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Rewrite the Bible to allow gay marriage, CNN host Piers Morgan declares Comments

Being controversial generates lots of worthwhile discussion on the part of the audience. CNN host Piers Morgan has declared that the Bible needs to be rewritten to allow gay marriage. Morgan has also said that both the Bible and the U.S. Constitution are heavily flawed, and need to be rewritten. These comments have indeed proved to be controversial, and a petition to have him deported back to the United Kingdom has since garnered ... Continue Reading

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  1. Catholicman
    2 years ago

    Why is this article even posted on this site?.. This person obviously speaks for no one other than himself and has no agenda other than satisfying his own ego.

  2. Gabriella
    2 years ago

    Mr.Morgan does not know the Bible and he does not know the teachings of the Holy Catholic Church for otherwise he would have never said what he has said and suggested. He is totally ignorant of the Word of God. We should just ignore his rantings as they are nothing more than rantings of an ignorant mind. He might be good at judging singing voices but the Bible?
    Piers is a typical case of someone who thinks that just because he is famous he is also wise and can spread his 'wisdom' around. Obviously, he does not believe in afterlife.

  3. JMJE
    2 years ago

    How sad we humans are...choosing to be ignorant of God's laws to suit our own selfish wants and desires.

    When we see ourselves one day as God sees us, we will surely weep with sorrow and remorse.

    I'm with your comments "Clinton" - very well said.

  4. Amir Rizvi.
    2 years ago

    When he says to rewrite Bible, he knows that being a divine book, it cant be rewritten. Therefore, gay marriage, on account of never being allowed by Bible, should not be permitted. In a nice and a careful way he is against it.

  5. Clinton
    2 years ago


    - that a petition can be launched -- and taken seriously -- to have a person deported from a country merely for expressing his views...

    - that a television personality can decide that he knows better than God, than the evidence and nature of Creation itself, and better than the God-fearing authors of the U.S. Constitution what human life, family and society should look like...

    - that so many politicians, academics, and media pundits still haven't learned that Truth is not based on opinion, taste, trends, lobby groups, or polls, but rather on the One who not only creates and sustains us, but also reveals man to himself -- the good and the bad, the beauty and the ugliness... perhaps they haven't suffered enough yet from the misery, the poverty, and the wretchedness of their "choices" to see that Satan is behind their anti-human/anti-Christ agendas. Any of us can be swept up in Satan's deceptions if we don't stay close to the Lord.

    May the love of God, in Christ, break through darkened minds and hardened hearts! Joy and true freedom are abundantly available through Jesus!

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    If we can have the gay bible,why not the newest of the new,revised sub-standard Peirs Morgan bible or the Peirs Morgan constitution rewrite. Than all will be and politically correct and all morals can be rewritten to suit whatever any one would want to ever think they would like to do without worrying about their conscience ever bothering them about it. Gay marriage,abortion,euthanasia all of it why not. Just lie in literature,rewrite it all to suit yourself. The sermon on the mountain will read very differently in the politically correct version of the Peirs Morgan bible. Feel good version of the bible and constitution? Why Not? Hitler did it so that killing the Jews was a politically correct thing and students of that time could read the textbooks they were studying and it was all rewritten as the thing to do,current for the time.actuated as all politically reinvented to be morally acceptable even advisable,all protected by and rewritten as the new set of laws for the land of new and revised freedoms.

  7. Emma
    2 years ago

    Is he a citizen of the US? Just wondering as he calls for the rewriting of a constitution which safeguards his freedom to speak this nonsense in public. What an arrogant piece of work! Show me your credentials Show me your degree in constitutional law, theology, religious studies, early Christian History? Anything? Anything to back you up!? Not worth one piece of the paper that our Constitution was written on!

  8. Victor
    2 years ago

    I would not doubt that some crazy liberal judge will in the future declare the Bible to be a "hate document" and thus outlaw it, or demand its revision, under so-called anti-hate laws.

    The main problem is judges. They make a crazy decision and then the media brainwashes people into believing that it's the correct decision. Unfortunately, we have very, very few elected officials who will stand up to these judges. I mostly blame Republicans, who have lost their way and are wandering in the wilderness.
    Another problem is that oridinary, socially conservative Americans have been taken by surprise by what is essentially a revolutionary Left which knows no bounds of decency or craziness. They are fanatics.
    Ordinary Americans are simply bewildered and defenseless when it comes to confronting these Leftists.

  9. Bob
    2 years ago

    Re-write the Bible to allow Gay Marriage? They already have.

  10. Kathy
    2 years ago

    I have such distain for Rick Warren. He caved the first time when Obama was running for President. It gave room for those Christians that were straddling the fence, to come on over to Obama's side. He made Obama look good. He supported Obama. Warren could not see, what most of us could? And now he is surprised by these outlandish comments from.. to borrow a word...twit like Morgan? It is not about compromise. You are either a Christian or you are not.

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