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Editorial: Michigan's Right to Work Legislation Signed into Law. Class Warfare Fueled Comments

Most Press reports present the matter as a struggle between those who support collective bargaining rights and those who do not. That is simply not true. The legislation the Big Union leaders oppose gives both government and private sector workers the right to make up their own mind about joining a union and having their union dues deducted from their paychecks. It does not outlaw collective bargaining. Continue Reading

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  1. American firefighter
    2 years ago

    David, how about more of the truth. Some of the tactics used by unions is "extremist",and considered bullying., such as threatening people over political candidates, and having just the right sign in your yard, pressuring people to quit doing things while off the job,in violation of law, to the point of being fired, politicking for their candidate while on the job, endorsing what many workers consider amoral behaviors for stated political gain, political pay back if you will, compelling speech, endorsing contraceptive and abortion wrongs, (not rights of any worker), creating an atmosphere where a person's creed is mocked and laughed at for being single issue voters. Tell me how health care is going to be better for my union when it will be put into the hands of the federal govt. Already my benefits are being cut because of that. I believe in the right to be in a union, to negotiate, but the union isn't always in it for the good of its members. They are often short-sighted, and oblivious to people's constitutional rights. Do you think they would be in a big hurry to defend me, if I was forced by my employer to engage in something against my conscience? I have my doubts.

  2. TheGreyPiper
    2 years ago

    Oh, David, so disingenuous! "I shall pray for you..." Spare us the sanctimonious sarcasm. I'm sure you are aware that even Saint Franklin derided the notion of public-sector unions? Yes, it may be that this is the beginning of the end for unions -- once you give people the CHOICE to belong to one or not! Or don't you believe in the right to choose, David? "Don't work, there", bah! But thanks to the IBEW and SEIU for showing us the true face of "organized labor" 's hate and violence. Or are you toeing the Union line that is was some mysterious outsiders who were smashing faces and destroying property yesterday? What next, some Republican is going to set fire to the Reichst -- excuse me, the Statehouse? Yes, of course you are. The Union does not allow you your own thoughts either, does it? Not if you want all those great bennies, huh? "All this is yours, if you bow down and worship me."

    Get thee behind me, Hoffa!

  3. mgm.
    2 years ago

    Right! the Right likes Unions in Poland bringing down the communist they just don't want Union Halls down the street in America with united membership that might butt in to the Right's political agendas one top agenda of which is anti -Unions ! Divide and conquer that's all this is ,stir up mistrust on the plant floor Union members suspicious of non-Union and vice versa and and so the management has the upper hand because it rules with one mind and can dictate to weak divided employees terms .

  4. Donald Iarussi MFA
    2 years ago

    class warfare? i dont think so, these unions are full of bigots, criminals. overpaid underachievers, I ahve been in a union, also worked in public schools, first of all, most teachers in public schools are ignorant, knowledge of subjects is non existent. they are tools for socialism

    while in a union i saw corruption, violence, theft, sexual harassment.... etc

    wow i thought these thugs are "pro choice" but not a choice for people to not join a union? amazing CLOSE ALL PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS

  5. Tom McGuire
    2 years ago

    I agree with David. The question today when the right to work laws take effect what will be the power of unions against the power of those who run the corporations too big to even be regulated by national governments?

    As for workers and Catholic concerns for them. Here is a meditation for Advent. Take from your closet a piece of clothing made in Bangladesh. Reflect on the women who made it. The inhumane conditions, the lack of wages to support a family, and the slave like conditions of being locked into the work place. Reflect on the 112 workers burned to death when locked in and unable to escape a fire that could have been prevented. Reflect on the profits made on the sale of those goods in Walmart and other companies in the United States. Reflect on our participation in this evil against workers when we demand and buy cheap goods. How are we here in the United States being called to be in solidarity with workers in every part of the world?

  6. youkokun
    2 years ago

    I work at Home Depot. Orientation day they concluded with a section on Unions; "Home Depot is not anti-union--Home Depot is pro-associate". That means we've got a three strikes policy before termination (usually) and cashiers like me are allowed to talk to supervisors openly about their concerns. Not only that, but we have anonymous hotlines for employees, and other sorts of things...maybe I'm naiive, but I think I'm protected well enough. Even if I suddenly get moved to the Seasonal list before January I'm still grateful this was my first job. For people working under douchebags without conscience, though, I guess unions might be necessary.

  7. Bob
    2 years ago

    As the son of a coal miner who appreciated John L. Lewis whose efforts to unionize did an enormous amount of good I always considered myself pro-union. However, late in life, when in order to make a living, I took a job a job in a union office that all changed. I was under the false impression that my dues would be used for my interests. They were not. They were automatically used to support the Democratic Party regardless of who was campaigning or what the issue was at the time. I was told I could leave the union but my dues would still be deducted from my pay. The problem was not the union. It was their subserviance to the Democratic Party. RTW opponents might just as well say; If you do not want a substantial amount of your earnings taken to support the Dems and what they belive in, don't work in a union shop. That's a far cry from organizing workers in a "free" society.

  8. jimmy j
    2 years ago

    What ever happened to "Thou shall not steal" and "Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods."? People in Michigan have elected people on the basis that they will do the stealing for them, maybe they will mend their ways. They need lots of prayer.

  9. Lindangel
    2 years ago

    Wake up Catholics-Welcome to the "world of Obama" the grand union organizer and union thug-and-chief, he is encouraging his fellow thugs to act this way. Just wait kiddies, it going to be alot of fun the next four years of Obama's reign. And just think 50% of you Catholics voted for this thug again. Russian Prez Putin spoke the truth after the re-election of Obama, he stated "America is full of illiterate people."

  10. Larry
    2 years ago

    Catholic social justice thinking romanticizes the unions of old - - and even then, they were often infiltrated by the mob and unlawful behaviors. The ideas of what a union can do are good or can be good, but just because they can be good does not mean you support them no matter what they do today
    There is too much justification of many union members actions just because once they were really attacked by company representatives - - - as if changes since then don't count - - - too many union members advocate or act on violence - - - teachers union members leave their jobs to participate in demonstrations and leave our schools AGAIN in a lurch not for the sake of the children - - - too many unions protect members who break company rules and do not perform as is expected (many public union members and private unions)
    The problem is I don't hear Catholic leaders speak out against actions that are against the law or what unions are supposed to do when UNIONS are the ones doing things - - - so I don't take what leadership too seriously since they are not for justice, just someone's protection - protection of rackets that unions support

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