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Pope Benedict XVI Exposes the Profound Falsehood of the Philosophy of the Gender Identity Movement Comments

The Gender Identity or Gender Expression Movement seeks the recognition in the positive law of a right to choose one's gender and laws which accommodate, fund, and enforce such a new "right". Those involved in the activist wing of the movement seek to compel the rest of society to recognize their vision of a brave new world or face the Police Power of the State. The Pope is absolutely correct, "the profound falsehood of this theory and of ... Continue Reading

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  1. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Paul-Emile Leray, Thank you for sharing your heartfelt post. Indeed, you are in the desert. I totally understand your logic and your Faith. It is your Faith, alone in the desert, with the Holy Spirit of our Holy Catholic Church and its CCD which will Continue to guide you.
    Have you thought and contemplated Third Orders and being married?
    Have you read St. John's "Dark Night of the Soul?
    You are very sane and intelligent to ask the questions that you did regarding marriage and bringing children into this world. Our married adult children did the same questioning. It is scary, given all the logical facts. Consider this: IF good Catholics stopped having children, what shape would our world be in? You are > sane! Prayerful Blessings...

  2. Emma
    2 years ago

    Paul -Emile Leray......I fear that you're asking for a logical explanation to a question that cannot be addressed logically (or if it can, I am unable to approach it with logic) . You see, love cannot be explained, it must be experienced. If you've been working with a spiritual director, have you completed the spiritual exercises? To make a lifetime commitment to either vocation that you're discerning is at times and for any sane person uncomfortable. I suggest using the Discernment of Spirits if you haven't as yet. Your Jesuit friend should be able to help you with those. Funny thing about us mortals : we want to complicate everything. Do what will bring you happiness. As for bringing children into a "culture of death ", we must remember, we are not and never have been the creators of life! If God no longer wants life to enter this world, life will no longer enter this world. Laws that our creator sets in place, are not ours to change. It's when man goes against those laws, destroying what God has created, disrupting the balance of creation, that death gains a foothold. Don't forget death wears many masks. The worst death is not necessarily physical death. I would suggest that you commit to neither at this time. Listen to that voice deep inside. And don't get discouraged with the reports in the news or even on this site! There is still so much beauty in this world. Look for that! Natural wonders are all around us! One of Ignatius ' favorite pastimes was stargazing. That helps me. You see, there just is no right answer. That you're feeling frustrated means only that you've been resting and are just now waking up. Resting and learning are not bad things. Spending time in contemplation is not without merit: however, I think quite a few wait to serve because they wait to serve in great ways. We serve best when we serve with great love in small things, rather than with great deeds and little love. Brightest Blessings! Just Emma

  3. Charlotte
    2 years ago

    Nonsense. Both views are absurd. The fact of the matter is that human beings are NOT neatly categorized into only two categories--each of us falls along a spectrum; most are lucky enough to fall closer to one end or another than the middle. That sort of thinking, that humans can be neatly divided into only two categories, belongs in the past with the idea of the planets' orbits being organized into perfect circles.

    All you have to do is look around to see plainly that some women are more "womanly" than others, some men more "manly" than others. Gender is clearly a continuum.

    That being said, that doesn't mean it's a free-for-all; that you can just pick whatever gender you choose. Biology is still a limiting factor.

  4. Paul-Emile Leray
    2 years ago

    I honestly do not know whether to laugh or cry after reading this article. What I do know is how I feel after reading this article. I do want to laugh. I do want to cry. What a mess!!! This is one of many reasons why getting married and wishing to have a family frightens the living daylights out of me. I state this publically. In the words of my favorite Jesuit (who passed away in 2011): "crazy!" The world is insane, in other words. On the one hand, we are told and taught to celibrate life (which I believe in). On the other hand, when looking at REALITY, the world is indeed insane. Who can state otherwise? Any clear thinking person will have to admit that the world is indeed fallen and nuts. And so, a logician might look at that and say why put a child into a fallen world? I do not believe this, I am simply trying to exercise some honest intellectual dialogue. Does a human being have a moral duty to marry and reproduce if they can and have the opportunity to do so? And yet, parallel to this, how to reconcile the fact that life is a gift and we must celebrate life; with the other fact that original sin exists and this is a fallen world and therefore logically it would follow that marrying and reproducing is indeed putting people willfully into a fallen world known in advance. A logician might see it this way. Life is a gift. And yet, we live in a culture of death? If we live in a culture of death, then it seems cruel to knowingly put a child into the world does it not? I do not believe the words I am writing, for I do believe life is a gift and life needs to be celibrated. I am simply writing this to put forth some realities that are difficult for a clear minded person to reconcile. On the one hand, celibrate life because it is a gift. On the other hand, we live in a culture of death. And yet, we are to celibrate a new life that is being born into a fallen world and culture of death? I wish the Pope himself would write answers to some of these questions and seemingly counterintuitive realities. It is precisely because of my awareness that I fear getting married and having a family. Yet, I wish for The Holy Spirit to enlighten me. According to a Jesuit, my levels of awareness are "very high". Therefore, I am not simply writing how I feel. I have been tested, so to speak. A former philosophy prof wrote to me stating I was not insane. Therefore, I am not insane based on many dialogues with many priests, Jesuits, professors, scholars, working people, and so on and so forth. I myself do not fear life. If I use my mind, however, I am literally frightened to death about marriage and children since I know in advance how horrid and vicious humans are and original sin exists; all this, coupled with 2000 years of wars and famines, violence, political sophistry, power and control games, etc, etc, proves to me that yes the world is one of a culture of death. So, forgive me for being a realist while praying and hoping for more Christianity and Christ's Kingdom to continue growing in this temporal reality we are living in. I have succeeded, for the most part, in following the Catechism of the Catholic Church and I now fear I am completely USELESS to society. This is my honest position at the time of this writing. Other than prayer, writing, and being a "nice guy"; I have become USELESS and have willingly self-awaringly sacrificed over half a million dollars discerning God's will. Facts are facts. Nobody can deny this, because it is TRUE. And yet, I am foolish enough to continue in faith. So, someone tell me: am I sane or insane? People tell me I am inspirational, helpful, filled with talents, etc. I view myself as USELESS, for the most part, at the time of this writing. How can a person possibly get married if they can transcend and therefore not act upon lust? If only love exists between males and females, in the pure sense of love, the human species would not exist! I doubt this will get printed, but if we are to pursue truth then let us do so with honesty and integrity and throw away the political correctness and sophistry. I was told by a Jesuit that St. Ignatius allegedly thought a man who wished to be a priest ought to be a man who also wished to marry. And yet, I know many priests did NOT want to marry since some told me themselves! I will NOT stop in my relentless pursuit, so it will get done one way or another if not here. On December 31st, while on retreat, we were once again told to meditate in silence for 15 minutes/day (minimum). This posting, in part, is what it produced. Here are the facts. I want to be a priest. I want to be married. I can NOT be a priest and be married because I am a Roman Catholic. This, too, is true. This very FACT is the largest single obstacle I have in my life and it is on some levels RUINING MY LIFE. In other words, the Catechism of the Catholic Church risks leading to a culture of death within my very own soul; and why? As St. Ignatius writes in his Spiritual Exercises the evil spirit pulls certain souls into states of sinning through omission by rendering them paralyzed. I can not be both a priest, neither a Jesuit nor a Dominican, and be married. Truth is truth. Any solutions, anyone? (and going on more retreats or reading more books or praying more is NOT to be put forth; since it is also possible to study oneself into imbecility in the words of yet another Jesuit)
    Paul-Emile Leray

  5. Nick Costello
    2 years ago

    Bayne McGregor,

    You cite some important scripture quotes. I think we have to understand that while Jesus death on the Cross washed away the guilt and punishment due to original sin, the effects of original sin remain. So, we are all "born that way" in the sense that each person has issues related to the effects of original sin we have to struggle with.

    The problem with the push for a new "gender theory" is not, therefore, that they were "born that way". Everyone is born with the effects of sin in one way or another, including sexual defects. Rather, the problem is when people leap to a moral conclusion that, because I was "born this way", therefore, it must be God's original intent and, thus, I must ACT this way.

    If someone is born with anger problems, or a propensity to alcolholism, we don't say that God INTENDS those disorderd, sinful behaviors. The same goes for sexuality. The Church teaches correctly that people who are born Eunuchs deserve compassion and sympathy but the behaviors associated with their birth circumstances can NOT be affirmed as part of God's original plan.

    Remember, Jesus made his comment about Eunuch's in Matt 19:12 in the context of a question in Matt 19:10 of whether it was expedient to marry! So, Jesus is basically saying that some are NOT meant to be married.

  6. clinton
    2 years ago

    Gender Expression Movement . . . this is what insanity looks like.

    And this insanity is inevitable when creatures refuse to acknowledge and obey their Creator in a spirit of gratitude and humility.

    What is each new generation to think when so-called authorities remove homosexuality and gender identity disorder from the list of psychological disorders? Those in positions of power within contemporary society have overruled God and decided to call evil "good", and good "evil"; to call sickness "health", and health "sickness". This is the rotten fruit of the failure of recent generations to teach moral truth to their children and the abandonment of those struggling with unnatural sexual impulses or sexual delusions. Add to this disintegration the evils of pornography, abortion, euthanasia, and atheism, and human "civilization" more and more resembles a murder-suicide in progress.

    Thanks be to God that He comes to set captives free! Yes, some of those in captivity this very day to the demons mentioned above will one day be set free from their prisons of darkness and come to the light of Christ's love! The uglier and more deranged things get, the greater the joy of knowing Jesus, who alone reveals Love in Truth! The Lord will always welcome a sincere and contrite heart.

    With love and prayers,

    (former atheist and former advocate of anti-life and anti-family ideologies)

  7. judy claar
    2 years ago

    The Grey Piper, I concur with your reasoning regarding the number of Real Intersex person's, being counted on one hand as it were. One would have to have Reliable scientific proof...(if that is even possible right now), without tainted blood samples of a whole logical and reasonable thousands, perhaps > thousands, reviewed by scientists and taken by Reputable pollsters..I don't mean, a few Random stats here, and a few random stats there, because as you know, they do not stand up at all.

    However, one must acknowledge "...the increase of the surplus population." (No disrespect, it is what it is). Certainly our human growth has magnified since primordial time. Combining both the above is a start on Truth. Which i am sure that the Holy Father and his college are and have studied and know much more than All of us. Blessings...

  8. Len
    2 years ago

    Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein" comes to mind after reading this article. Body parts, mutilation....dear Lord. That book in itself was a "revelation" of what's to come I guess, which brings us to today's world. So called "Doctors", "Scientists" and "Societies" that are out there to "defend" the rights of these lost souls who have lost all Faith in God and encourage them to turn into modern day Frankensteins. These all fall into the category of "monsters". God created each human so uniquely that a human body will reject a part from another human body, let alone mutilate the reproductive organs to try and be something you are not born nor meant to be. That happens when faith in God is lost and the only support around you is offered to take you in the wrong direction, not the right direction.

  9. The Grey Piper
    2 years ago

    "Cis-gendered"? There's another one. Whoever this was saying she's a good loyal Catholic-- this is like me saying that I believe in low taxes, Constitutionally - limited government, maximum freedom under both First AND Second Amendments, low taxes, the sanctity of life, American exceptionalism, the free market, and that that government is best which governs least - - and that I'm a good loyal Democrat!

  10. The Grey Piper
    2 years ago

    23 hours ago RE: Elizabeth

    Actual chromosomal abnormality is one thing. I suspect true hermaphrodites around the world, who may have a legitimate claim to be surgically altered, could be counted on the fingers. I will bet money that 99% of these activists are no such birth defect and are simply trying to define particular preferences as "genders." "Sistergirl"? Really? Can you really define that without looking it up? No, I can't, and I'm not going to bother; it's nonsense. 99% of these people, the problem is between their ears. I agree they need medical attention -- psychiatric.

    Tell me something then -- you are really asserting that all these "genders" are as swappable as clothes -- that you can be male one day, female the next day, and any other range of imagined choices between or beyond -- but a man who prefers sexual contact with other men -- THAT is an immutable dictate of nature and genetics? I am physically male -- can I "become" a woman, and still enjoy "other" women sexually and be considered a lesbian? Based on my clothing and the restroom I use? What if I decide I'm going to be a very butch lesbian, and dress like a man? Can I be so butch a girl that I would be indistinguishable from as I am now? If not, explain why not, and how this would be any different from the cases you cite. See, it's all nonsense.

    I agree that gender is chromosomal: and with extremely rare instances of certain birth defects, people are either male or female, boys or girls, men or women. Ya know, I often hear that sex is a question of what's between your ears, not between your legs. And I would agree with that too. If you can write your name in the snow but think you're a woman, you don't need a surgeon, you need a shrink, as much as if you thought you were a raccoon.

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