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Atheist Dawkins unjustly abuses all the world's Catholics with this comment Comments

According to the infamous atheist, Richard Dawkins, growing up Catholic is a form of child abuse worse than sexual abuse. Go ahead and reread that, and let it sit for awhile. Continue Reading

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  1. abey
    2 years ago

    Atheism is the other side of Paganism of the same coin or Atheism can said to be the result due to the overflow of Paganism especially when it amounts to 33 million gods, which does apply to the other side of Atheist Richard Dawkins & hence there is cause for him to be angry 33 million times over.

  2. mjgt
    2 years ago

    Well done article.

  3. Laura
    2 years ago

    Author Frank Sheed stated in "Theology for Beginners" that Christians must insist that we are more LOGICAL than materialist/atheist. Christians acknowledge that man is both BODY and SPIRIT! Spirit produces offspring such as THOUGHT and LOVE. All of which do not occupy space, have no smell nor color, do not weight anything, yet they are very REAL. Atheist think that the body (brain) produces offspring (thought, love) that have NOTHING in common with it. What is more ridiculous then that?

    GOD is pure SPIRIT. HE does not need a body. A body is limited, can't move in time, can only be in one place at a time, deteriorates, will die, it has a smell, is visible, takes up space, and has weight.

    Please, Christians, the truth will set us free! Catholicism has all the answers but we must learn them.

  4. Rizzo The Bear
    2 years ago

    Ah, Dawkins, Dawkins, Dawkins! ROFLOL! LOL! and LOL some more! Oh, my sides are aching from mirth!

    We? Insulted? Abused? In case Dawkins supposedly smart head hasn't quite let the following facts sink in, the Roman Catholic Church has been insulted and abused for over 2,000 years and - yes! We know how to deal with it!

    Oxford University was founded centuries ago by religious orders of the Roman Catholic Church - of which Dawkins is an alumni!

    Talk about biting the hand that feeds!

    You know, the best way to deal with evil is to LAUGH AT IT!

    Ever since Dawkins and Stephen Fry and his other minions made complete idiots of themselves when The Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, visited England and Scotland, I feel pity for these atheists. That's it. Pity.

    Dawkins et al have chips on their shoulders so big and heavy, you'd think they were into tossing the caber (a Scottish native sport where men throw huge logs of wood for fun).

    He's making the most of this narcissistic, attention-seeking lark because, soon enough, people will WAKE UP an smell whatever hot beverage is on the stove. They'll yawn, get tired and he'll just end up like a porcupine - he'll talk to himself!

    He's a person (I wouldn't call him a man) who is resisting God's Grace. I mean, why else would he utter such garbage-pail contents about the Roman Catholic Church? Think about it. Keep praying, good and faithful people! Think Alphonse Ratisbonne, who had the same attitude problem... he soon woke up!

    Like Obama, Dawkins fancies himself as the Emperor With No Clothes who deludes himself and others into thinking that he looks fabulous... whilst The Holy Father is like the young boy who cries out that Dawkins, Obama, Fry etc. etc. are stark naked!

    Dawkins is a wind-up merchant who would never lay down his life for his beliefs... because he hasn't got the guts!

  5. John
    2 years ago

    Dawkins is as crazy as they come. He is a very dangerous person straying God,s people from the right path. If he believes that there is no God, whom he uis fighting????

  6. Barb
    2 years ago

    Athiests claim that it is religion that begets wars, when it is truly the athiests themselves, trying to force their unbelief down believers' throats that cause wars. Christian culture is going to be defended whether they like it or not. Accusing us of causing strife when we defend ourselves won't make us stop defending ourselves. Even the rewritten histories they made up are being questioned. The Crusades and The Inquisition are two such histories they love rewriting to our detriment, but the true history is still out there and is quite different from their version. Only those truly dedicated to truth will take the time and effort to discover them.

  7. Adrian
    2 years ago

    We need to challenge Dawkins on a factual and logical basis. To say he offends one billion Catholics will merely bring a smile to his face.
    The facts are that billions of acts of kindness and charity are carried out every day by Catholics because of their faith.
    He supports a specifically atheist charity -- set up to show atheists are as generous when it comes to charitable giving as Catholics -- but you will not hear him state this as the results have been a drop in the ocean in contrast to faith charity giving.
    Catholic priests are statistically LESS likely to commit child abuse than protestant ministers or the population in general.
    He is unable to statistically or empirically measure benefit or harm of faith.
    Dawkins can not counter the argument that children need to be brought up in a faith -- live the life --so that when they are adults they can make a decision for themselves -- not being brought up in a faith denies them the knowledge and experience to make an informed decision.
    Millions of people (like myself) report that Catholic faith has markedly changed lives for the better.

  8. nikorb
    2 years ago

    Riddle me this: How is it that the Catholic Church, which teaches ultimate love and forgiveness, is the cause of all the horrors of the world? Honestly.
    Let us look at the "horrors around us".
    Abortion: An average of 3,500 babies are aborted EVERY DAY. 1 out of every 4 babies are killed and there bodies thrown away like rubbish. The Catholic Church is the #1 opposition to this horrible act.
    Hunger: So many people die in poverty. Does the Catholic Church CAUSE this? No, on the contrary, the Church has many charities and support efforts to help those in need.
    "Non-stop war": The current war going on right now is a fight against terrorism. Granted, the enemy consists of many Muslim radicals. But, how is religion as a whole the source of this war? It is not. The terrible World War II happened, contrary to Tom's stated idea, because Adolf Hitler wanted to DESTROY religion. Religion was not the cause of WWII at all. Rather, an atheist caused all those deaths.
    Lack of Education: Adolf Hitler, an atheist, was in great opposition to the promotion of education. He had millions of books burned, and hundreds of thousands of children killed. The Catholic Church, however, was the main source of any education during the Middle Ages. Still, during our time, the Church does nothing which hinders the education of children at all. I happen to be enrolled in a Catholic school myself. I can assure you that I am receiving a great education, as are all the others with me.
    Suicide: In recent years, the rates of suicide of leaped to an all-time high. Coincidentally, the percentage of atheism has also risen. Did you know that in the military, for a person in danger of being captured by enemy forces, they prefer persons who are religious. Why? Because they have hope. No matter how bad things get for them, they always have God to pray to. People with no faith are more likely to give up on life because they have nothing to have faith in other than themselves.
    All in all, "anyone with common sense" can see that the "horrors around them" are NOT caused by the Church at all. Common sense and education (both of which I have demonstrated here) will put religion in its place. That place being the forefront of our society.
    You can continue to believe that the Church is evil, but you are a hypocrite to use the words "common sense" while ignoring what is obviously sensible.
    I will continue to pray for all who oppose the belief in God.

  9. Peter Bernard
    2 years ago

    Dawkins is a child of the movement called 'the Enlightenment' which began in the 17th century. Its founders thought that theology was inherently hostile to reason and thus the human psyche. They believed the only mode of gaining knowledge was through reason and not revelation. 'Diderot wrote about people as trying to find our way in a dark forest with only the small lantern of reason to guide us. Along comes a stranger, he wrote, who tells us that it is so dark that we should blow out the lantern. That man, Diderot concluded, is a theologian.' quote taken Alan Charles Kors paper The Enlightenment, Naturalism, and the Secularization of Values.

    This was because the Religious guise became deeply rooted in the civil authorities modus operandi (thanks to the intervention of Emperor Constantine's centuries before). Personal discipline, proposed by religion, did not adequately prevent the abuse of power. This deficiency resulted in many a war and much institutional abuse of the day in the name of Religious truth. To the 'Enlightened' this institutional abuse by the Powerful became synonymous with notion of 'abuse of the innocent by the Religious Catholic mindset.'
    What Dawkins fails to admit is religious sentiment contributed to the liberating notion that God's providence was not limited to the stars but acted here on earth through the enlighten human mind as the naturalists championed. This enlightened mind could thus could judge the plausibility and legitimacy of human rule no matter its disguise religious or otherwise, bases on notions like the common good and the dignity of each individual. God had given man the tools (the Word, Tradition and Reason) to master any situation.
    If he is a true child of the movement he will whole deny the significance of of the verses [Gen 2:19] which state "So the LORD God formed from the ground all the wild animals ....He brought them to the man to see what he would call them, and the man chose a name for each one." and "[Gen 1:26] Then God said, "Let Us make human beings in Our image, to be like Us. They will reign over .... all the wild animals ... "
    This naming of and reign over 'wild animals' translates today to nothing less than the scientist/rational man naming/discovering the hidden unnamed laws of the universe. What makes these laws like unto 'wild animals' is that they are not under our direct control to command, only the knowledge of their nature i.e. naming them accurately through 'mathematical equation' can these laws be manipulated to serve man's purposes as in the law of aerodynamics allowing human flight or the law of human perception which allow for many an optical illusion.

  10. Marc
    2 years ago

    You have taken his quote out of context. Dawkins clearly states that it was arguable (ie. in certain cases it is true), not that it is true for every case.

    Dawkins went up against Cardinal George Pell, the Archbishop of Sydney who is a very smart man, on an Australian Panel show. Dawkins argues with anyone who will argue back.

    Most atheist are not "Theophobic", they just object to religious people attempting to use their faith to dictate how other people people live their lives.

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