my day". What is worse is that the extremes receive all of the press coverage. For once, I would give anything for the more sober thinking people to receive the press coverage; people whose hearts are not filled with rancor. However, hate sells better in the media than rational discussion.

    For both extremes, I can understand the outrage, and one would wish that this could have been prevented, but the truth is that there is no defense against chaos; that bad things will happen and that evil people exist. There are numerous laws regulating gun sales and ownership and this young man was still able to arm himself. There were armed guards located at other places that experienced similar tragedies, yet tragedy still happened. Bad things happen and only God can control everything.

    Rather than shaking our fists at one another, which is becoming more and more ingrained in American culture, at a time such as this, would it not be better to embrace each other and mourn this tragedy together and then, once we have sufficiently mourned, perhaps have a more reasoned discussion as to what we can control and what we need to trust to God?

    To those who say more gun regulation is needed, I would tell you that we cannot regulate away evil. To those who would have us believe we live in a war zone and need to arm for combat, do you really think such an environment is free? We may as well live in a terrorist country. Evil will always find a way to make itself known. We need to rise above that evil and show that that God is in charge and that goodness does exist, and shaking our fists at one another is not goodness.

  6. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Emma, Great post for telling our neighbors and the world how it is here! New Zealand, you are indeed Blessed! I hope your country stays that way. It sounds lovely! Emma's post is truer than true. I am a 3rd generation Californian, and let me tell you, it's Not the same! Men of greed and power, the herd that follows their mindset, illegals drain on state dollars, domains of gang territories each of a different ethnicity; Christians, Catholics and Jews falling from their Faith due to increased Secularism and more which I do not have the time to print here. Yes. You are truly Blessed! I did not live in this world as a child growing up. My world was not like it is today. I so pray constantly for All of the above and more. Each day is a new unfolding. Emma, I will pray for you and yours. All of my cousins live in the Bay area. Our family was the only one that "lived down South". Anyway, there are a lot of positive things..Emma and I are not negative. We are just living our Reality. We have our Faith, Hope and Charity, as everyone else.

    @Matthew Thankachen O. Praem, I understand your post. What Emma says however is True. WE have too many mental patients walking the streets. Even if a psychiatrist says that one is to be put away, eventually they are released. In Ca. many Mental hospitals have closed their doors. A matter of green paper. It is not only a matter of mental cases either. Ca. has no room for all their prisoners. They were and are emptied on a regular basis. In prisons now, they are separated by race. We have gang run prisons. In short, Ca. has no money. No, this is not the Ca. I grew up in.
    Here WE must come to the Cause. Society and environment. Growth of Secularism and the fall of religion. That which holds our morality together.

    I offer and pray for the world daily. May The Hearts Of Jesus And Mary Have Mercy On Us.

  7. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    I am very happy to be living in a country in Asia whereby one can feel safe anytime, anywhere, (within reason); a place that when wallets are lost on trains or subways they are usually returned to the station with all the money left inside. Umbrellas, a pair of mittens, gloves, are often returned to the station's office. And all this, in a country with less than 5% of the population being Christian! I am Christian. I am Catholic. I can honestly state, publically, that Tokyo is safer than most cities in North America that have a population of over 50,000 people. How can this be? How can an area with a metro population of 38,000,000 feel and be safer, in reality, than cities like Saskatoon or Regina in Saskatchewan? It almost seems, in the intuitive sense, that some calling themselves Christian and Catholic live as agnostics and atheists; while some calling themselves agnostic or atheist seem to live more Christian and Catholic life-styles at times. I know some of my Japanese friends who live more Christian and Catholic lives, unknowingly, while claiming to not be Christian or Catholic. In reality, in the essence of truth and therefore reality, many are highly Christian and Catholic even if unaware of it themselves. It does likely seem outlandish and counterintuitive that I should write this, for it does to me the writer, but it is simply what? The truth! The kindest, softest, nicest people I have ever met in my life are in Asia. When I am in Europe or North America, I keep the eyes in the back of my head wide open. In Tokyo? It is so safe that when drunks fall asleep wherever they drop, someone will simply call the police and the person will get assisted home in most instances. (without a fine) Who was it who wrote or said, if Christians wish to evangelize and attract more people to Christianity while doing their work as missionaries; perhaps some ought to show a better example of what Christianity looks like? I am not a big fan of taking Biblical quotes and applying them to modern realities without a thorough explanation of contextual reality and exegesis being present both implicitly and explicitly. People often end up being Sophists, even when trying to be in search of truth with pure motive.
    Paul-Emile Leray

  8. Thomas
    2 years ago

    This really is a two-fold question. I've lived in a family that always had guns in the house. There never was an issue with safety because safety was number one issue. Guns are not toy's, they are tool's, deadly tool's and should be seen as such. Muli-round magazines are not need for hunting, or self defense, they are used for killing masses of people.

    The second fold of this question is the decay of morality in our country. The government promotes a culture of death, Hollywood glorifies this same culture of death, and people look for peace and happiness in every corner of this secular world, except God. Find Peace in your heart by finding God, you won't need to gun for mass killings.

  9. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    In Afghanistan,Ramazan Bashardost, placed third in the national election a few years ago, and was the only candidate who did buy votes. He made a profound statement that we in America could wisely reflect on. "We have to stop justifying killing," he explained. "All the politicians are corrupt and support killing someone, but killing anyone is never justified. We should not support anyone who kills another person. We Afghans need to decide what our human values are, so we can stop the killing, violence, corruption and injustice."

    What if there were a brave American politician, better yet, a group, will to make a similar statement in the United States?

  10. Debbie
    2 years ago

    Guns do not kill people, people kill people. Therefore, gun control will not stop the taking of another life or lives.

    A friend of mine told me that when he was in High School some of his friends would bring their shot guns to school during hunting season. The Principal would hold them until after school when they would go hunting, that was the 1970's. They did not kill anyone. What has changed?

    I read a story that there is an effort underway in Britain to outlaw long kitchen or pointed knifes because of the number of stabbings. I am not making this up! So to all my brothers and sisters in Christ over seas that want to look down on us Americans for having the right to bare arms, where does this stop? People kill people. Again, what has changed?

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