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The Antichrist in Muhammad: Jesus as the Son of God Comments

One of the most important titles of Jesus in the New Testament is "Son of God."  It is an essential, uncompromisable kernel of the Gospel: "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that everyone who believes in him might not perish, but might have eternal life."  (John 3:16)  Muhammad unequivocally rejects Jesus as the son of God, displaying, in all its darkened colors, the spirit of antichrist.  Continue Reading

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  1. Joseph
    2 years ago

    To Jorge: Do you really not see the outrageous arrogance and self-righteousness of your comments? Not only do you entirely misinterpret my comments but you condemn me out of hand as both a human being and a Christian. Is this the sort of behavior we are exhorted to adopt by Our Saviour? By the Apostles? By the Holy Scriptures? By the Pope and the Magisterium? So I will repeat it once again: Fundamentalist Islam is brutal, ugly and deadly but - whether you wish to accept this or not - our main enemy in this period of human history is secular-relativism, which actively seeks to wipe ALL faiths off the map, to obliterate all of us - Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus etc. etc. Now you may not agree with my position on this and that is your privilege. What is not your privilege is the right you arrogate to yourself to condemn a fellow Christian out of hand. Thankfully, the God we Christians worship, adore and serve is, unlike you, a just and righteous God inspired by the spirit of love, mercy and forgiveness. Your comments on the other hand, in their content and tone, smack of the very kind of proud, violent, aggressive, judgemental and unmerciful spirit that you so decry in the Muslims you attack. All of which suggests to me that you have a number of issues, of both a personal and spiritual character, which you would do well to address. As the old saying has it: What we loathe in our enemy is often what we least like about ourselves.

  2. gabriel
    2 years ago

    the title is very misleading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. judy claar
    2 years ago

    Andrew M. Greenwell: As a long time follower, I will say what I have said before: Thank you for another well researched and documented, superbly written article. I enjoyed it tremendously!

    I read no hate material. Only Truth of documentation, which teaches and proves that which is necessary in this kind of study. Muslims deserve the Truth. Christians need to know History. The Why and Wherefore of why things are the way they are.

    @To Christians who Choose to be Politically Correct, and desire to see our brothers and sisters killed or beaten or convert to Islam...I do not understand you! DON'T HIDE YOUR LIGHT UNDER UNDER A BUSHEL BASKET! Blessings...

  4. Jorge
    2 years ago

    Joseph you are totally wrong ,ethically bankrupt and morally currupt: what you say does not make any sense. Devout muslim will keep on killing non-muslims in a deliberate genocide that is happening right now all over the world, as secularists couldn't ever match their bloodthirsty trail, no mater what you say or do. In fact silence and cumplicity regarding the mass-murdering and oppression of non-muslims in nigeria,bosnia, kosovo, iran, saudi arabia, ethiopia, kenya,thailland,indonesia, malaysia, india, pakistan, afghanistan and elsewhere is RAMPANT and no one dares to talk about it, pretending it's not happening(the mainstream media, petro-dollar fuelled doesn't say na zit about it and will never do).Tell me, is this pretending and faking it's not happenning stopping in any way this infidels genocide? No, everything is just going normally from the jihadist, sharia islamofascist perspective, and your cowardice and appeasing will never work; in fact it will on ly embolden the muslim islamists to carry it on, stronger and stronger, because we are weak as obama and the EU eurocrats have already capitulated regardiong islamic imperialism.Your lies can never convince any righteous HONEST christian and you are NOT one of those, sadly.

  5. Philip
    2 years ago

    The article is brilliant and the comments equally so! As Mr Fritz tried to remind us to love our neighbors we do need to remind ourselves of The Greatest Commandment, "you shall love the Lord, your God.....:You shall love your neighbor as yourself. The whole law and the prophets depend on these two commandments" - Matt 22:37-39. I think there is no ambiguity in this. Similarly Mt 5:11,12 says Blessed are you when they insult and persecute you ...(falsely)because of me....Thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you". Now, I live in India, a country of diverse cultures and religions, Hinduism being the majority religion and very tolerant of other religion. In fact, strictly speaking, to my mind, Hinduism is more of a philosophy than a religion. My Hindu compatriots are mostly a tolerant lot. Most of them actually LOVE Jesus, we can them throng christian churches and shrines. They gladly and regularly join in our Christmas and Easter festivities. However, there are the militant and intolerant, fundamentalist groups that have sprung up of late, intimidating Christians and people of other faiths, destroying their property, even killing too! What is giving impetus to this trend is the rampant converting efforts of fringe christian groups or churches (evangelicals) who are tactless and have scant regard for tolerant Hindu society's beliefs. But all this is nothing compared to the sinister designs of fundamental Islamists. Our government panders to whims of this people, giving them subsidies for their pilgrimages in a bid to rope in a vote bank. The same gesture is not offered in such scale to even the majority Hindus, much less to Christians who constitute just about 2% of the population in our country. And just think, India was evangelized 2000 years ago by St Thomas the Apostle himself!

    Muslims in our country on the other hand are growing in numbers and, alarmingly, the fundamentalist, and more intolerant among them, leaving the moderate ones voicelessly to cower in fear and frustration! Neighboring Bangladesh is an Islamic state now and non-Muslims are fast becoming a tiny minority. And everyone knows about Islamic Pakistan. The slightest chance the fundamental elements get, they would ignite among co-religionists a perceived hurt against their religion into a conflagration difficult to contain, just to create mistrust among the population, ensuring a state of communal instability. So many mujaheddin groups have sprung up - big, small, nondescript - all with the agenda of a sinister design to create a pan-Islamic region across this part of the world and the rest of it, to create a Dar-at-Islam (House of Islam) of all peoples, bringing them to the Ummah (community). It is just a matter of time before Islam becomes the major force in these parts. The Wahhabis are already funding many madarsas (islamic schools) and also influencing ilsamic seminaries with their intolerant brand of islam. During days of muslim festivities, streets get clogged with worshippers who hold up traffic with nary a thought of the inconvenience to other people. We can really witness the sheer number!

    But the greatest danger is ourselves, our insensitivity to the rise and rise of Islam which feeds its followers with the the idea of victimhood it perceives itself to be in, world governments' reluctance or half-hearted efforts to deal with the dangers of extremism and politics of appeasement of a particular community as the politically correct thing to do, and the modern man's obsession with materialism and consumerist way of life etc etc etc. Look around us and see the fervour of muslims in their worship, compare their deep faith and our own lack of it. Our churches are now mostly devoid of people, their mosques overflow to the streets. They demand their rights wherever they inhabit, taking to the streets if you so much as whisper a denial. Western governments welcome them with open arms, oblivious to the fact that they will soon swamp those countries with their population. Islam is just 1400 years old but it already has 1/6th of the world's population as its adherents, and growing steadily fastest!

    Now what am I trying to say? That we cannot fight this people with their strategy. We are kafirs in their eyes, infidels, unbelievers. No matter what we do, their attitude towards non-muslims will remain the same. The muslim's shahadah (credo) says that there is no God but Allah, the beneficent, the merciful...but they will never be merciful to those that cross their path. To them Muhammad is their prophet and his word is never to be doubted. They will live by their shariah, they will follow the hadith; we will become dhimmis (people of other faiths under their suzerainty).
    Now, there are no two ways for us but to live by Our Lord's commands, we who truly belongs to Him. We have to wake up and come back to the ways of the Gospel..the words of Our Lord...learn from Me, as I am meek and humble, love one another as I have loved you, take up your cross and follow me... the gentle commands, the beckoning of Our Lord, these are the weapons, celestial weapons, really, with which to fight the forces that try to overwhelm.. I think we ought to Him calling, softly and gently, amid the din and bustle...People must see and know we are Christians by our love and we should never be ashamed to profess our (childlike) faith in public!! Sounds simplistic and childish and against reason no doubt but it boils down to that..unless we become like one of these (children) we shall never enter the Kingdom. This is the challenge Our Lord throws at us. So we fight back, not with the sword, but with love!!!

  6. Joseph
    2 years ago

    To The Grey Pipeer: Are you saying we should keep ourselves in willful ignorance? That Atty. Greenwell should just keep his mouth shut lest someone read this who finds it objectionable? Do YOU do that? Obviously not, since you are posting here. Frankly, I am astonished at your disingenuous blatherskite.

    The point I am trying to make it a very simple one: when you are at war and are losing that war (and make no mistake about it, we are currently losing the war against the secularists) you do not turn to either right or left and pick a fight with another enemy. Hitler tried that in WWII when he failed to finish England off and turned on Russia - which didn't work out too well for him. It is a question of strategy. As for Mr Greenwell's articles it is not the substance of his argument that I disagree with so much as timing and the tone and the decision to label Mohommad as an Antichrist. This is gratuitously offensive, will probably lead to the deaths of Christians in Islamic countries at the hands of extremist Islamics who read these articles, and distract our attention from our most dangerous and lethal enemy - the enemy within our societies in the West i.e. miltant atheist secularism. The latter movement is rotting our countries from the inside out, their attacks are ongoing, insidious and incremental. Take a look at America 10 years ago, 30 years ago, 50 years ago. Are you happy with the changes? I would imagine not. What has caused those changes? Islamics? No. They have been, and are continuing to be caused by secularists-relativists, those who serve 'The Dictatorship of Relativity' as Pope Benedict put it. They are our greatest enemy, they now constitute approx. 50% of the nation and they are increasing in numbers while we are decreasing. In comparison with them, the Islamics, notwithstanding the brutality of their fundamentalists, are a sideshow. If we do not win the war against the secularists-relativists in our midst there is no future for our Faith in the USA. We in the Church Militant are expected to use our heads, our intelligence, our Reason, and that queen of virtues, Prudence, the first of the Cardinal Virtues. To pick a fight with anyone while already engaged in mortal combat with a powerful enemy who has his knife at your throat is foolish and stupid. First deal with the enemy that his knife at your throat. Having dealt with that enemy you can then turn your attention to others. It's not rocket science. It's called using the brains that the Good Lord gave you.

  7. Emma
    2 years ago

    I'd like to thank Mr. Greenwell for these articles and also all the commenters (both pro and con) for offering their povs. Not only does this educate, but also provides a much needed lesson in how to rebut pro -islam propaganda in an informed, rational way without the usual digression into pointless vitriol (at least for the most part) . A great learning experience for those of us who have friends of both faiths who enter into frequent dialogue in respect to our differences. So, thank you.

  8. Susy
    2 years ago

    As a Catholic married to a Muslim for 20 years, and also as someone who has studied Islam extensively over this time, I find Mr. Greenwell's articles to be well researched and truthful. I've followed them with interest. I respect the Muslims' love of God, and desire to do His will, performing exhausing rituals and prayers that no one could do if he did not wish to obey God will all his heart, mind, and will. Indeed, there are some "good things" in Islam. However, there are also a lot of "bad things," the first of which is Mohammed's antipathy toward, and denial of Christianity. A major underpinning of Islam is its denial of Christ, as we Christians understand him. Muslims are not tolerant of Christianity in their countries, with Christians being persecuted, and death sentences issued to converts from Islam. The last sentence really sums it upand says it all: The Muslim is greatest victim of Islam. Mr. Greenwell is brave to write these articles, and I commend him for it. May God bless him for his integrity.

  9. cn
    2 years ago

    It is indeed some leaders in some Muslim countries are practising the misleading religious teachings, in order to convert the non-Muslims into Muslims, so that the Muslims will becomes the majority voters to secure their voting position and support power.

  10. TheGreyPiper
    2 years ago

    Joseph, et al:

    Flash update:

    Horrific footage shows 'Syrian rebels' forcing boy to behead captive with sword

    -Disturbing video is purportedly the work of the Free Syrian Army
    -Boy is egged on by older men chanting 'Allahu Akbar', or 'God is great'

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