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Atheists provide answer to big Obama election mystery Comments

A baffling mystery that has troubled Americans since early November may finally have an answer; how did Obama, with so much opposition arrayed against him, manage to eke out the votes to win the election? Demographic data suggests Obama had the support of a previously ignored coalition. Continue Reading

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  1. Todd
    2 years ago

    I married a catholic and have always found the religion interesting though not based on this authors version of reality.

    Per RC: I have read the Constitution front to back and I have never found terms your declare are present. You may want to search the document again. The word Belief happens to be in Article VI once and only found therein one time. The word spirit is not found in the whole of the document.

    That being expressed, America was founded, as the Preamble declares, for a more secure tranquility, NOT more secular or divided. This author seems to dip his toe into division of this country based on pews and steeples. He also should remember where he lives and pay a bit more homage to it's true purpose of liberty.

  2. Starzec
    2 years ago

    Does the author actually understand statistics or just cite them hoping to appear intelligent? 20% of voters with no religious/ church affiliation does not make them atheists. How can you say that someone doesn't believe in God simply because they do not affiliate with a church/ religion?

    What commandment is there that you must attend church to be considered a believer? 4th Commandment says to keep holy the sabbath that it is God's day and do no work. Interestingly enough, it talks about nothing should be working that day: not the household, not the slaves not the animals. So, is it not considered work to walk to church? Horses had to work to pull cart or sleigh to church on Sabbath- doesn't this violate the 4th Commandment? If a person stays home on the Sabbath and prays, then how do you lump that person into the atheist category?

    Why does the author present a "all or nothing" approach? That is exactly why we are where we are. No compromise when the Constitution is full of them. This US was founded on compromise. I am NOT suggesting someone compromise their faith. I am suggesting that the pro-life liberal (they do exist) might be the right candidate.

    Lastly, I have asked this a million times and I will ask it until someone answers it: why is the American democratic experience so controversial for Catholics? I realize there is no democratic process in Catholic Hierarchy, but why do Catholics insist on enforcing the oligarchy of the Pope on those who are not and do not wish to be part of it? The Catholic Corporation and Catholics will eventually realize that like big government, there are big corporations and big religions.

    When the people realize that none of those things have the people's best interests in mind (they all want to control the human condition one way or the other), it will be a great day.

    Think about it.

  3. Mathew Thankachen O.Praem
    2 years ago

    Antagonism to organized Religion is witnessed everywhere. As an anti- dote, they boast of " spirituality and humanism" and take pride outside institutionalized Religions.They always point their finger at the rituals and calls them a humbug . Even some of the catholic theologians, influenced by the Liberation theology, propagate to ' wither away Religion'. The evolution of the annihilation of the Church in Europe was the fruit of such transition viz. from Institutionalized church into sects liberated of clericalism and rituals, from rituals to Christians Humanism- gradually, breaking the boundary of religion into " universal humanism or simply humanism " - into secularism and finally landing in Atheism and hypism. They forget the fact that Religion and spirituality is linked like tree and fruit. Spirituality is the fruit of Religion. Jesus said, " a tree is known from its fruit" Religion fosters to develop the embedded spirit , God's image within. It is like saplings are given water and manure to produce good fruits. Religious upbringing and catechism is towards this purpose. As a matter of fact, spirituality has a universal dimension, although religious tenet can condition and limit spirituality and hence people speak of western spirituality and Indian Sp[spirituality. As Jesus was the universal savior, as the very word Catholic stands for universalism, the spirituality of catholic Church is ' universal humanism' . Humanism respects and promotes what is good in human nature which cannot be relative. And no wonder, Jesus is called, " Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world". However, once cannot be denying and destroying human life yet, claim to be " Humanists". If one is truly humanists, he should surely be catholic, for only a catholic could be a true humanist. In a multi -Religious context, we speak of " anonymous Christians" and Vat.II puts it as " those having faith in God". and " follow their conscience". In other words, God created all in his image and likeness. Thus, a universalism of humanism runs above religious boundary. The mission of Jesus was to the " end of the world" and " all humanity" and so if one is truly humanist, he cannot deny catholic Church.
    Mathew Thankachen O.Praem.

  4. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Susan, I have discerned that you are right. Certain topics should not be discussed. In saying that however, I will say that Jesus is my Lord and Savior, and that He is the Three in One: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. On this note, I would like to ask you to read an article on this site by Deacon Keith F. entitled: Thursday Homily: Full of Grace. Initiation and Response in the Spiritual Life. This may clear a few things in the back of your mind...I don't know. I do not know your thoughts.

    I believe different people have different ideas on and about Mythology. Mythologists are like any scientists, having disagreement in their own field amongst themselves.

    To me, part of my Catholic experience is about transcendence. I would also invite you to read the series by Andrew M. Greenwell, Esq. who is proving the falsehood of Islam. I think you would find these two articles more interesting than debating with me. May your illusions be dispelled. And may you respond to our Lord's invitation. Prayerful Blessings....

  5. RC
    2 years ago

    We are all on this planet to live with one another, no two ways about it. So we should all respect what one's views are. I know and believe in what my heart has compelled me to live a life of faith since I was four years old. But that is me.
    On the practical side the Constitution I have read, if you read it carefully, it does mention a belief in One Supreme Spiritual origin by the founding fathers. If individuals have chosen to overlook this, or conveniently exiled the thought from their lives that is also a right. As for all of my brothers and sisters, as long as there is a practiced faith, that is the most important aspect of any life.

    May God bless each and every one of you,

  6. Susan
    2 years ago


    >insinuating? that Christianity is "a mythological tradition". Please correct me if I misunderstand you. I know that you accept the historical Jesus

    This is an out-of-bounds subject on this site. There is no discussing the details of any of that without violating the terms of this site. I respect that this is a private site and that it is their right to make their rules as they see fit, but we can't possibly have a free exchange of ideas on either of those subjects. Please understand that there is no sarcasm involved in that statement. A little frustration, perhaps, but no sarcasm. I'm engaging on a private site and the rules are the rules. I'm doing my best to respect that.

    By these rules, you are allowed to say that "I merely want you to know that to me, I know the difference between Mythology and Jesus." I hope I'm free to ask you what the difference is, and I will.

    I'm not so sure that I'm free to probe your conclusions without violating the terms of this site. I'll do my best if you answer. I'll take my chances.

    >The Strawman. I will agree and acknowledge your opinion here. But only to a point. It really annoys me when the guest will not come up with an easy yes or no answer, when they are asked a simple yes or no question.

    Thank you. I'll respectfully ask to what point you'll agree that we're dealing with a Strawman. The trouble with Strawmen is that yes or no questions are invalidated by them. The strategy of a Strawman is to ask all the wrong questions. I haven't been trying to flim-flam. I have tried to address your fundamental points the best I can given the constraints of the internet and the private rules of this site, in order to make progress for both of us on those points. I've tried to respectfully move the question beyond strawmen.

    >Respectfully, I address this question to you and David Silverman: How is the government taking sides?

    You can address your question to me to me. Your question to David Silverman should be taken up with David Silverman and not with Bill O'Reilly's version of David Silverman.

    You can find out for yourself what he thinks, why he thinks it, and what he's doing to uphold the constitution of the United States of America. I don't agree with all of his positions but I respecct his fundamental points.

    My response to your question: "How is the government taking sides?"

    The government takes sides when it erects crosses on government land. It takes sides when it puts the "ten commandments" on publicly owned property. It takes sides when it promotes "days of prayer". It takes sides when it attempts to put creationism in the classroom. It takes sides when it promotes any religion above any other religion or when it puts religion above no religion.

    It's not reasonable to claim "tradition" on one hand and "truth" on the other. All religions make their truth claims on faith. No faith (nor no faith) should be given privilege. Let the government make no provision. Mormons, atheists, buddhists, catholics, lutherans, pentacostals.... etc. Let them proclaim their beliefs in their churches, on their front lawns, in their clubhouses and in every other private capacity.

    But keep them off of public land. That's special privilege.

  7. Rich Orwell
    2 years ago

    I think the fact my wife is Catholic entitles me to share my opinion with you.

    But I don't think I can do it without ad hominems.

    I'll try. This was the most statistically analysed presidential election in history. None of the author's claims are true.

    I will *not* say "idiot" or "moron." To do so would be an insult to idiots and morons. The author is simply very, very wrong. And whomever was responsible for the decision to print something so intellectually dishonest should feel ashamed as well.

  8. Josephine Boone
    2 years ago

    I find it embarrassing that a Catholic publication would publish the following statement "Even in swing states where Romney won Protestant and Catholic voters by small margins, the support of "unaffiliated" voters was enough to steal state after state for Obama." All voters should be respected. No one stole the election.

  9. David Day
    2 years ago

    This article lacks truth and is pure propaganda. Christians be aware of like this!
    Traditional values - that is ridiculous!
    Obama was re-elected by the majority of our nation because the Democrats philosophy - a fair union that takes care of its members, most especially those of lesser circumstance. If you voted Republican because of Pro-Choice only, then you have a woefully mis-informed conscience. There is nothing in the Republican Party that clothes the naked, feeds the hungry, or encourages loving each other as oneself.

  10. Amanda Wakim
    2 years ago

    Maybe I misunderstood this article, but I think the author missed a major point. The number of people in the US that CLAIM to be Catholic alone would have been enough to overthrow Obama and vote in someone who at least comes much closer to upholding teachings of the Catholic faith. Atheists are not to blame. Beside, who can blame them for voting for Obama when they feel there is no "higher power" to stand accountable to? If we, Catholics, had voted as we SAY we believe, then Obama would not have received a second term. Shame on us for allowing and even CONDONING the destruction of life, the destruction of the family, and the destruction of religious freedom by voting for someone who stands against everything the Church teaches. We seem to forget that these lessons are not lessons from the Church, but from Christ himself. They are not to be watered down, sugar coated, or plainly ignored as our own desires suit. I only pray that God will use this for the good of His kingdom and that we will see an upsurge in Christianity and conservativism. Our country needs it. Our communities need it. Our families need it. Our children need it.

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