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What happens to our faith if we find life out there? Comments

Earlier this week, Astronomers announced the discovery of five more planets outside our solar system, orbiting a sun-like star, just 12 light years away. The finding is amazing because of their proximity and possible location within the star's habitable zone. However, the real story is just how common planets appear to be. Continue Reading

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  1. adam hordos
    2 years ago

    It is incredible where Catholics have deteriorated, especially some off our leaders to when it comes to the truth. Even if God created a new entity, I am sure he would not let the likes of Darwin reveal this to the world or some stupid telescope. Adam and Eve did not know the Angles existed until they touched the tree off knowledge that is when their eyes were opened to what is know as good and evil. If you have a bible that was written after nineteen sixty four, burn it. All bibles have been re-written to fit mans carnal nature. The only good bible protected by some good people is the Douay-Rheims. Wake-up.

  2. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Steven, Thank you for your perspective. You are a seeker with an open mind and on the right road. Billy Bean shared a post about C. S. Lewis. He was in the beginning, a lot like you. Questioning. Only his questioning and searching was to prove the Bible wrong. To finally set the record straight...God does not exist. He converted himself in his endeavors. Another good book written by him you might enjoy is: Pilgrim's Progress. He has many.

    It is interesting that you say that if all religions were similar, you might believe. Especially if this phenomenon were found on other planet/s. Look no further than the planet Earth on which you now reside!

    C. G. Jung, unfolds this in his travels around the Earth, when he was a young M.D. and world renowned famous psychiatrist. When he was 38 years old (about), a reporter asked him if he believed in God. "No," was his answer. In his late 60's or early 70's, he was asked by yet another reporter: "Do you believe in God." He was quiet for a moment or two and said: "I don't believe in God...I Know that their is a God." Profound words from a profound man.

    I leave you bits of information, Hoping you never stop Seeking with that wonderful open mind. May the 3 in One, Father, Son and Holy Spirit be with you always. Prayerful Blessings...

  3. Bram LeBron
    2 years ago

    It will be funny to see all these religious fanatics getting their karma.

  4. someinternetdude
    2 years ago

    Lets just say for arguments sake that we do find intelligent life out there. And the Religious people will say "sure God made them too". What would the same religious people say if/when those ETs came down and said no we never heard of this GOD you speak of, we have evolved over millions of years from yada yada yada. What then would the religious people say. Would they say Jesus never got in his space ship and spread the word light years away.

  5. Pete Lucero
    2 years ago

    May I ask the question? If Pauline Christianity holds water based on "Christ's dying for us...or your faith is in vain" of course finding life elsewhere will pose theological issues specifically that the god-man or human sacrifice would have to repeated for every world. Think! Reason! Now actually believe what our prophets have been delivering and obey. Simple and clear alhamdullilah.

  6. Steven
    2 years ago

    Im an Agnostic Theist, so I haven't ruled out the possibility of good. But IF we ever find intelligent life and they worship the same or very similar religions, I think that will be proof enough for me. But it can't just be the fact that they think a God exists, the stories, practices and values would have to be the same, other wise I think it will surely raise a lot of doubts for many people who still believe in a God. As for me, I dont believe in any God, but I always remain open minded.

  7. Question Everything
    2 years ago

    How come the bible doesn't once refer to life outside of earth... I find myself more and more believing in God but the bible has been skewed by man over time... the bible even admits man is not perfect so how could man create a perfect bible?

    I love you all!

  8. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    How can any man limit God's creations? As God created the heavens and the earth, then surely if "we" find other life elsewhere, then we have simply found another of Gods creations! Why would we be surprised?

  9. Billy Bean
    2 years ago

    C.S. Lewis had this pegged years ago. Read his "Space Trilogy" ("Out of the Silent Planet"; "Perelandra"; "That Hideous Strength") for a horizon-expanding experience. In a nut-shell: If there is intelligent life on other planets (by no means a foregone conclusion), it presents no theological problem unless the species in question has fallen and has been provided no opportunity for redemption.

  10. nikorb
    2 years ago

    God is not human, @ hikarus.

    It is conceited thought to believe that God's creation is limited only to us humans on earth.
    God is infinite love, so what is to stop Him from creating infinite life to share His love with?
    The universe is a mystery beyond human comprehension.
    Honestly, what do we really know?
    Only a few hundred years ago, the sun revolved around the earth (in theory, of course).
    The earth revolves around the sun, the universe is constantly expanding, and now there may be other life in our world.

    We cannot know everything, but I find it easy to accept that maybe, just maybe, God has made a world big enough for more than just us.
    You can argue the point for as long as you would like, but our wishes and beliefs don't change what God has already done.

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