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Pope Benedict XVI Exposes the Profound Falsehood of the Philosophy of the Gender Identity Movement Comments

The Gender Identity or Gender Expression Movement seeks the recognition in the positive law of a right to choose one's gender and laws which accommodate, fund, and enforce such a new "right". Those involved in the activist wing of the movement seek to compel the rest of society to recognize their vision of a brave new world or face the Police Power of the State. The Pope is absolutely correct, "the profound falsehood of this theory and of ... Continue Reading

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  1. Emma
    2 years ago

    I think all here have either forgotten or do not know .We can quote scripture and fling selected passages back and forth at each other : however, as Catholics, we rely on the teaching authority of the magesterium speaking in unison with the Office of the Pope. We believe in apostolic succession. We're being sucked into an argument meant to confuse and confound. Who is it who spoke? "On this Rock will I build my church! " And Who exactly is it who speaks through him who holds the keys? We should not even "have " to debate this issue! Not if we're Catholic!!

  2. Jane
    2 years ago

    RE: Elizabeth

    Actually, there are people who do not have the normal XY or XX sex chromosomes. For example:

    -XYY syndrome is a rare chromosomal disorder that affects males.
    -XXY syndrome (Klinefelter's Syndrome) males inherit one or more extra X chromosomes.
    -Monosomy X Syndrome (Turner Syndrome) affect females; only one X chromosome or cells missing from XX chromosomes
    -Triple-X syndrome occurs in women who inherit three X chromosomes--their genotype is XXX or more rarely XXXX or XXXXX.

    These conditions cause increased sexual characteristics of the opposite sex, and often they are accompanied by other physical and developmental abnormalities. They can be treated in some cases with hormones.

    While I am in no way in support of a gender identity movement, I think it is important to understand that many of these "transgender" people suffer from these conditions through no fault of their own. We should support efforts to treat the physical and psychological effects while at the same time speaking the truth compassionately that homosexual/transgender persons should live celibate and chaste lives.

  3. abey
    2 years ago

    That what was told by the devil to Eve "Ye be as gods" meaning to be equal with God is but ending to seek being "over & above" like the devil himself seeks, not knowing that there is nothing over & above God to the very definition of the word, except to the free fall & this age old deceit is being professed by the Devil's advocates of the new age, even hidden in false notions of love.

  4. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Deacon Keith, Just when I thought we could not have any more unexpected issues, while we try to balance our plate as we fall headlong into a dark abyss, you put a new tidbit on the stoneware!
    I imagine I should not be surprised, and that there will be certainly more to follow! Thank you for another fact filled article. Prayerful Blessings...

    @ Bayne MacGregor: I thank you for your input and perspective. I agree with you on the issues between Lexi and Emma, and how to reasonably go about discussing this question. However, in my opinion, you pick and chose a few verses from the Bible alluding to scientific and Biblical match up. I personally do not think that they do. Yes, I did read the Bible verses. Interesting. You did not mention the chapters and/or verses representing the Creation of man and woman. Nor were the numerous chapters and/or verses representing Sodom. I wonder if 23 genders existed then?

    To discuss issue/s, especially of this magnitude, one does need less emotion and more rationale. To be fair and balanced in science, Bible, and Gospels is our main objective. At least that is the input I receive from your post. I certainly could be wrong. On that note I close.
    Prayerful Blessings...

    It is true, that science has compelling facts about those of the same sex. It is also True in regard to the Bible: "There is nothing new under the sun". I can concede that in God's Creation then, some are just born that way.

    But there is a huge difference between being born that way, and Choosing to be that way just because someone said: it is my right to change my gender or body parts! Now we enter a whole new territory! Now, humanity is indeed Abstract! We have banished our Mother Earth and stripped her of all self-worth. Can her Mother nature, so environmentally destroyed by man's greed and great view of progress, now support man's new vision of Abstract Beings?

  5. Joseph Rogers
    2 years ago

    @Maria: I am sorry you feel so hurt but your hurt does not justify a lie. God created the institution of marriage to reflect His relational being in the Holy Trinity. God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is not Father, Father, and Holy Spirit. God is not Son, Son, and Holy Spirit. God is not Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, Son etc. The Father gives His will to the Son and the Son receives the Fathers will by doing it. This is a fundamental aspect to any relationship and it is the one symbolized by union of the masculine (men) with the feminine (women). In a homosexual relationship God's relational nature is not reflected. If God is not reflected in a relationship do the spiritual math. “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

    Also, why do you think the Old Testament would forbid homosexual acts but not heterosexual ones if the cause was everything becoming sinful as you said? Jesus' sacrifice didn't make sins acceptable, rather it showed us that sin can be conquered and avoided if we surrender ourselves to Him.

  6. elizabeth
    2 years ago

    For crying out loud, that list of genders gave me a headache. Look, genetically speaking, you are either xy or xx. no surgery in the world can or will change that. God made you male or female- there is no other category.

  7. vance
    2 years ago

    "The defense of family is about man himself. And it becomes clear when God is denied, human dignity also disappears. Whoever defends God is defending man." When God created Adam and Eve, he created marriage and family. This is why God says that Homosexuality ( sodomy ) is a "Rebellion" against him. This is why Satan's primary target is to undermine marriage to bring ruin to man. But who are Satan's disciples who are doing his bidding? Homosexuality is now promoted by Obama and his Party of Death and Deceit. Obama refuses to obey the law of the land which is the 'Defense of Marriage Act' that was signed into law by former Pres Clinton. This same Party maintains its 1972 platform that includes Homosexual Rights and Legal Abortion. The Marxist Media Complex, Hollywood, and the Marxist dominated University Faculties promote homosexual behavior as "Normal" and "Equal" to heterosexuality.

  8. Gabriella
    2 years ago

    Dear Greg,

    you are absolutely correct! The Satan is losing the battle, thanks be to God - however, he seems to be gaining followers in those who have fallen to his trap of believing that their gender identity is open to discussion. They need our prayers.
    Through all this, we need to stay composed and calm, trusting the Lord - the best way to show them where our strength and peace come from. We need to leave it to the Lord, it is too big for us.

  9. Emma
    2 years ago

    @Lexi ....I'm not sure that I understand your point. Are you implying "that it's only abuse when perpetrated by a Catholic Priest? or that child abuse is solely defined when occurring in a sexual context? " There are forms of pyschological and emotional abuse that are just as devestating as sexual abuse. To take a 2yo boy and groom him to be a girl because the parent has some disordered desire for attention is abusive to the extreme! That there is a physician anywhere who would cooperate is incomprehensible! That that child is then paraded out in public as entertainment, inexcusable! and should be seen as that by any sane adult no matter what their sexual orientation!! I didn't and have never attacked your community on this board or any other site! Please don't attack mine. At any rate, CPS has been notified. It's up to them to investigate. I would do no different should I suspect a priest. Because that is the right thing to do.

  10. Bayne MacGregor
    2 years ago

    Xuebaiqiang, while you are correct that logicly the hypocracy or moral failings of the messenger are irrelevant to the truth of the message (though Jesus did tell us, judge not lest you yourself be judged), your assertion that someone responding with an emotional response "betrays a moral or spiritual problem that needs to be addressed" is likewise demanding perfection and also a logical fallacy. A person becoming emotional does not mean they may or may not be wrong, it is incidental, it just means they have become emotional and are less able in that state to make a logical argument. Their emotional response may come from many sources most of which demand compassion and understanding of us rather than implying they are incorrect.

    A genuine victim of child abuse is likely to be emotional because of the injustice done to them, we would not assume them to be lying because they expressed emotion and usually would assume them to be lying were they to be impassive and un-emotional when discussing it. Someone who has had something joyous in their life may also be emotional from overwhelming joy too. If we dismiss people who are emotional in their accounts we'd be dissmissing parts of the bible because the witnesses were upset or joyous, and that includes key parts of the death and ressurrection!

    If you want to discuss the matter of Emma and Lexi's points logically then let us do so. We can see that Emma is responding to a poor source of facts, an entertainment program. And logicly should not make up her mind on a single poor source of information without consulting both science and scripture on the matter. Let us do so.

    Mathew 19:12 is a very challenging piece of scripture. However as a farmer once said to me "i've seen it in cattle and sheep", in other words the reality that for whatever reason God has ordained that some animals and people are born with a mixture, internally and/or externally, of male and female body parts may be seen in the world, this is often called Intersex, and as this can be seen as a physical fact so then this cannot honestly be disputed.

    So we have something that does exist in nature, in gods creation, and is addressed by the very words of Jesus in Mathew 19:12 The question then is, does Transgender count as this too or is it just Intersex? That is the only area of honest contention possible. Are Transgender people also caused biologically, born that way as part of gods creation and thus covered by Jesus in the first part of Mathew 19:12 or are they not and so are discussed by Jesus in the second part of Mathew 19:12 and in Isaiah etc?

    There we must look to science for evidence as to which line of scripture is relevant in this matter. With genetic, epigenetic and neurological evidence supporting a biological causation thus far it is looking likely that they are indeed, as Jesus said, "born that way".

    So while it may be challenging to many, Jesus has spoken to us about this.

    There are also other bible passages relevant for any who may not be born that way, as people who became Eunuchs and lived as women for religious purposes existed amongst Israels and christian Romes neighbours (such as amongst the Scythians and many others) and others of their neighbours would do this with slaves. These other bible passages should be discussed and understood before any judgement be made.

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