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Pope Benedict XVI Exposes the Profound Falsehood of the Philosophy of the Gender Identity Movement Comments

The Gender Identity or Gender Expression Movement seeks the recognition in the positive law of a right to choose one's gender and laws which accommodate, fund, and enforce such a new "right". Those involved in the activist wing of the movement seek to compel the rest of society to recognize their vision of a brave new world or face the Police Power of the State. The Pope is absolutely correct, "the profound falsehood of this theory and of ... Continue Reading

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  1. xuebaiqiang
    2 years ago

    Sorry, Lexi, but your rebuttal to Emma represents a logical fallacy. When a person in the wrong is confronted by a messenger, the moral failings of the messenger are irrelevant as long as the message itself is valid. Deployment of the kind of bad argument you made, when done out of a defensive attitude, all too often betrays a moral or spiritual problem that needs to be addressed. The demand for credibility is humanly understandable, but no society can function only if perfecti are allowed to speak or have expectations.

  2. Jean Victor de Silva
    2 years ago

    Joy, God calls all of us to act in whatever capacity he wants us to. Why is anyone born the way they are? By changing what a person is (how they were created) substantively, shows total distrust for God's plan for us. What I am speaking of is difficult to both understand and practice and believe me I've failed on many occassions but I continue to grow in my faith that God, if given the chance, will direct my life to find complete joy in His direction for me. Part of that journey is accepting that I am what God wanted me to be and then seeking how He wants me to serve Him.

    Transparency: I am a male with no gender issues.

  3. Lexi
    2 years ago

    @ Emma: I'm seriously surprised that you would accuse the parents of 'child abuse'. The Catholic Church isn't exactly batting a thousand on that score! Clean your own backyard before you comment on mine. And seriously, you make judgements about people based on watching 'Ricky Lake'? That's so sad.

  4. DLL
    2 years ago

    Sorry I got off on the rainbow thing but I see it even displayed outside of Christian Protestant liberal churches,as a symbol that the gay community is welcome there. Before one even reads this article the rainbow is being acknowledged as a gbltq symbol. I must add that to identify one self as homo/heterosexual,transgender,multisexual,bisexual or lesbian is humiliating. All are human beings all are loved by God. The rainbow is a symbol of the love of God for all people. Not everyone will get inside a Holy Catholic Church but anyone on earth can see a rainbow. The rainbow is God saying that he loves and blesses humankind and that He is with us even to the end of time. God is love! Love never dies! The Pope is correct as he is speaking the truth as Christs representative. The Holy Catholic Church is the only true Church. I have been around. Other Churches teach in part because they became Protestant but the Holy Catholic Church teaches the fullness of the truth that is Christ himself body,blood, soul and Divinity. The rainbow is a Divine sign for all to see. Including Divinity in communion is right and just. Divine law is un alter able as it is the truth that is Jesus Christ.

  5. Maria
    2 years ago

    So, my friends and I aren't allowed to have rights? Alright. I am a young Catholic woman in the LGBT+ spectrum, and I have many that are the same. I'm sorry, the Pope, and many of these harsh comments, have officially made me cry now.

    For one thing, do you know why we don't perform animal sacrifices, or the other almost ridiculous practices in the Old Testament, which were created out of the sins of humankind? Because Jesus died so we would be wiped of that and be saved. Basically, by still going by those laws (which includes the "man shall not lie with another man"), you are invalidating Jesus' death and Resurrection. Congratulations, you have demeaned Easter.

    Another, it isn't "sexual perversion" or "just wanting to be the other sex". It's all in DNA. Perhaps if you looked into research, you would find the evidence.

    Thirdly, none of this is anyone's business. I have many heterosexual, cis-gendered, devout Catholic friends and family members who may disagree with who I choose to be with, but they don't try to take away my right, or anyone else's rights, to be happy. And frankly, if two women getting married is "ruining the sanctity" of your marriage, your should go to a marriage counselor.

    Honestly, I don't get why you're all so upset.

    Thanks for reading, God bless.

  6. DLL
    2 years ago

    The rainbow was a symbol to Noah of God at Peace with humankind after the flood. The flood could not extinguish sin from the world,only the sacrificial love of Christ can. Our focus is to be on the cross and to always see the loving sacrifice of Christ,as he conquered death,so that the last enemy death,could be overcome. Life is now a life lived for and in the love of Christ. Christ is the resurrection and the life,the only way to God the Father,the creator of all. In Christ all are alive through the power of the Holy Spirit,the communion of those who believe that God is and all share in Christ his example,to also examples of the love of God,as his representatives acting in the world,so salvation,freedom from sin and the separation it causes between both God and humankind,can be extinguished. The Eucharist is the Holy communion between all people. To receive the Eucharist all should be in a state of sanctifying grace.
    The so called gay community has taken the rainbow to mean some kind of a sexual freedom symbol of a mulitsexual identy,that basically says that among all people's there is no real sexual identy. Why? I think it is because to them to have sex,possibly to be had,with anybody that they personally like,is some sort of a communion right between people. Sex is a kind of random physical encounter disguised as a genuine love,that in the end is selfish and hardly genuine. Sex is not in itself a means to a gratification of sensuality,or a relief of pent up repressive sexual emotions that lust dictates can only be relieved by some form of a sexual orgasim only. That is not genuine love or communion between any 2 people,let alone a sort of communion between all people. It is the worship of sex for the sake of simply having sexual gratification. The rainbow is not the symbol for having sex. Love is a spiritual communion between persons.
    It is God who said that we are to be fruitful and multiply. Love is the symbol of the rainbow. The rainbow is the symbol that after any storm,that even seems to be devastating,that God is always with us and that his care will never ever abandon us. The rainbow is the symbol of Divine and everlasting love,humankind must never abandon hope. The love of God is everlasting. Time will pass away. Eternal love is forever and a communion between humankind and their God.

  7. Bayne MacGregor
    2 years ago

    Mathew 19:12

    Isaiah 56:4-5

    These are not new issues, they were common amongst the neighbours of the israelites and their neighbours neighbours and the bible and Jesus directly mention them.

    I specifically point out the first part of Mathew 19:12 and suggest people review the medical discoveries involving the brain differences of transgender peoples that suggests that they may be, along with Intersex people, those Jesus refers to.

    And as always it is important to remember Exodus 23:9

  8. Greg
    2 years ago

    I think that by denying what we have between our legs we come to the point where we can deny what we have between our ears, and in the chest, and who we are. We look but do not see. We think but we do not come to any conclusion. I think satan is losing his battle so much that he is left with one last thing - to make us believing that we are just more clever animals, and we have no souls to save. He will lose this battle too. Soon.

  9. Stephen
    2 years ago

    Agreed, Deacon Fournier. The response to date from the transgender movement to the address of the Pope has not focused on the substantive content of the remarks but predictably upon personal insults and attacks. One knows he has won the debate when the opponent is relegated to childish personal name calling in response.

  10. mike robertson
    2 years ago

    It should not surprise us that a world drifting away from God would choose to celebrate sexual perversion (even calling it marriage) and would defend something other than "God made them male and female". I not only find these "lifestyles" morally repulsive but physically as well. God made me that way. If a Catholic defends these chosen lifestyles, they better defend the chosen lifestyles of a general, a pro golfer and a former senator whose chosen lifestyle was having relations with beautiful women other than the woman to whom they were married.The same pagans who promote this immoral "personhood" movement deny personhood to girls and boys in their mom's womb. Catholic democrats voted for a candidate who voted for the legal killing of girls and boys outside of their mom's womb even after they survive the attempt to kill them in the womb. The Pope is boldly defending God's definition of marriage. The Catholic democrats' candidate is attacking God's definition of marriage as intolerance. Is Our Lord intolerant?

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