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Atheist Dawkins unjustly abuses all the world's Catholics with this comment Comments

According to the infamous atheist, Richard Dawkins, growing up Catholic is a form of child abuse worse than sexual abuse. Go ahead and reread that, and let it sit for awhile. Continue Reading

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  1. Falon
    2 years ago

    We that knew Dawkins even 42 years ago wil just say that he is, and always has been unloved, soulless and cold.

    Believing in God makes our brains produce positive chemicals that enhance our life. Look at Dawkins...he has the appearance of a sad little man.

    Now that scientists have discovered micro-yubules in the brain that may contain our Soul at the Quantum level we may find that "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." and he has a change of heart even if it is for his own aggrandisement.

    However, whatever his belief set is, we should still love him as a fellow man.

  2. Byrom
    2 years ago

    Totally apart from the stupidity of grading people's sexual abuses against religious upbringing, Dawkins also doesn't realise another logic blunder:

    If he's going to say that religious upbringing is child abuse, then logically we ought to respond to it the same as any other "child abuse", i.e. the state removes the child. Yet when confronted with this implication, Dawkins gets irate and shouts "how dare you say that"!

    If Dawkins really were a logical man, he would appreciate that it is absurd to place something in an "abuse" category yet try to keep it exempt from counter-abuse measures!

    He's just an angry old preacher, probably trying to play down his own personal abuse (as a psychologist informed me that many abuse suffers do if not given the opportunity to confront it with the right support).

  3. Pete Brady
    2 years ago

    And the hope of the atheist, in passing from this life, is???

  4. John
    2 years ago

    I believe Dawkins is an occultist and not the atheist he claims to be... Always seems to be a dark cunning about the man and his way of words.

    He tries to trap the less educated priests and bishops (who speak of God's love) in a debate about science that is completely outside their sphere of knowledge but does not take on bishops and priests who also happen to be scientists.

    The world is catching on Mr Dawkins. In the words of good old Johnny Cash "one day God'll cut you down"

  5. vance
    2 years ago

    The only reason a fool like Richard Dawkins has an audience is the Marxist Media Complex and the Marxist dominated university faculties prop him up. Anyone who has heard this idiot soon realizes that he is not a very bright individual. Dawkins late evil twin, Hitchins, was the same. Sadly, Hitchins learned there is a God after his death but it was too late. He had already chosen hell.

  6. Joseph
    2 years ago

    Though opposed by many in England for his comments and approach to religion, a large number of people agree with Dawkins. This is something Americans need to be aware of: there is a poisonous hatred for all things religious among the political and intellectual elites in England and the rest of Europe. Your former allies of World War II memory are no longer the people you think they are. David Cameron, the English Conservative (that's right, Conservative) Prime Minister, who recently visited your country and was on Dave Lettermann etc. pretending to be oh so decent and likeable, is in reality at this very moment ramming GAY MARRIAGE through, openly contemptuous of all opposition from the general public and all the Churches - Christian, Jewish and Islamic. If the law passes Gay sexuality will be taught to children as young as 5 in all schools, including Catholic schools - to oppose this will lead to prosecutions and fines etc. etc. The BBC (i.e. the government TV channel) is already actively recruiting gay and lesbian personnel for all TV children's programmes, in order to 'familiarise' young children with gay people and their 'lifestyles'. The same political elites who are pushing all these measures are also in constant contact with your political elites, especially those on the Left. They think together and act together. As Catholics we therefore need to start thinking globally too. We need to be aware that the fight against Christianity is not limited to this or that country. It is a globally conceived and excecuted strategy involving atheist elites working in coordination with each other. This is the very situation Pope Benedict XVI is repeatedly trying to warn all people of Faith about. We therefore need to gear up our defense and move on to the attack, given that attack is always the best form of defense, and our enemies are absolutely implacable in their resolve to wipe all religion off the face of the earth. In England we are already under siege from the atheists - people are losing their jobs because they refuse to deny their faith, the TV, especially the BBC, constantly seeks to undermine Faith and religion and openly supports the atheist position on all matters of current affairs; faith schools are being targeted by legislation to restrict the teaching of faith where it conflicts with undemocratic government edicts concerning matters the people have never been allowed to vote on. Be warned, America. Take heed.

  7. Tom
    2 years ago

    nikorb, anyone with common sense can see that the "horrors around them" are caused by religion. Non-stop war that will see no end until education and common sense place religion in it's proper place, a quaint tradition that is an amusing and interesting part of our past and with as much influence as Thor (the God of thunder) and Ra (sun god) have today.

  8. nikorb
    2 years ago

    I believe that atheists are just "Theophobic". They are scared of God.
    They are so puffed up with pride (The #1 deadly sin) that they refuse to acknowledge a power higher than themselves.
    The whole idea that "Christianity is dying" is silly. There are more Christians in the world than atheists. And there will continue to be. Like it or not.

  9. Alan Clark
    2 years ago

    When he made the same suggestion at a talk in Ireland he got a huge ovation, so it seems that a lot of people agree with him very strongly. I don't know where you got the idea that it was based on a single woman's statement.

  10. Greg
    2 years ago

    People are not in peace with others because they are not in peace with themselves. They are not in peace with themselves because they are not in peace with God.

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