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Guest Opinion: Sandy Hook and Gun Control. Can Lawmakers Stop the Killings? Comments

If we truly want to prevent further school shootings in this nation, we need to stop fooling ourselves with utopian "feel good" solutions like passing some more anti-gun legislation. We need to look inward and see that, as Pogo famously said, "We have met the enemy, and he is us." Continue Reading

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  1. KarlVDH
    2 years ago

    How can someoone call himself "pro life" but want a gun in his home?

  2. Ricardo Zborovszky
    2 years ago

    John 15:12 - This is my commandment: love one another, as I have loved you.

    2nd Amendment - Buy guns and Kill one another.

  3. DarthJ
    2 years ago

    Very good (almost Buchananite) article. Keep up the great work!

  4. Lea
    2 years ago

    In China 23 Students were WOUNDED. No one died. I'm happy to live in Australia where we have utopian "feel good" solutions like anti-gun legislation and I can life without fear.

  5. Robert
    2 years ago

    The true leaders of our faith will not only ask the congregation to pray for the victims and their families but will address INTRINSIC EVIL. They will call it out for what it is and the hypocrisy of government officials who express sadness while spending our dollars to butcher the unborn.

    The clear lines of right and wrong have beend so blurred by the secular world that we are seeing the consequences play out in front of us. We must identify evil before we can conquer it. The social justice crowd will call for gun control. The true answer is life must be respected at all levels from conception to natural death. If our faith leaders are afraid to offend someone and withhold the truth evil gains ground.

    Respect Life. Mike Huckabee said it best, "we have been fighting for fifty years to keep God out of our schools. Well we got what we asked for."

  6. Mathew Thankachen O.Praem
    2 years ago

    Dr. Frederick dealt with the core of the issue. However, taking into the present situation of America, it is 'merely yet another Utopian' dream. All know the fact, " it is a question of not control of guns, but control of man/ self control" and " I am my own enemy". of course, both the Pro- gun and anti-guns group might have their won justification to level before the society to justify their stand, providing all sorts of data and Biblical quotes. Here, we will have to deal with another issue, " Is man immune to environment" or is he born with intrinsic immunity both moral and physical to resist the environment?? The very fact, Adam became so insane to kill his own mother and 20 innocent children show that he was the victim of his family and social environment. When the social environment is positive, human ego is boosted and when negative, it is degenerated. Who determine what is positive or negative would be as hard as to determine who is normal or abnormal to issue gun license . some months ago, an apex court argued that ' homosexuality is normal and hence their marriage is to be civilly recognized" for " what is abnormal for one may be normal for the other". It is impossible to asses the mental health of citizens to give license for guns.Having provided all the possibility to have it, it is useless to argue not to use it, unless one is a saint or monk, unattached. Suppose the guns were not available at home in his fist of rage to take revenge on his mother for whatever reasons and shooting her further aggravated his guilty consciousness that he thought who she teaches should not become one like him in the world, he would have probably desperately searched for a gun, and having not found in his access, would probably change his thought for another time or even would go for some counseling to become a good man in the future. The men of many Asian countries don't possess guns for self - defense, although influenced by 'Liberalization' of culture with business, the culture of gun is increasing. The Christian teaching is not ' eye for eye'. Today, possessing gun is also becoming a " social prestige", " addiction" like alcohol and there are gun lobbies to promote it. The result, the rich becomes richer and the poor poorer. Then government is forced to " tax" the " super rich" to feed the poor which could be a " double edged sword" in the hands of a sharp politicians. Guns can no more protect capitalism as it would be its own enemy as it leads restlessness among the working class, leading to revolution of " Socialism" and socialism is equally at peril as it is another 'Utopia" born in the heart of an " empty stomach" who defined " Religion, the opium of the people". Only a " sustaining and satiating economy" and life style is provided by Christ who said, " put your sword down" for " those who take sword will be destroyed by sword" and the type of economy, I call it" Christiaconomia" of " love of enemy and daily bread" can to some extent save mankind.
    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem

  7. Emma
    2 years ago

    Can someone clarify one issue for me? If this school had not been a "gun free zone " and some faculty had had the means to kill this assailant, is the taking of his life justified? This isn't purely pro -life, but to me, it makes more sense to have responsible adults in possession of the tools needed to defend innocent children than it does to establish an environment which gives free reign to those whose goal is solely to kill them. We've made our teachers and children sitting ducks. We never hear of the instances where someone has been stopped because a teacher was armed. They don't make for ratings and they don't support the gun control lobby. Secondly, I live in a very rural area. The sheriff's response time is 30 minutes. I could scream my head off and my closest neighbor wouldn't hear. My first line of defense is a German Shepherd Dog.My second, a 12 gauge Mosberg. I am pro -life, including my own! As for gun laws, the first gun that I ever owned was given to me when I was 10 yrs. old by a friend : an older wiser 15yo boy who worried about my safety! Anyone, whatever their motivation and despite whatever law is passed can aquire a firearm. The only ones who have a hard time of it are those who follow the law. What no one in this country has ample access to are mental health treatment facilities. Ask anyone trying to get help for a loved one. Over and over again, the story is the same. There is no help available. Maybe, before making criminals out of honest people, we should provide care for those in our midst who have nowhere to turn. We ignore the warning signs in order to protect the rights of the mentally ill, then when something like this happens, we panic and try to "fix it " to try to make sense of it. The most sense I can make of it is that there are some things that have no logical explanation, therefore have no logical solution. "Give us this day our daily bread and deliver us from evil...."

    2 years ago

    Excellent article

  9. Gene Honigford
    2 years ago

    Unfortunately this will cause havoc on gun owners who obey the law. Since they were his mothers guns, the anit gun movment has ample emotional support in banning all guns. Unfortunately all that is going to do is drive the underground market of guns. There will be no traceabilty there.

    While we all wait to see how soon this unfolds, why can't responsible gun owners take total control of what they own?

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