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The Other Victims of the War in Syria: Christians Tortured, Terrorized, Killed and Driven From Their Ancient Home Comments

As we evaluate the various conflicts in the Middle East it is vitally important to be informed by news sources which paint the full picture of what is happening. Catholic Online is committed to being one of those sources.  We are called to prophetically bear witness to the Truth as fully revealed in Jesus Christ. We are called to "bear one anothers burdens and fulfill the law of Christ." (Gal. 6:2) Continue Reading

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  1. Jerry
    2 years ago

    This bloodshed happens whenever a middle east dictator is removed from power. We as westeners may hate the idea of an absolute dictator but for minorities in moslem countries, an absolute dictator is often all that stands between them and annilation. Saddam Hussein was a terrible man but Christians and Mandaean were protected from persecution(except from Sadaam of course). The same is happening in Egypt and Lybya to Christians and other minority religions. As soon as their respective dictaors were removed, all non muslims(and muslims of whichever sect was the minority) became fair game.

  2. robert matzinger
    2 years ago

    Christain refugees in the Middle East: a common sight and occurrence for the past 10 or more years.These are Islamic countries and our Christain brothers and sisters will always be among the first victums with no hope of rescue from the locals. And no hope from the internation community, including the United States. Perhaps the best we can do here is to contribute to Worldwide Catholic Charities to provide for some relief from Islamic persecution and hopefully help provide for a new life for our brothers and sisters in a country that will welcome them.

  3. Dan
    2 years ago

    Your tax dollars at work. Again.

    This is what happens when the usual suspects want to oust a supposed dictator (usually one quite tolerant of Christians) and install one better suited to their needs. Washington and Tel Aviv have been very good at this sort of thing of late. But of course it is the Christians who do much of the suffering - as is, of course, intended.

    Do write your Senators and Congressmen who are arming and paying for the "rebels" and thank them for making life hell for the Christians.

  4. Joe
    2 years ago

    Emma, I agree with you, ditto. Yes, please provide more info., we want to help.

  5. Tafur
    2 years ago

    Tom McGuire,

    In 1683, Vienna was near falling when King John II Sobeiski, of Poland and some other leaders rode down and broke the seige of Vienna. He hit the Islamic lines on September 11, 1683 and they broke and ran the next day, only to begin 400 years of Islamic defeats.

    There was a point when the islamic armies had invaded Rome and the Pope bought them off with gold. Christians have never invaded Mecca. That explains some of the rationale for the Crusades.

    Now to correct some of your mistakes. I seriously doubt that there was on Muslim in the Holy Roman Empire in 1219. There would have been only a few to no Jews there either in 1219.

    All of which you wrote about has nothing to do with the topic at hand, which is Christians in Syria in 2012. These are descendants of people who were Christians in Syria 600 years before the Muslims showed up. These Syrian Christians have had nothing to do with anything you wish to blame the US and Christianity for. These Christians are their friends and neighbors.

    Anyone who tries to talk to these Muslims are going to get killed.

  6. Tafur
    2 years ago

    Tom McGuire,

    Did you even read the above article before posting your comment.

    You begin by expressing your hatred and general disdain for the United States. Granted we have made plenty of mistakes, but how would that excuse and apologize anyone else's mistakes.

    Most people, you are in this group, do not realize that something had to happen in order for there to a reason for the Crusades. The United States was not involved in the Crusades.

    In 632, Mohammad ordered the Islamic Armies to slay the infidel and conquer the world for Allah. My dates may be off by a year or two, but that does not change what I am about to write. In 636, the Islamic armies took Jerusalem. By 732, they were a couple days ride from Paris. At the same time the Islamic armies had taken half of India and part of China.

    The Islamic armies had toppled the Ancient Persian Empire on their way to India. In 1071, Constantinople (now Istanbul), capital of the Byzantine Empire was in danger of being toppled by the Islamic hordes and the Byzantine Emperor asked the Pope for military assisstance. In 1096 the First Crusade got on its way to recapture the Holy Land. Is there something wrong with trying to get back what was taken from you?

    The Islamic armies finished off the Byzantine Empire in 1453, and by 1529 they had laid seige to Vienna. They were pushed back only to return in 1683. The Catholic King of France was aiding the Muslims and this time the Hapsburg Emperors of the. Holy Roman Empire
    were in serious trouble of fallimng

  7. tafur
    2 years ago

    Excellent writing, Deacon Keith.

    This is probably the most accurate article I have read on this ongoing tragedy.

  8. Barbara Logan
    2 years ago

    Thank you for an informative and beautiful article. I have subscribed to Catholic Online from New Zealand and read it every day. It is full of news and opinions, yet never fails to honour our Lord Jesus. Thank you so very much. Barbara

  9. Jorge
    2 years ago

    Joserph says "secular relativism is much worse" than islamic imperialism, genocide of christians, mass-murder and oppression of folks..carry on..nothing to see here!

  10. Emma
    2 years ago

    These, our brothers and sisters need our help. I accept that prayer is of utmost necessity : however, something more tangible is called for. While I appreciate being informed of these circumstances, how can we help? One less gift under the tree? Surely COL knows where we can send assistance? Food, shelter, warm clothing? We often do nothing because we think the situation beyond what little we have, thus paralysis sets in? We forget the ocean is made of drops of water. If each person on this site sent the cost of one cup of cafe latte, it would be enormously helpful! Where and to who do we send that "cup of coffee "?

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