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'Call me crazy,' for wanting armed police in schools, NRA chief says Comments

National Rifle Association Chief Wayne LaPierre, speaking on TV's Meet the Press for the first time since the Newton, Connecticut shootings, argued that armed guards should be at the nation's schools.  Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Vance, you're wrong about this. Armed guards have been demonsrably unable to prevent these tragedies in any way. I've cited three of the most memoraboe; armed guards at Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech and Columbine didn't do anything to prevent the killing. I'm not claiming to have another idea, I'm simply saying that there's no reason to pour money and time into an idea that we've SEEN fails to do anything.

  2. vance
    2 years ago

    LaPierre is spot on two points, 1. post armed security to protect our children from the "Bad Guys" with a gun. 2. The Culture of Death which is propagated by the Marxist Media Complex, Hollywood, and the Video Game Industry is the culprit for the violence in our society. If all you Obama voters want to "Outlaw" something, outlaw violence in movies and video games. Freedom of Speech you say? Isn't it amazing how you hypocrites are very selective about what speech should be free and what should be censored. Nobody has a right to corrupt our children.

  3. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Ok, Wayne LaPierre, I DO call you crazy, flat out, and given a chance I'd tell you so to your face. Either crazy, or dishonest, or just plain misinformed.
    know why?
    There were armed guards at Columbine.
    Fort Hood was an Army base, with both milirary guards and the Department of Defense Police Force present.
    Virginia Tech had its own armed campus police department.
    Kennedy was SURROUNDED by the Secret Service. So was Reagan.
    The Pope was surrounded by the finest armed security force IN THE WORLD... the Swiss Guard.
    And so on...
    In point of fact, there is neither anecdotal NOR historical NOR statistical data that supports the idea of putting armed guards in schools as any kind of solution to ANYTHING. The facts simply don't support the idea AT ALL.
    And arming teachers? Yu want to put guns in civillian hands in the classroom? have you ever BEEN in combat, sir? Take the chaos of running, screaming children, gunfire in a crowded room, and all the other hiddeous REALITIES of this situation and put them together, and any rational, reasonable person can see what an idiotic notion THAT is. And what happens when the first TEACHER snaps?
    Mr. LaPierre, you and your organization may have once been a powerful lobby for gun owners and enthusiasts... but all you are now is a shill for gun MANUFACTURERS.
    Stop spouting this nonsense.
    Fort hood.
    Virginia Tech.
    All had armed guuards present. NOTHING was accomplished until after the fact.
    Stop selling the lie. More guns on campus cannot and will not PREVENT these things from happening, because you CAN NOT prepare for crazy. The simple history of these tragedies proves it.

  4. mgm.
    2 years ago

    I was as a American ashamed when another mass murder took place in my country but the old fool last Friday made me embarrassed to be an American .The so called "media machine" that wants to blame guns when something happens could not have hired a better actor or wrote a script to make the NRA look as crazy as this guy did to the world! more guns will fix the problems with guns if that's not crazy what is.

  5. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    Teachers should be allowed to carry guns- that's their right under the second amendment. As for guards at schools in highly populated areas, maybe.
    Bottom line is gun control advocates are trying to punish law-abiding citizens for the abuses of the few. They're saying that 200 million gun owners aren't responsible enough to carry a weapon. That's insulting.

  6. Carolyn
    2 years ago

    Wasn't there an armed guard at Columbine? How about the many people who were killed by the national guard at the Kent University incident? My belief is that the children would become more fearful if armed guards were at their school, not safe. What is the next step if we put armed guards at schools, what about cafeteria's, what about fast food places, what about malls? All of these places have had such incidents. I doubt anybody wants Marshall Law to slip in which is what this could lead to.

  7. David&Joan
    2 years ago

    LePierrier makes no sense. He would have everyone carry assault weapons if they wanted to and multi ammunition clips with the guns do not make any difference regarding the degree of the magnitude of a possible assault by some heinous perpetrator? One simply has to be assigned as a good guy or a bad guy at the time they purchase their multi ammo clip weapon then they can safely own that weapon? This guy is head of the NRA? Heaven help us all! I couldn't believe the interview that I saw on meet he press on Sunday. This is a powerful lobby group that will not be accountable for answering the public regarding the dangers of assault weapons,let alone guns in the hands of the general public. Money buys votes and politicians do not like to lose votes.

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