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The Antichrist in Muhammad: Jesus as the Son of God Comments

One of the most important titles of Jesus in the New Testament is "Son of God."  It is an essential, uncompromisable kernel of the Gospel: "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that everyone who believes in him might not perish, but might have eternal life."  (John 3:16)  Muhammad unequivocally rejects Jesus as the son of God, displaying, in all its darkened colors, the spirit of antichrist.  Continue Reading

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  1. Jorge
    2 years ago

    Steve Hakes..I'm sorry but your commnent doesn't make any sense, possibly not even to yourself right? How can you say that joseph is right when he fails to believe and practice basic christian doctrine? I prefer to side with a misguided christian than to side with anything related with atheism or agnosticism which represent the worst kind of hipocrisy, lies and denial of God's love. that's nihilism, the denial of believing in Jesus, not the opposite. your "philosophy" is a fraud unfortunately.How can you say or suggest with falied analysis that muhammad was a "prophet" when he failed to make any prophecies, miracles, and even to believe and practice the right doctrine and belief in God,Jesus?

  2. Steve Hakes
    2 years ago

    The decontextualisation of some texts by the article, made me squirm. Eg, 'begotten' (Jhn.3:16 - not the biblical meaning, even if the creeds were justified). Mt.27:54//Mk.15:39, the Centurion’s belief that they had just crucified a son of a god, was also mishandled. ‘Son of God’ could double as ‘messiah’ – even Solomon had been Yahweh’s son. With Muhammad, I reject the idea that Mary was a goddess and co-created God’s son, which is what the Quran slates. Sadly, Muhammad never tuned in to true trinitarianism, nor understood the semantic range of ‘sonship’, so shot down a silly sideshow. God hasn’t had sex, yet all Christians are his sons by adoption – though “children of God” is wiser translation in today’s West (John always preferred to speak in the latter term). Hermeneutically, for each ‘son of God’ text, we must pinpoint where, in the semantic range, the meaning is. The article, not noting that, with reference to Jesus, it was sometime, not always, intended only as a unique description of his relationship to God the Father, has inconsistent exegesis. It does have some perceptive analysis of why Muhammad targeted the sideshow, though implies that therefore Muhammad wasn’t a prophet of God. I believe God’s prophets have always been fallible, but not that Muhammad was fallible, therefore he was a prophet of God!
    To comment on comments, I would agree Joseph against Jorge, and add that not all untruth is lie: the lie requires a determination against the truth, not mere ignorance of it. Let us not, like Grima, be too quick to shout ‘lie’. I prefer to side with misguided theists, than with misguided antitheists. Indeed, without the mindest of absolutism, logically there is only the abolition of man (nihilism), which is where secular humanism is sleepwalking the West. Also, besides the fact that theism is true, theism allows us to be more liberal than atheism, as C S Lewis noted (Mere Christianity, 2.1). Relativism says that mathematics is meaningless; Absolutism says that mathematics is valid, and that not all sums are right. Secular Humanism says that all religions are equally wrong; Theism allows that not all theisms are equally right. Sadly, man’s sinful itch to dominate has infected religions into the twin evils of forced conversions and locked exits. God, the fount of tolerance, allows all to side with, or separate from, him.

  3. amanda
    2 years ago

    I am writing this from a Muslim dominated country (where no other religion can be practiced ) .
    Here a great plannings always go for converting people to their religion and spreading their service to other parts of the world.
    According to me they take full freedom to practice and spread their religion in any part of the world ,(which we people have in their country ......i don't think so a need in spreading is not needed but at least the freedom to practice is needed) while if any matter of freedom such as just abolishing veil comes to deal they protest .Christians don't have freedom even to protest.
    I read a news long back that a man converted to Christianity and he was murdered and his body was dragged through the streets.

    2 years ago

    Looking at the fruits of implementation of Islam in the world, it stands to reason to ban the ideology everywhere where people want to live in peace and harmony, democracy.
    If you, as a Muslim, want to share in our civilized democratic regime, you must leave the teachings of Mohammed behind. Obviously, he was a misguided man who brought havoc and disharmony to the world. Why would anyone voluntary follow his teachings, escapes me totally. One needs to ne totally blind and duff not to see the results of the implementation of Islam in the world.- why do we tolerate it?

  5. Tafur
    2 years ago

    Excellent writing.

    It is a relief to read an article written as you have written this one, full of honesty and truth.

    Unless we recognize the evil that is inherent in Islam, we will not have a chance to survive as a people, culture, civilization or nation. We must meet them and defeat them at their level, otherwise they will behead us as we pray for their salvation.

    The only time Moslems have behaved themselves throughout history is following massive and catestrophic defeats. Tours, 732, Lepanto, 1571, Vienna, 1529 & 1683. There were other such battles, but these battles halted their aggression and gave Christians a chance to withstand their forces.

    The Koran prohibits peace with the infidel. The Koran only allows for a truce in order to prevent defeat and then for only 10 years maximum. The truce must be broken when they have rebuilt their armies.

  6. Gabriella
    2 years ago

    Dear Marie!

    When you follow the news you see that radical Muslims brought their infamy on themselves by being violent and intolerant of anything and anyone that is not of Muslim ideology.
    Just look at their demonstrations in the countries that took them in so that they could have a good, peaceful existence.
    Marie, look at the Muslim countries and Christian countries and tell me what you see as the difference between them. One needs to be blind not to see the fruits of their ideology - fear, violence, oppression, etc. If you show me one good thing that Islam has brought to make the world a better place, I will consider what you have said.
    Teachings of Mohammed are misguided thoughts full of revenge, scare tactics and violence against everyone and anything that is not of Islam.

  7. Lilian
    2 years ago

    @a.marie, the Muslims are singled out correctly because they claim to believe in the Gospel and believe that the Angel Gabriel who announced the coming of Jesus Christ to the Blessed Virgin Mary also gave all the revelations of Islam to Mohammed. It could have been better if the Muslims had not meddled pretentiously and falsely with Christianity. Also, you should acknowledge the persecution of Christians in Muslim countries as infidels, as well as their special targeting of Christians and Jews as the enemies of Islam.

  8. Manuel
    2 years ago

    a.marie:..are "mormons, jews, buddist, etc. " that, like muslims, also don't believe Jesus is god killing christians by following their sacred scriptures? you got yourself an answer right there!

  9. Jorge
    2 years ago are saying a LIE: that secular-relativism is a greater enemy than islam is?? This is a complete dellusional statement. I agree it is devastating but it is no match and never will be a match when compared with islam. Your statement is not just false, it is immoral and in fact, it promotes ignorance, bigotry, hatred of the "other". All the rants you come up against me, unfortunately turn against you the next second.You have no moral ground in what this issue is concerned, because I am speaking the truth while you are lying.I am deffending the hundreds of millions of victims of islam and the billions of future victims of islam(if nothing is done to stop the current state of affairs), while you are a "crusader" for a lost cause. secularism/relativism is no match for christianity, never was and never will be. You irrational fear of secularism is totally out of touch with reality.You have mixed your prioprities totally I am afraid.

  10. a.marie
    2 years ago

    why do you single out muslims? how about mormons, jews, buddist, etc. they don't believe jesus is god!

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