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Atheists provide answer to big Obama election mystery Comments

A baffling mystery that has troubled Americans since early November may finally have an answer; how did Obama, with so much opposition arrayed against him, manage to eke out the votes to win the election? Demographic data suggests Obama had the support of a previously ignored coalition. Continue Reading

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  1. Caudimordax
    2 years ago

    "To make such a claim is tantamount to a sheep saying the shepherd is unnecessary."

    But isn't the shepherd's job to control the sheep so that he can eat them and fleece them at will? That might not seem very "necessary" from the sheep's point of view.

  2. Colin Walls
    2 years ago

    "eke out the votes", "That secret coalition served as Obama's fifth column in the election", "steal state after state for Obama"

    Hardly a dispassionate analysis is it?

    "They must unite to build a wall against the creeping secular threat to traditional values. "

    I thought America was a secular country, that there was separation between church and stated. You do realise it is perfectly possible to be religious and a secularist?

    'Second, greater efforts must be made to recover the youth and insulate them from attacks by atheists, and those who say they are "spiritual but not religious."'

    But if your religion is strong and obviously a source of truth then why do you need to insulate them from these supposed attacks (by which I presume you mean debates and writings, something I believe is protected as free speech by the first amendment), surely it should stand as a beacon against these attacks. Do you not trust the youth within your faith?

  3. Susan
    2 years ago

    Thank you Oliver for placing the burden of proof where it belongs.

    If people would like us to swallow whole the idea that we are sheep who require a shepherd, they have all their work ahead of them to explain what that means in literal terms, and why it should be taken seriously.


  4. Paul H. Smith
    2 years ago

    "If we desire to keep a Christian nation then we should redouble our efforts now before Obama's fifth column dictates the outcome of our political future. "

    The Bill Of Rights, The Federalist Papers, and the Treaty of Tripoli all clearly spell out that the United States was in fact *not* created as a Christian nation. Studying the history of this nation will make it painfully clear why the Founders strongly desired separation of Church and State. Many fled to America, including many Catholics, specifically to escape religious persecution in England. In fact the state of Maryland was founded for precisely this reason.

    The Christian faith is squarely not under attack. What is under attack in this nation are those that are non-Christian (such as myself) that wish to be allowed to practice their beliefs without harassment by a somewhat larger but much more vocal majority.

    As an example, why does my town (which is about 70% Christian) have a giant glowing cross on the mountain above the city. Why must *my* tax dollars and the tax dollars of 30% of the residents who don't practice Christianity and accept the teachings of the Bible pay for the land and electricity used for this as well as be forced to see it every time they look at the mountains to the north-east of the city ?

    I would urge the Christian majority to please stop their attacks on others, pay heed to the messages of love an acceptance in the Bible and work to accept and relish the diversity of viewpoints in their community.

  5. Darrell
    2 years ago

    You are way off. Obama won because the GOP was anti-everything.

    Anti-woman (or at least lost the argument that they were). > 50% of voters are women.
    Anti-immigrant. Something like > 70% of latinos voted for Obama.

    It's a recipe for failure. And, to top it off, your recommendation is to continue the trend. Non-believers are a fast growing group. If the GOP wants to survive, they need to embrace all world views and keep religion where it belongs - in the home.

  6. Jenn
    2 years ago

    "A mystery"?!? Hardly. Atheists think rationally and will only accept arguments with supporting evidence. They also tend to hold ethics that can be logically justifiable. So a party that denies science (climate change, evolution) and uses religion to diminish the standing of women and gays/lesbians-- that is, the GOP-- won't earn the atheist vote.

  7. Damian
    2 years ago

    I live outside the US and grew up Roman Catholic

    The article forgot to mention the age of 'right wing' Christian/Rupublican. This demographic will continue to shrink as they .... let's just say 'go to Heaven'.

  8. ThisGuy
    2 years ago

    Good luck winning back the youth. Facing fantasty works a million times more exciting than the Bible, finding advice and cures from doctors and counsellors and meeting up in chatrooms and malls, and having quick access to verifiable facts and science, the youth of today are furfilling their fantasies, healing and guiding themselves, and socializing away from the church. What's more access to educational content is heavily debunking many of the religious arguments as well as the demonisation of the faithless. Raising a child in religion, and hoping they stay that way today, is a long shot. On the other hand, I think that a religion who can only survive among the uneducated and fearful doesn't have merits to guide 21st century mankind.

  9. Joseph Rogers
    2 years ago

    As evidenced by passerby and Oliver, those who support liberal social policies vote on a false sense of emotion. The media has sent the message that people against homosexual equivalency are "bigots" and no one wants to be labeled such a thing due to the stigma it rouses. This same crowd can't even fathom a woman with child that wasn't planning on having one. They tear at the thought that she can't have the illusory overly-romanticized social life that people feed off of these days. Taking responsibility is just not fun!

    @passerby: We will never be an atheist nation either. You can't impose your beliefs or lack thereof on us either. We do however have a right to free exercise of our religion guaranteed by the Constitution. Free exercise does not confine religion to the walls of a religious building.

    Extremist History 101: No extremist in history at the time of their usurping power came off as crazy. Read the article entitled "Hitler Comes to Power" at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum website. It reads and I quote, "Hitler was a powerful and spellbinding speaker who attracted a wide following of Germans desperate for change. He promised the disenchanted a better life and a new and glorious Germany. The Nazis appealed especially to the unemployed, young people, and members of the lower middle class (small store owners, office employees, craftsmen, and farmers)."

    The simple truth is when people are desperate or arrogant they do not think nor do they care about anything other than materialistic things. Who better to exploit than ignorant youth looking to assert themselves to leave their mark on history to show their parents they know better. ;-)

  10. Bill Sr.
    2 years ago

    We are granted life by God with the obligation to die at some point. This world and the imperfect conditions for living in it is the challenge all of us post paradise humans have to face and be judged for our performance dealing with it in the particular situation we find ourselves. True Christians know and understand this as the will of a perfect merciful God and loving Father and His son our Redeemer. They also know and understand we have limitations and that we are His children and we can't become gods ourselves.
    Liberal thinking, knowingly or not, vainly attempts to deny this. They believe they can be more merciful than God and that their challenge is to replace God among mankind themselves. How, you may ask?
    The false power which comes from a union of minds with that notion, they feel, gives them the right to judge, proclaim, and act out the role of those with absolute authority within their society. And yes, they will forever consistently strive to capture by any means within their reach the power to set the rules of governing which allows them to pick and choose what is of value to their culture and to confiscate, and redistribute the wealth of their society in a fashion that will first perpetuate their power and secondly separate the citizens into a controlled productive minority as a source of capital sufficient to maintain a duped and deceived dependent mob willing to accept perceived equality and crippling social slavery disguised as justified benevolent charity.

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