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Guest Opinion: Sandy Hook and Gun Control. Can Lawmakers Stop the Killings? Comments

If we truly want to prevent further school shootings in this nation, we need to stop fooling ourselves with utopian "feel good" solutions like passing some more anti-gun legislation. We need to look inward and see that, as Pogo famously said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    So, Sara, to e clear... the answer is "no," you never had a right that you no longer have. Obama hasn't actually taken any of your rights from you. Correct?

  2. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    Yes, constitutional rights are being challenged. Luckily a 9 to 0 decision from the Supreme Court agreed that the governmnet was unnecessarily interfering with the inside regulation of schools and ministers of those schools-a clear violation of free exercise-it's gotta be quite blatant to convince Ginsburg, though. Barak's justice department is pretty extemist. They obviously don't like the last couple of decisions SCOTUS came out with on 2nd amendment either. Clarence Thomas wrote quite extensively on individual right to keep and bear arms, using much case history.

    The right of self preservation, to keep and bear one's arms is indeed a right of nature and of nature's God. no man-made law.

    A firearm may be an extension of one's arm. Stopping the aggressor is a "primary law of nature", so they used to say. It is for the very intent of saving life.

    I work with a guy who had to defend himself with a weapon from a young man weilding a bat in a hate-filled rage intent on killing. (bats, knives, fists, pipes, guns, all deadly, I'v seen it-even a shoe lace-deadly) No one wishes to do such a thing, but sometimes one has to act to save his own life. This happens more than it is ever reported. He was a cop, his dash cam definitivley proved a clear and present danger of losing his life. Crucified by some in the press for using unnecessary force before all the facts were known. The press loves to make anyone who uses a weapon to be the crazy one.

    The young kids now are coming here from Chicago with screwed up family lives, hellbent on violence, gangs or drugs. But no one will even look at that, not pc. Rahm and Barak and other politicians with all their paid security for themselves will take place of baby daddy. Big Government will fix it all, just like in the 90s. meanwhile the law abiding commoners shall line up for fingerprints, walking on broken glass, waiting for the next freedom to be taken, while kids are still being shot up in Chicago. 600 babies were killed in my town last year. According to Barak, and his justice department-they aren't even human-the undermench of our society. Their whole lives ahead of them, so many firsts they will miss, including their first breath of freedom-denied their most fundamental right to keep and bear their own arms.

  3. Caroline
    2 years ago

    I'm from the north. It seems to me you have all missed the mark.
    You don't understand, it seems to me, that America is actually very pagan.
    Children are sacrificed in utero to the god of convenience: she is too young to have a baby (and it is inconvenient to the boy/the girl's parents/the boy's parents/the girl/society) to raise this baby. This child is deformed (and it is too inconvenient to stay at home/to raise it with the other children/to the school).
    America is paganistic, and right now it is sacrificing its children to two idols: Convenience and "The right to bear arms." How many this time -- 20 -- were sacrificed to the "right to bear arms," and the pagan curia -- the NRA -- has stated that it is good. Get more guns into people's hands, etc. Don't bring China into the debate -- they are communists and do not formally believe in god. If carnage happens there, well, what is it that is expected. But don't tell me America is christian. It ain't, and it hasn't been for a VERY LONG TIME.

  4. Sarjeet S. Gill
    2 years ago

    Dear All,
    As a Registered Nurse I respect every one's life.
    I find it difficult to understand why the right to bear arms (man-made right) takes precedence over another persons right to life (god given right).
    The right to bear arms is a constitutional right. The right to life is a god given right and no man should have the means to take another person's god given right taken away just because he has a gun.
    Crime figures (particulary murders with guns) in European Countries, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, malaysia,and Canada are significantly lower than the USA. All European Countries and these coutries mentioned here have strict gun controls.

  5. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Hang on... you had aa Constitutional freedom that Obama's taken away? What?

  6. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    Karl, removal of conscience clauses, mocking those who cling to God, just the same as those who cling to guns, covering up the name of Christ in school when a guest of that school, are more indicators. open your eyes, brother. The subtlty is lost on many, especially those who are sleeping, many Catholics (and others) are losing their rights to freedoms they don't care about because they are not utilising them now....You cannot love what you do not know, you canot think that our gold-plated liberty is being exchanged for cheap Christmas tinsel. Many don't care about their religious and constitutiolnal rights disappearing before their eyes. They are easy pickins for a president like we have now.

    I recently read an interview with a Bishop Rodriquez, talking about the cristeros in Mexico in the 1920s, who, likely, with the help of the American government, were killed and tortured for their faith. Our faith does not teach that we should love violence, but we have a God-given right to defend ourselves. I could be wrong, but I thought this bishop talked about taking up of arms to defend our faith and the Church. Who is to say that governments in power will be our last line of defense? The governments at times, have been nothing more than straw.

    what I'm saying is if there is to be discussion, let us not forget some of these past events. The Winchester 94 may have been a dangerous gun to the Mexican governmnent (but then again so was wine for the sacrifice of the Mass), but was its use justified? and now, I would rather teach my daughter to shoot with an AK with a ten round mag than gramps old Winchester, it's much safer. She tells me she is learning patience and self-discipline. That gun is serving a purpose for good. And she is pro-life! There are thousands upon thousands of Christians who have guns in their homes. This does not make them bad Christians.

    Side note- something not really mentioned about the armed guard thing that the NRA mentioned. (who happens to teach many gun safety classes, somtimes even in the schools, oh the humanity) Maybe that could be left up to states or school districts, but that is already being done in my kid's school through some kind of government grant. There would be some unhappy people if that was taken out of my kid's school right now with all the fighting that has been going on over the last couple of years. What would help curb the violence in the schools? my opinion as a parent-get back to the basics-common respect-of the students, of the teachers, respecting dress codes, using respectful language.Getting baby daddy back in the picture, discipline. Stop with the foofy stuff, the disruptive kids that are dangerous and on education plans that get away with bad behavior. the administrators, in my opinion are afraid to do anything with these kids; it's not helping them in the long run. In school they learn that they can almost get away with murder sometimes.

    Karl, Deacon Keith, all posters here, Merry Christmas-God bless.
    Stay vigilant in the faith, as the Holy Father has just said.

  7. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Dr. Fredrick Liewehr: Superb article! I especially liked the way you gave stats, concerning viewpoints of gun reform or not, and then tastefully and tactfully, weaved your thread in and out like a master, bringing up different factual points that must be acknowledged and addressed by the Church, Clergy and Laity. It was a Cold Stone Truth article. Thank you.
    Prayerful Blessings in your endeavors.

    @Rob, Cause and Effect. I agree this is where our world resides, dying in death pains. Because it is too concerned with results. Me, myself, and I. And expect a gauze of imprinted paper money to fix the issue/s to make them go away. Absurd! This article is a Wake-up Call! and Stone Cold Sober! I also agree with SaraPalen and others on this board, that it is Obama's intent to remove God from schools, (after all, it has been slowly happening through the Progressive, Liberal Left, and some Democratic movements for years)...I remember, and can see, looking back! Woe to us!

    But then their is the Faith and Hope and Love of Christ that we know! I can remember separation of Church and State in Public School. It is getting worse: INDOCTRINATION of sex between man and man, woman and woman is acceptable teaching. As well as sex, abortion and sterilization, taught in Public schools is the norm, and w/the governments blessing! Parents: You have full rein over your children. Reinforce your Catholic Christian Faith at Home. Every Sunday Mass. CCD, and live your life in happy Christian Love! I say this as a grandmother. A mother. A child, who remembers when the call to CCD was more important than an event. No matter how sulky I was at times.

    I understand that Today is a different world. My kids follow that same above pattern, (Thank God!) w/some being fortunate enough to attend Catholic schools. I can tell you from my heart, I pray a little more for those indoctrinated by Public school. Not every child is the same. My heart is heavy for our next generations.

    WE the living, will do what we can! While we can! If it please Our Lord, I shall continue on my Journey of service for a while. But today is the Feast of St. Stephen, our first martyr. The first of 7 deacons of the church, and also in God's service. I will remember that None of us know the time or the hour. And so, I close w/tender Love for us all, always in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Blessings...

  8. Adrian
    2 years ago

    Dr. Frederick Liewehr's comments on the killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School were rather selective. He contrasted the killings with the 80 million gun owners. Unfortunately on average well over a hundred innocent people are killed by criminals with guns each week in the US.
    In contrast Western Europe with about the same population has a murder rate of about one eighth 1/8 of the US.
    Dr. Frederick Liewehr points to soaring crime rates from the 1960's to 1993 then a drop of / reduction in crime. However he does not say this has anything to do with gun ownership as it doesn't -- international comparisons show that such falls have occurred more markedly in the United kingdom, France and other Western European countries and this from their historically lower starting point in contrast to the US.
    Ask the police or Lawyers in Public Defenders office -- they will tell you that daily / weekly they come across young men who commit robbery with firearms -- I read of one in Savannah -- his ex-teacher said he was a polite well mannered pupil who was not involved with gangs or crime - when his mother had her hours reduced they could not afford food --He borrowed a gun & he robbed and tied up a couple (left them unhurt) -- when he tried the same at a gas station the clerk thought he would not shoot -- the gun went off -- the clerk is dead & we are paying for the young man to stay in prison for thirty years!!!

    2 years ago


  10. Jerry N
    2 years ago

    KarlVDH: "That's silly... no one has attacked legal gun ownership."

    "Obama pushes gun control "--,200245

    Numerous other examples exist showing that Obama, along with many left-wing ideologs, strongly favor strict gun control laws, regardless of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    KarlVDH: "That' justt ridiculous... the ctual statistics show very clearly that more people are hurt with their own firearms in their own homes by a VAST majority than are protected..."

    "There are approximately two million defensive gun uses (DGU's) per year by law abiding citizens. That was one of the findings in a national survey conducted by Gary Kleck, a Florida State University criminologist in 1993."--

    Again, numerous other studies and facts exist proving that guns in the hands of private citizens overwhelming prevent more crime and deaths than are perpetrated via their use.

    KarlVDH, typical of most left-wing ideologs, does not allow factual truth to stand in the way of outrageously false claims in support of a radical left-wing ideology.

    KarlVDH: " can a person claim to be "pro life" but want a firearm for "protection?"

    In view of the actual facts, it is more "pro-life" to own a gun for the potential it holds to save life, than to remain unarmed and stand helplessly by and watch yourself or others get killed.

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