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Guest Opinion: Sandy Hook and Gun Control. Can Lawmakers Stop the Killings? Comments

If we truly want to prevent further school shootings in this nation, we need to stop fooling ourselves with utopian "feel good" solutions like passing some more anti-gun legislation. We need to look inward and see that, as Pogo famously said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Sara, give me a break. You own a gun for defense, right? The sole purpose of the thing, then, is to kill another human being.
    There is absolutely no way to reconcile that with the words, "pro-life." You are not. You are pro BIRTH. That's all.

  2. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    The argument is against a new wind of false doctrine-new, but very old

    Silly, no not just about taxes at all. of course not

    Jesus was not just talking about taxes, or subjugation to the Roman government in fact, when he mentioned the tax while talking with Peter. He could not be in subjugation, as He was the object, He was the heir to the kingdom and was not actually obligated to pay that tax belonging to his Father's house. (Interesting, the only time Jesus showed physical force, that I know of in the bible, was when he fashioned a whip, by force, cleansing the temple of the people falsely using their religious practices to rip people off, bearing false witness to their faith. Jesus had robbers and snakes in his house; he forcefully got his point a cross to them. (the kindler and gentler side of Jesus-imagine, exerting authority like that today)

    But possibly it was foreshadowing the big tax he was to pay soon after. The tax was not really a tax. It was pure gift, atoning for your sin and mine. By this gift of pure love, we are no longer subjects, but heirs to His kingdom.

    In Amerika, we do not acknowledge the poorest of the poor, do not acknowledge the Son of God, the King of Kings, in the poorest of the poor. Like a thief, Amerika robs these little ones of humanity itself. NO exageration. Amerika condones the use of the most heinous assault weapons on the most innocent of children, on a fully automatic and regular basis, taking a heart shot every time.

    I have my doubts if the government will solve any gun control, when they have mucked this up so badly.

  3. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Sara, I may have missed something... who here said it was just about taxes? who are you arguing against?

  4. SaraPalen
    2 years ago

    what is nonsense is saying this is merely about taxes. Repeating this lie does not make it truth. But, why do we follow civil law at all, taxes or otherwise? The question of rendering unto Ceasar was posed to Jesus, not really to promote anything good, but to trap him into saying words, either against the government or his faith, by men who had hardened hearts-who wanted to condemn an innocent man.

    Our government promotes the direct taking of innocent human life, murder, as you say, Karl, on a massive scale.

    If a civil law is unjust, as MLK said, it does not square with the natural moral law or of the law of God.( Is murder just)? The bishops, like MLK, refuse the government's unjust laws. They will not comply, be forced to provide this so-called "health care" (which for Obama means abortion)for employees, which includes things heinous to God's laws. This mandate pushes the boundaries of free exercise farther than they have been pushed before in federal law. Karl, you say yourself abortion is murder. It would be unjust to enable a government to promote that direct murder through mandates or taxes. and we should not promote politicians who wish to do so.We need to wake up! It is our responsibility to bring this to light. Catholics are being mislead, and most disgustingly by some in the government, such as Biden and Sebelius ( who will be up to the hip waders in this gun control thing) who falsely represent their faith to the American people-useful tools of the administration.

    I hope this will not happen with the gun control issue. Dealing with this has many more prudential sides to it. People of good faith can disagree with with some of the opinions out there and still be in good faith with the Church. It concerns me that, as in the past, power-grabbers use the peaceful teachings of the Church to promote their own intentions for control, like Marx, Karl.

    BTW, Obama swore up and down this whole health care business was not a tax, another example of his old and stale ideology of lying to the electorate for political gain. Hand over more power to government; Baby Daddy will take care of us.
    Freedom of conscience? Don't worry 'bout it. He's got that covered too-not. He said so. The ends justify the means.

    Does Bishop Lori talk nonsense Karl, how about Cardinal Dolan? You are the one who is incoherent here.
    And NO Catholic priest in my parish would tell me I wouldn't be pro life if I had a gun in my house. That is nonsense. My priest grew up around guns in the home. There is nothing anti-catholic or anti-life about it. It is a question of prudence, not prudery.

    "We teach that it is proper to render unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar's and to God what is Gods. But when Ceasar seats himself on the altar, we respond curtly, he must not. We are not allowed to place the things of God on the altar of Ceasar. Non possumus!"-

    Cardinal Wysznski, from a biography

  5. Paul G
    2 years ago

    Hi Jerry N. Thanks again for your response. Well, I don’t know whether the Obama administration is too busy looking for ways to rob us of our freedoms... it’s an opinion that, to use your phrase, is totally subjective. I’m sure others would disagree with you. But, to touch on another of our disagreements, because something’s subjective, that doesn’t make it irrelevant. The image you have of the administration governs your attitude towards it and whatever responses you think proper.

    I see that the OAS ranks the US as 10th in its list of countries with respect to gun murder (that’s before we broaden the research into all gun-related incidents and add in your statistic about two million gun crimes that ended without a shot being fired). The list is incomplete, but I was interested to see that at least two of the countries you list in a previous comment as having greater gun crime than the US actually have less, according to the OAS (the Philippines and Argentina). As for taking society “the other way” towards a situation in which citizens don’t feel they have to carry guns for their safety – even if they have the right to do so – surely that must be better than no one leaving the house without a gun for fear of a sudden attack.

    I also read an interesting blog that fails to support your position and cites reasons:

  6. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    Glen, you cannot seriously, as a Catholic, want prayer in schools...

  7. Jerry N
    2 years ago

    "You're right that finding the "Lanzas" would be almost impossible..."

    I did not write that it was almost impossible. I wrote that the current US government has no interest in pursuing this or any other simple or effective approach, because it is too busy pursuing ever more intrusive ways to rob us of our freedoms. We need a government that pursues solutions, not radical ideologies, but the current government does just the opposite.

    "...any "ordinary person" who's armed, should an attack occur, would have to draw their gun, take aim and shoot and that, fine as that sounds in theory..."

    There are credible estimates that up to 2 million crimes each year in the USA are thwarted because an armed and trained citizen scared off a potential criminal. Most of these crimes are stopped with no one ever firing a shot. It is not just a theory, it works in practice hundreds or more times each day. It is also very straightforward - if one carries a weapon for defense, one needs to be trained and prepared to use it when necessary. This type of training is straightforward and there are tens of millions of Americans who have been so trained. Pres Obama's children attend a school that has numerous armed security guards. If armed guards are OK for the Pres and other elitists, why not for everybody? Why are some children less worthy of protection than others?

    "And, of course, the police are already there as armed and trained law-abiding citizens..."

    Police mainly react to crimes that have already happened and do little for crime prevention. They cannot possibly be everywhere at the same time. However, if many people are armed, then a criminal must always fear that someone might be there to stop him.

    "Consider also the image of America as a country..."

    The "image of America as a country" is totally subjective and should be given no consideration whatsoever when it comes to crime prevention. Any policy that is adopted or any action that is taken solely on the basis that it might "improve America's image" is a waste of time and resources.

    "Isn't it better to try and take society the other way? "

    No, it is not better. The reason it is not better is the same reason that the founders of this country put the 2nd Amendment into the Bill of Rights.

  8. Glenn S
    2 years ago

    No. If just one teacher was carrying a gun at any of these schools or in Finland, etc. he/she could have probably stopped the killings. Bad and evil people have always had and will always have guns though ya'll ask obnoxsiously why is this happening. Because prayer and Bible reading were taken out of public schools and gun licenses are a farce when it comes to private sales and gun shows. Military war equipment should have been banned by the NRA. It took 9/11 to allow airline pilots willing and able to resume carrying guns.It's all about the same mentality of abortion, the national deficit, etc. GS

  9. Paul G
    2 years ago

    Hi Jerry N. Thanks for your response. You're right that finding the "Lanzas" would be almost impossible, but I disagree with your conclusion. I saw a commentator on TV make the point that any "ordinary person" who's armed, should an attack occur, would have to draw their gun, take aim and shoot and that, fine as that sounds in theory, it wouldn't be so straightforward in practice for anyone who's not trained and is taken by surprise. As for armed and trained law-abiding citizens, I believe Lanza was such until the time of his atrocity. And, of course, the police are already there as armed and trained law-abiding citizens. Consider also the image of America as a country that needs a a large, armed civilian body on guard at all times throughout its length and breadth. Isn't it better to try and take society the other way?

  10. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    With respect, Sara, that's nonsense. you're paying for no such thing. You're paying your taxes, no more.
    When Jesus paid his taxes, as the Gospel records, (and he not only paid his own, but Peter's as well,) he was, following your logic, paying for the subjugation of his own people at the hands of the Romans; Jesus, to follow your thinking, paid for the nails with which he was crucified; Christ bought the sword with which the Baptist was beheaded. Jesus paid for the whores the Romans hired for their soldiers.
    It's silly, and in fact it IS nothing but rhetoric. You're not paying anything but your taxes; the responsibility for how they're used falls to those entrusted with that job.
    So... no, you haven't lost any actual rights, no matter how badly the political right tries to convince us otherwise to use uslike they always do.

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